The Most Fool-Proof Roast Chicken You'll Ever Make • Tasty

You didn’t know a roast chicken could be this good.

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  • Unfortunately, after following this tutorial twice on two separate occasions, two separate chickens, I find it that unless it’s baked in a rotisserie style – this chicken comes out tasting BLAND, dry, and sad, every time. I moved over to Jamaican style seasoning, making fresh jerk & green seasonings out of variety of blended fresh herbs and spices, cut the chicken so it lays flat, and I promise you it’s delicious, juicy, crispy every time. This didn’t pass the test in my kitchen unfortunately.

    And on a side note. Yes, it’s crucial that your chicken be washed prior, with lemons or limes and thoroughly, don’t skip that step. Don’t want no gross aftertaste.

    Monika N. 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • Roast chicken Ice cream

    Mathias Dahmen 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • This is borderline blasphemy. Don't try this recipe. Be more creative, please.

    You can start breast side down. At 425 degrees flip the bird after 30 minutes and continue to roast breast side up for 40 minutes. The juices from the fattier dark meet and moisture from celery, squash etc… and whatever you choose to make the dish juicy.

    Jon G. 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • jesus ffs just fry the chicken if you want it crispy🙄

    Fruitarian 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • add more seasoning

    Aira Rinoa 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • I had to track down this recipe again because I made it years ago and it’s an absolute banger. So crispy and juicy. Really a beginner level recipe as well. thanks Tasty 🙏

    The Optimal Line 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • I dont care if the skin is crispy, i just want good flavor and the meat is juicy.

    Bryan Lester De leon 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • I tried the recipe, and it was simply the best, juiciest roast chicken I've ever made at home. THANK YOU for this recipe.

    sauki 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • Skin is so crispy, house is smokey, and grease is all over my oven. 12/10 exceeded my expectations

    Malakar 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • Just cooked this up according to how she specified. Only change was the addition of onion and garlic powder with the seasoning. Excellent roast. No problems at all with really juicy chicken and the skin was crispy and delicious. Need a good size bird and I had one. Thought the 230 degree Celcius may overpower and potentially burn the chicken. Not so – but maybe it would on a smaller bird. Have totally stripped the chicken and currently brewing up the broth. Smells really good. The value out of one bird is fantastic with numerous good, healthy, delicious meals. Have not roasted a chicken for a long time and wanted to try it out again. This recipe has certainly encouraged me to cook it a lot more regularly. Simple, delicious, healthy and excellent value.

    Natural Explorer 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • so basically you failed unless that skin is crispy

    juni039 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • When she said don’t wash the chicken I automatically thought she going to hell and ended the video 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

    Ari Bebe 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • Does this recipe also work with a 1kg baby chicken?

    TheRockerAvril 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • Oh dang I do not have 8 hours

    Austin Bellach 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • Did anyone see that bloody bone?

    The Brandon 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • girl bye!! wash that chicken!!!

    haley alexis 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • Putting in fridge for 8 hour seems hectic

    Muhammad Farooq Attari 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • BEST CHICKEN I EVER MADE! Crispy AND juicy!😎

    Chey T 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • Carving starts at 4:42

    Dominic Mathew 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • 🤢🤢

    cute kiss babu channel 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • How long does it take to cook per pound, aprox?

    Mike Munday 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • I just cooked it. It was a success. 😉

    Jasmin Romero 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • I poked holes only on one half of the chicken and what do you know, absolutely no difference hahaha.

    Born Free 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • You don't need to wash your chicken. And all you need is salt and pepper.
    My Indian Mom has left the chat…

    SUDISHA 2.0 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • My chicken like taking a bath. It likes to use baby shampoo so it doesn’t burn eyes.

    John Hill 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • Wash your vegetables, wash your meat.

    Janella Churchill 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • Don't prick the chicken, it'll let important juices out that keep the chicken meat moist. Crispy skin is easy, last 20 mins of cooking time leave it in oven uncovered on a higher heat. You do need to cook it for the right length of time though as if it's cooked too long the last 20 mins on higher heat can dry out the meat.

    James Foo 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • She still had blood on it

    Jender E. Arevalo 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • If your chicken fell on the floor would you wash it

    otogigamer 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • So you will cook a chicken with out washing it ahh nop nope nope thanks

    Elizabeth Alonso 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • I started to turn it off at don’t wash, then actually turned it off at salt and pepper is all u need 🙄

    King Marq 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • 5:30 is that blood

    RR 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • it looks very good, fairly easy to do . I have not done this in years and should because I love roast chicken, I have stuffed the chicken with wild rice or even a few times, years ago, Rice a Roni fried rice with added mushrooms , everyone loved it

    califdad4 16/10/2022 pm9:52
  • Convection oven’s make skin crispy every time with my wet brine.

    Jesse Vang 16/10/2022 pm9:52