The Most Delicious Pigs In A Blanket Recipe With Claire Saffitz | Dessert Person

The Most Delicious Pigs In A Blanket Recipe With Claire Saffitz | Dessert Person
There exist no finer hors d’oeuvre than pigs in a blanket.

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Ingredients for Puff Pastry:
All-Purpose flour: 473g (3½ cups)
Water: 113g (½ cup)
Milk: 113g (½ cup)
Butter: 3 tablespoons
Salt: 9.5g
Lemon juice: 9.5g
Butter for lamination: 2 sticks / 8 ounces

8 All-Beef Hot dogs (about 2 oz / 57g each) patted dry
1 large egg, beaten

Creamy Mustard Dip
1/4 cup spicy brown mustard (2.8 oz / 80g)
1/3 cup sour cream (3 oz / 86g)
1 teaspoon honey
Pinch of kosher salt
Pinch of cayenne pepper

KETCHUP (if you’re Vinny)

Mix all ingredients (except the butter for lamination) to incorporate, 3-4 minutes on first speed. Transfer to a lightly floured sheet pan, form into a flat square, cover with plastic. Allow dough to rest covered in the blast chiller for an hour.
Lock in butter, just like you would with croissant or danish dough.
Lamination: 3 simple folds, let rest 20-30 minutes between each fold.

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  • Let's settle this. If you're reading this…. Ketchup or Mustard? Vote below.

    Claire Saffitz x Dessert Person 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • question about the stove and oven- are those 2 units? An oven with a induction cooktop?

    Sid Plemons 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • Please tell me someone noticed the Stand mixer flashing red and blue and making r2d2 noises 2:54

    Max Dejong 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • Art and perfection ❤

    Momof2boysusa 1000 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • No ketchup on hot dogs! I’m from Chicago, so that means mustard, onion, relish, pickle, tomato, celery salt, and sport pepper, but no ketch

    Makoto Nikaidoh 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • Hey Claire! It would be cool if when you give tips like “seam side down on the baking sheet” to cook one of the pigs in a blanket seam side up so you can show the difference on why those details matter.
    Love the videos!

    Ben Ramirez 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • if I put anything on my hotdog it's gonna be cheese, otherwise I'm eating mine plain

    Zachary Day 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • 20:24 <3

    Nina TheTinker 21/10/2022 pm7:10
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    Nina TheTinker 21/10/2022 pm7:10
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    Jacob Wagner 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • Very anti ketchup 🤮

    xavier boyd 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • Thankfully we live in a more enlightened age in which we are tolerant and accepting of all sorts of people who have previously been marginalized or persecuted. However, I draw the line at people who put only ketchup on their hot dogs.

    Mechanicalman 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • 1. I can’t wait to try this recipe. It’s so fun!
    2. I love Claire’s apron! Does anyone know which brand it is?

    Amanda G 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • I like ketchup and hamburger pickles on my hot dogs 💀💀

    Umber 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • Pain au wiener!

    Eugenestube 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • If I’m wanting something simple, I’ll just do mustard. But, I grew up having West Virginia style hotdogs with chili, coleslaw, mustard, and white onion. When they’re done well, it’s a very balanced experience. I’m not really into ketchup on its own on a hotdog, personally.

    basementpoet 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • not a pig in a blanket at all. this is a sausage roll in classic english cooking 👀 the blanket would normally be bacon, not pastry…..

    Ninjalette 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • I just found this channel and I'm so glad I did.

    Andrea Tavaglione 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • Nobody, I mean Nobody, puts catchup on a hot dog! Dirty Harry

    reality is real 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • I don’t mind ketchup, but I’d prefer spicy mustard and sauerkraut. Especially on bigger all beef hotdogs.
    On smaller hotdogs I’ll take yellow mustard and maybe some Siracha

    Heiryuu 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • I’ve made your croissants maybe… 15-20 times, sold many to the neighborhood…. It was difficult to learn but now it comes natural. Thanks Claire.

    Jenna Williams 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • This isn't pigs in blankets….. these are sausage rolls….

    OwenMc 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • It’s funny to me when people get upset about what they think belongs on a hotdog when hotdogs are literal garbage. No one should be eating them at all. But if you’re inclined to eat one and need to mask the flavor, mustard is your best bet. 😉

    Reese Burke 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • ahhh the story of the sausages is so cool too! love it

    inezsera 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • good to see you again… I followed you when you were part of another community of cooking shows… you've moved since I last saw you… epic place… thanks for this

    colleen jardim 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • Anti-ketchup, pro-mustard and only mustard.

    Emily D 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • I love her apron, I wonder where it’s from!

    JenH1536 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • Got to have both ketchup and mustard on hotdog and maybe Mayo sometimes

    Drama fan24 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • Whats the brand of the first apron?

    Kable Barnhart 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • The outcome is so cute

    ila 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • The more I see of Claire on her own, the more I realize that she was being held back by the BA videos. They were entertaining, but she really shines when she’s able to be an expert and actually teach us. These look incredible and I’m so inspired to put in the work to make my own puff pastry.

    KS 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • As much as we love Vinnie, his taste in condiments for hot dogs is several steps beyond questionable. #mustard4life

    Peter Arnold 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • Claire you are as beautiful as All the colors in the spectrum.

    Garrick holt 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • Hey Claire!! If you want something like hot dogs you should definitely try Guatemalan’s Shucos. A Guatemalan immigrant came into the U.S. and saw what hotdogs were for the first time. So he decided to renovate what hotdogs are by giving it a Guatemalan hand. It’s delicious 🤤

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    PS: Dijon mustard, maybe some pickle relish. Never ketchup.

    Sandra 21/10/2022 pm7:10
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  • I'm amazed by how sharp you are able to keep the edges when rolling out the dough. I'm always dealing with an oval.

    Gravitron5000 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • She is just amazing. Puff is exacting…Florida heat not it’s friend….lots of refrigerator breaks! But beautiful and tasty when done. Thank you

    Billie Remsa 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • Hi Claire! There are so many peaches here right now!! What's your favorite peach-dessert?

    Gwen Lynn 21/10/2022 pm7:10
  • watching this as i eat my sad pigs in a blanket from lidl and even just watching her make these make my sad piggies taste better😌😌

    TRAVELLAUR 한달살로라 21/10/2022 pm7:10