The Magic Of Bread Making

Making bread is a time-consuming but magical process.

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  • Jesse, we have to bake.

    R҉ E҉ D҉ M҉ I҉ S҉ T҉ 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • May Allah swt guide him to islam☺️

    Shaheen Imamdin 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • Looks so good. I’m getting fatter just watching this

    LedGuitar1218 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • The stray beard hairs in the loaf is a sign of love.

    adfasd 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • Thanks for our God who provided us several goods

    Fraise Blanche 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • Bread 👍

    Dragonnade 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • if you realize that all of these is made of grass

    shemmo 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • All of you are doing art, playing music, writing poetry … transporting the soul to a new level.
    How I wish I could be among you to observe, learn and just be filled with a sense of peace and joy.
    May your lives be as wonderful as you made me feel just by watching this vdo.
    Many thanks and blessings.

    Khin Sanda Win 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • 👍👍👍

    Romelia Gómez-Calmell 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • Raze toi ! Shave that revolting beard shave those arms ! 🪒

    chatnow 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • One glance at the first guy and I know he's going to make the best bread of them all.

    Justin Luc 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • This man dropped the n in Banker and became a Baker.

    ManOfParody 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • Allaluya what was the point though. Witch impotent, size don't matter if you can't get it up

    S P H I N X 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • OH NOOOO 13 MINS IS NOT ENOUGH I need more 😭😭😭

    meg 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • All Stores 900,000 Please Lower the price of all Brands of Military Equipment and Local for All Brands of Bread Products and Production Cost Now 900,000 That's Too Much $$ 900,000 Now The Whole World 900,000 Now 🙏 🤲 🕍 🕌 ⛪ 🛕

    Deanna Spencer 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • The love in both the bread making and the filmmaking is glaringly evident in this glorious film.

    Alan Howell 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • My dad started me on making bread when I was 12. Didn’t like it at all. He just showed me how he made it. No measurements or recipes. Just amounts of all ingredients he used to make hot breads. Over time I learned how to like making breads. Rolls, biscuits, muffins.

    Patricia Wilson 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • French pastry and baking is superb! <3 <3

    Miriam Maldonado 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • Would be lovely to have a recipe here

    Clementine 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • How many beard hair inside the bread?

    ツAliansa 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • Thank you

    wavyslugs 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • Big loveeee its…someday ay can have some bread cafe🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    popo Chie 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • Respect bread

    Afghanistan Breads 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • Really inspiring video

    Mag Paf 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • I want to be a successful chef like you 🤩🤩

    O&S Bakery 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • Wow, delicious breads🥴

    Delicious Bread 17/10/2022 am7:31
  • What a delightful video

    Delicious Bread 17/10/2022 am7:31