The Juiciest Homemade Birria Quesa Tacos

I may struggle to pronounce it correctly, but this is an easy winner as one of the juiciest tacos you will ever have in your life. A simple birria de res con consomme, atop a beautiful quesataco filled with melty Oaxaca cheese. It’s bliss in a taco.


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  • Do we leave the cheese clothe in the broth after everything is ready? Or is that taken out when you take the meat out as well?

    Xpkresx Lost 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • i worked in a place where this was one of our specialties. and I was the prep cook. it's my favorite food in the entire world

    Cameron J. Wallace 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Hi Joshua! I love spicy food, but could you recommend a way to make these for someone who does not like spicy food?

    David J 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Excuse me, let’s cook Italian pasta, but instead of pasta let’s use rice

    andtoallfarewell 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • bro this making me B U S T how good it is

    Potato Lord 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • I came

    Ton 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • How many servings does this make?

    Kalvin Almazan 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • It’s quesabirria one word

    1903bustafree 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • I made this twice and it’s amazing I just recommend putting the chiles in cheese cloth as well. I made a big pot the first time and they were all hard to find

    Lil Capital 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Birria and Birria tacos are nothing new, but this super viral popularity of “quesabirria” came out of taco stands in Southern California. So while Birria is very Mexican and Jaliscian, this way of eating it is very Southern California.

    Mario Melgarejo Torres 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • You don't boil the peppers in the same pot facepalm

    Phillip Castro 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • You never mention to put the meat back in the pot!

    lupetrustno1 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Failed to tell people to put the meat back in the pot.

    845835ab 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Are these very spicy ?

    Julia Hijazeen 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Birria and a fresh coke, is pure love

    dario figueroa 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • It was hes personality for me

    Kelaiah Downtin 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • I recommend getting fatty ribs and storing the meat and broth in fridge over night it gives a nice flavour ( shred and seprate the meat) when you wake up you will have a layer of fat on the top just take it out use it to warm up your tortillas

    pranav hb 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • This looks like FIRE! I used to say I wasn’t really a fan of Mexican food (until I learned what Mexican food could be). Made rojo pozole for the first time, and can’t wait to try this someday!

    K 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • will the same be said for making birria of lamb?

    CRISLAND123 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Cut your hair!

    Pleun ie 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Looks appetizing

    Carrie Gonzalez 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Just would love if flour tortilla

    Wilsun 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Dude I'm soooo glad your heavy bottomed pan looks like that lol mine does too and I thought I'd overdone it

    Nathaniel Conant 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Hey Josh, this is Mateo. I commented on your other video under Dora Moreno Hot Dog Vs Hot Dog XD. Before I watched this, my mom was already making these, but she used chicken meat instead. They came out sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Dora Moreno 20/10/2022 pm3:33

    Mind Riot 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • I am Mexican, and I approve rhis recipe.. no seriously this guy did his homework, the recipe is very authentic

    P MX 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • How do I not completely destroy my tortillas while frying them

    John Wester 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Those and chicken wings 💣

    Keanon Gee 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Can someone please explain the 2 kilos of ancho/guajillo to 10 grams of árbol ratio? Are they really that strong and/or powerful? I've been adding at least four or five, because I thought I had bought an especially small batch. It was still my best culinary experience so far, but will try with two next time.

    Espen Dahl Andersen 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • "Pretty fly FOR a white guy", j/k u did GOOD!

    CRAZY WILD STUFF!! 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Made it and it came out🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Camille Fitzgerald 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • At no point in this video did you say to put the meat back into the pan. 🤣🤣

    BigPimpin91 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • what e u saying ! Canada has soooo many mexican places

    Melissa B 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • I am so.. well impressive 👏. I went to the grocery store with the recipe I got from Google. But when I got there. I thought.. yummy short ribs, ohhh Ox tails. Oh yeah and the Chuck. Then after I got my pot simmering, I see this. Nice. Good taste 👌 👏 👍 😌

    April Veach 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Love this weird dude

    Somebody 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • the white man colonizing food and claiming him to be the best. typical.

    Evan 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • These look fantastic

    ZzigzaG00NIN 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • As a Mexican I certify you did an amazing job!!! Just one quick note: they're called Quesabirrias (quesadilla + birria) 🤘🏻

    Mauricio Gibert 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Today i found out about you, and after binging 10-12 episodes I was subscribed, a big fan, got the book orderd, and the meat grinder. Fkn love you man! Legend 👏✌

    Brunchi Iulian 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Whenever I have leftover pulled pork/beef I make this sauce! OF COURSE with my own homemade beef broth! loooooove birria tacos don't need a special occasion!

    Hope B. 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Lmao. Do not follow this recipe

    B 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • where the spice bro add some jalapeños to that bring the spice

    Cruz Ctz 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • I just tried this for the first time today. Unbelievable!

    Josh Daily 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • That flip shot got me aroused.

    Frank Reading 20/10/2022 pm3:33
  • Definitely will try this recipe…. Thanks. Like the energy in video too….

    Camille Williams 20/10/2022 pm3:33