The Iconic $1 Pizza Slice of NYC | Street Food Icons

Eli and Oren Halali, the two brothers who founded 2 Bros Pizza, sell slices for a buck. They’re known for getting their patrons in and out of the store within ten seconds, and for selling hundreds of pies a day. And they’re certainly not the only people in the dollar-slice game in New York City.

Ever since the Great Recession in 2008, dollar-slice spots started popping up all over Manhattan because people were in desperate need of a quick and cheap food option. Now there are more than 80 dollar-slice spots on the streets of New York. People gravitate to dollar slice because it’s quick, easy, cheap, filling—and the slices themselves are pretty damn good considering the price.

But, according to pizza historian Scott Wiener, dollar slices may be on the way out…so get them while you can!

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  • Scott Wiener is actually a wiener. He needs to go back to his hipster veggie seaweed pizza

    raversmiracle2 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Scott the type of guy who uses ruler to measure how long he slept

    Premium Account 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Usually I'd feel bad for someone named Scott Wiener but this time I don't think so

    DunderGuy 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Scott wiener is the type of guy to still get roasted after all this time

    Thomas Mason 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • The cameraman must be drooling for pizza

    Meme Sejarah Indonesia 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Scott The Type Of Guy Who Go To Check With The Doctor And Say I Havent Got Any Issue After Checking Then Say Why I Pay

    Lakshya Edits 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • in what aspect of your life do you have to comepletely fail at to be a "professional pizza enthusiast" 😭😭

    Klankoes 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Why Scott look like he says sorry before he eats any meat.

    Mr. Anatomy 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Scott is the type of guy to point a thermal gun to a woman's private parts before sex to see if she's ready.

    BOMBON187 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • 2:40 bro you got it WELL DONE. of course its a little hotter when you leave it in the fire brick oven for an extra minuet. smh

    Gator 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Italian left the chat

    Barrese 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Anche a un italiano potrebbe piacere

    Barrese 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Scott's the sort of guy who claps when the plane lands

    Nyrisith 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • I need an update on those leases & current slice prices 😫

    WakandaSmurf 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • I like how they are good teammates, not greedy. I am sure that has also help their business.

    Vanessa B 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • I dont live in New York, but we have a New York Pizza restaurant here, and honestly the pizza is not that great. I wonder if I go to New York, will it actually be good?

    Vanessa B 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Never get high on your own supply!

    manco82 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Never get high on your own supply!

    manco82 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Scott is the type of guy that thinks big chungus is a rifting new pizza flavour

    guy 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Scott the kinda guy at a Cubs game who gets booed for fan interference, stays, then gets escorted out for his own safety

    Steven Carlson 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • I scrolled through the comments at the start of the video and was confused about the Scott comments… then Scott came on and I understood everything

    Jack Hagar 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • If I were ever in New York, I'd buy a $1 pizza

    Rick V 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Scott is the type of guy to sprinkle ash off a vape

    Velocity 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • There's a reason Scott's last name is wiener

    Pranjal Singh 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • please leave this video forever as the precovid milestone

    D.M. Conroy 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Scott Wiener is the type of guy to fart into his toilet and flush it

    Gordon Ramsay’s Lamb Sauce 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Oren sounds very happy to have his popular shop like totally😐

    Jamic Hasbull 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • scott WIENER omg

    ugh slayana 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Scott is the type of guy to order and ask for pepperoni pizza with no pepperoni.

    Ruben Pulido 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Scott is the type of guy to order and well done pizza but not want it hot.

    Ruben Pulido 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • i hate scott

    oBarnabus 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • The Iranian Zionist’s savings were only $1.3m after high school #selfmade

    Austin Laudry 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Scott is the type of guy to check the food temp from the food that his girlfriend’s boyfriend cooked.

    KINO CORNER 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • Scott the type of guy to study for a personality test

    Balur 17/10/2022 pm3:58
  • its $1 because its shite quality

    TARDIS Edits 17/10/2022 pm3:58