The French Fry King Of LA

Hello! Craig Batiste is Mr. Fries Man, LA native who built a french fry empire from his back yard to 21 franchises throughout Southern California. Craig offers just about any combination of fries and toppings you could want, and he works side by side with his wife to continue growing the company and offer delicious french fries.

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  • I've dreamed about a French Fry restaurant my whole life!

    Laurie Harris 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Omg delicious

    Bella Mami 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Proud of the homie salute to him and his family.

    YK007 BEATS 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • “So basically everything that I like I just throw on top of fries” can’t get and explain it more simpler than that. I miss being a cook at the movie theater, we had real chefs and I was a backup and man when I was high on break and was in that kitchen I made fries with anything on it thought I could open up a shop like him lol.

    Trix_Ant 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • "yeah we a had a food truck for two weeks but it caught on fire"

    Nouveau 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Is Mr. FRIES IN Washington State?

    The Guard Owl Muertero Chris 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Munchies food

    Phillipe Kury 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • “I was Damn near shaped like a potato”

    Scott Drain 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Speaks Freely 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • All of the toppings look really good, but I wonder how good the actual fries themselves are? And are they soggy?

    Ant Talks Sports 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • He has the enthusiasm of jones bbq and foot massage I love it lol

    Mute The Messiah 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Someone go give this hard working genuine guy a break. I mean literally only a couple weeks with the food truck starting from nothing and it burning down in a couple weeks. You know they put everything in that. Someone bless the man bc he humble and deserves it.

    Zach Suggs 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Where this @ got to try this

    Steve White 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Qq

    black reaper 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Pnb rock shouldve watched this video

    Stoner Boner 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Gourmet snack packs! You a genius my man

    Jeremy Ruse 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • When are you coming up north to the Bay!

    Last Man Standing 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Seriously, that might be one of the most delicious things I've seen in a while. I need some of those fries.

    Vanilla Gorilla 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Gross looks like a greasy shit

    xXStoodisXx 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • One of my friends opened up a franchise in MD. Proud of this guy man.

    T G 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Wow , I like blankets so much , thank you for sharing your beautiful videos, I have to subscribe your channel already 😊😮❤

    Lim Kuon Eating 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • I wonder how much are he 's french fries loaded french fries they look delicious but how do they taste is food watered down is it flavorful $20 $30 I wonder good luck and good luck to your friends

    Feisty Grandma 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Hella inspiring.

    Brittany ♒️💐 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • I don’t like it.

    Jadea Campbell 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • This man is leader and very inspirational!

    E Eman7575 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Soo basically it’s a normal poutine shop you’d find in Canada?

    Jaydan Smith 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Props to you I love to cook but if 50 ppl showed up for food I’d crap my pants. I cook to my own tune lol to much pressure for me 🤣. it’s awesome seeing everyone hustle food on IG keep it up food looks bomb.

    Russell Ny 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Legend!

    Kale'ab 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • As a guy from Belgium the land of the fries i can tell u that i appreciate this man doing shrimp n steak ! it's a combo to many people wouldn't think of to go together with fries we over here do either shrimp or steak never both so this is really cool to see.

    csnoob02 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • These are more than just fries. They’re froys.

    theironworker781 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • This guy is just trying to legally murder people.

    Ryan Ambrose 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Ayeee there’s a location on Lancaster where I live I remember seeing it get renovated and the name caught my eye ima check it out now

    Oscar Meza 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Hurting it's out of delivery range

    Jodestynetiah Smith 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Man we need one in fort worth

    Herrera Hauling 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Great example of, “Starting From The Bottom”. Excellent story.

    Keebas Real Life Journey 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • tried his fries, fuqin gud

    Datboi Tatertot 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • He need to link with jasper and erol

    Stefan bills 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Those friEYES are a taste bomb in disguEYES… HELLOOOO!!

    rajesh Subramanian 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • God dayyyyum….. this dude needs to come to Ohio

    Jake vonStein 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Remind me of all the flavors of poutine we have been eating for years back home.

    Patrice Beaulieu 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • I dig it

    Vandal X 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • Wonderful!!

    Tracey Seace 18/10/2022 am11:20
  • I though one of his bestfriend was joe dumars

    Kristian Pomida 18/10/2022 am11:20