The famous dessert that drives the world crazy! With no oven, just 1 egg! ready in 5 minutes !

The famous dessert that drives the world crazy! With no oven, just 1 egg! ready in 5 minutes !

ingredients :

3 large bananas
1 tbsp of butter (20g)
1 tbsp of sugar (15g)
1 egg
a pinch of salt
1/4 cup of sugar (50g)
8g of vanilla sugar
1/4 cup of vegetable oil (50ml)
1/2 cup of milk (100ml)
1 cup of all purpose flour (120g)
3 tbsp of cocoa powder (20g)
8g of baking powder
1 tsp of vinegar (5ml)



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  • десерт с бананами,это вообще дерьмо!

    Юрий П. 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • No-one is driven crazy !

    LAL 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Wanna try this

    Coby Bright 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Plantains in bread? Idk

    Leila Flowers 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • I bet the Germans click on this thinking there’s bratwurst and a spoonful of curry in the thumbnail.

    Janne Regelin 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • It's misleading titles like this makes me click on the 'Don't recommend channel' button.

    Oza 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Will an Easy Bake Oven suffice?

    BORN AGAIN 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • 'Ready in 5 minutes!' Video is 6:39… I call Shenanigans.

    Yeokrast 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Когда мы едим мясо, оно ложится тяжёлым грузом в наш желудок и тормозит пищеварение до тех пор, пока не выйдет через несколько дней.

    Артур Сомов 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • How can it be ready in 5 minutes when the edited video is over 6 minutes?

    Warren Rogers 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • it looks absolutely delicious 😍 beautifully prepared and presented ..Thank you

    The Chandra's Kitchen 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Title should be 6 minute video of a 45 minute recipe, very misleading and just one egg?? There’s like another 20 ingredients 🤦🏻‍♂️

    sdf1macross 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • 4:43 ready in 5 … You lie

    ForTheTwo 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Please report this as misleading.

    Ver Zop 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • that takes more than 5 minutes… but it looks scrumptious 😋!

    EricG 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • We all love food you don't need to lie in the title

    Mr. Gabila 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Banana's suck. Have ice cream or pie (or both) for dessert.

    brian wakefield 18/10/2022 pm1:59

    True Stars Shine 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • In case you want to gain an entire pound from one meal lol

    JoyfulUniter 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • …food looks good but the title is a straight up lie lol

    Kyle Ingram 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Stupidity at it's best

    Faisal Ahmed 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Ready in 5 minutes…..when there is 5 min left on the timer.

    thegreggster24 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Just a few very small banana! Easy! 😉

    thegreggster24 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • "ready in 5 minutes"
    "15 minutes later"
    >6 minute video with cuts

    Calibrumm 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • "no oven just one egg" my ass but still look good tho lol

    HunchoB 18/10/2022 pm1:59
  • No cooked bananas for me

    Wandering Nature 18/10/2022 pm1:59