The Easiest Cast-Iron Roast Chicken & Potatoes Ever | From The Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

Join Chris Morocco in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as he makes cast-iron roast chicken with crispy potatoes. Setting out to make the simplest roast chicken recipe possible, see how Chris achieves expert results with just a few ingredients, the right vessel, and some know-how.

Get the full recipe here:

Director: Mel Ibarra
Director of Photography: Lauren Pruitt
Editor: Morgan Dopp
Talent: Chris Morocco
Sr. Culinary Director: Carrie Parente
Producer: Halie Aaron
Culinary Producer: Young Sun Huh
Culinary Associate Producer: Jessica Do
Line Producer: Jen McGinity
Associate Producer: Yoshivel Chirinos, Oadhan Lynch
Production Manager: Janine Dispensa
Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Hymes
Camera Operator: Colton Huynh
Audio: Rachel Suffian
Post Production Supervisor: Steph Cardone
Post Production Coordinator: Scout Alter
Supervising Editor: Eduardo Araújo
Assistant Editor: Billy Ward

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  • The chicken is a paid actor

    jsj31313jj 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Wait your last name is Morocco 🇲🇦 ? 😊

    TheHLBlanco 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Oh..that's a musicians reference to each other..a compliment -:)

    Mike Maselli 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • This cat's good! Great recipe.

    Mike Maselli 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • I appreciate these everyday recipes! I love a good roasted chicken, which I actually haven’t made in a while. Thanks for sharing made me wanna cook this now for my family 🙂

    Amelia 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • You had me when you perfectly stripped the thyme! Thanks, Chris! Great simple recipe.

    Maxaldojo 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Thank you so much ! I think I can prepare this meal.

    Mark Taylor 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • I thought these guys stopped making videos

    The Productive Procrastinator 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Chris M seems a very nice fellow, but BA is a tottering, wounded dinosauer slipping, mercifully, into oblivion. Wow, thinner sliced potatoes yield a crispier result? Groundbreaking!! And thank you Chris for thinking most people can tackle this. Atta boy. Uuggh, they should just go away because to the extent that BA ever had a more than overproduced, surface appeal, or any hint of culinary grit, they be gone. If you want real and smart and soulsome cooking without all the faux NY glitz and knee jerk efforts to be inclusive, go watch the real chefs they chased off, and recent YT pioneers like Brian Lagerstrom and Bradley Robinson and Sonny That Dude Can Cook. Go away, BA, just go away.

    Todd Hale 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Thankyou for this simple recipe. I am doing this with my youngest tiny 115 pd. 35 yr. Old daughter who is legally blind. Cooking is a struggle for her. She's pleased so for. The chicken is in the oven. 😁

    Aline Donnelly 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • This video is an example of what I want more of… please?

    AskMiko 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • You had me at the 4th second potato crunch

    Kami 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Aye, but where's the gravy?

    BaSingSe9092 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Nice! I will try this out on my next Chicken roast cook!

    KJ R 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • 8 minutes of Chris trying to come off as 'down to earth' while using one of the most expensive kitchens that exist.

    an-n 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Those potatoes are a revelation!

    eew12 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • This is the wordiest video ever. and it just says "grease it, season it and bake it".

    Yalala Pluif 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • More basics vids Chris. Always good to see

    Dermot Burke 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Just tried this. Excellent and simple recipe!

    Jip N 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • More old-school recipe videos! I miss them. This was so nice.

    Mary Dorn 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Too much make lisp to watch.

    Robert Doback 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • I’m going to need more spices on that chicken. But it’s still a good intro recipe.

    Tiffany Bell 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Looks great. Simple and effective. However I could do a bit more in the flavor department as far as seasoning/butter/making a quick gravy.

    Lmao 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • That drawing on the Post-it Note would make for a really cool tattoo.

    Sisyphean Stone 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • ooh wee dad joke there with the thyme/time

    Isabel Stott 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Are you using the convection setting in your oven when you roast this or just normal?

    Graham Isaac 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Cluckers don't stand a chance with Chris!!!
    Well done! 😂

    tony monastiere 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Why are they wearing masks?

    Nelson Romero 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • The bottom of that chicken looks sad

    Darw!n 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Anybody else got a "Dominique Bretodeau's Amelie" flashback when he's taking the chicken piece at the 6:07 mark? 😆

    Ale Lira 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • I made this last night and it was spectacular.

    Harry Meyer 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Love videos with Chris. Absolutely love Ines also! More videos with Ines please 😊 And Chrissy too!

    Heather MacMillan 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Trash

    Constitution Republic 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Great simple recipe. But can we all take a moment for the late Fermentation Station? ⚰✝️

    Rebecca Brandt 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Nice roast…. thanks guy.❤

    SoulfulSmokie 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Another super important part of having the potato in the same pan (or some other root veg): it lets you roast at a high temperature without all the smoke setting off your smoke detector.

    dio52 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Feel bad for all the bad ppl in the back forced to wear masks

    borzica 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Lacking a cast iron, does anyone have suggestions for an alternative vessel?

    Nicholas Parkes 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • I would add garlic, lemon and herbs 😋

    Aïda 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • 06:15 I call that the “Chef’s Prerogative!” If you’re doing the cooking, you have an obligation to snack along the way 😊

    K. L-S 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • The best cast iron chicken is Craig Claiborne's smothered chicken. Hands down. Don't get me wrong, your roast chicken and potatoes looks great. Will try.

    Roy Heffner 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Blonde DAKOTA JOHNSON ❤️❤️ where is molly?

    Satyam 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • why is the beep at 1:33 so loud

    Jay Pickard 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • is this a Molly Taz recipe before she left????????

    Bernadine h 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • Really nothing beats a great roasted chicken. Nothing.

    Sallie Ann Westbrook 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • why the heck havent i used my cast iron for chicken and potato yet!?!? i think the biggest hack here is letting your cast iron preheat as well

    fshoji 16/10/2022 pm5:02
  • I like to see Nashville style chicken. This place I knows does French Fries topped with Nashville Chicken and Mac N Cheese with Hot and Tangy Sauces.

    Nick & Nancy Bueno 16/10/2022 pm5:02