the diet that changed my life | weight loss, healthy recipes & a week of cooking easy meals

the diet that changed my life | weight loss, healthy recipes & a week of cooking easy meals

gotcha! if you’re new here, I use thumbnails like this one to attract people who might be looking how to lose weight fast or how to get abs fast, in a non sustainable way. here, we’re all about FEELING amazing and cooking nourishing foods. whether you eat everything or are plant based, there’s something here for everyone. it’s more than before and after weight loss or a crazy fitness transformation or a body transformation. it’s about balanced, sustainable habits that make life (and food) enjoyable, and not focusing on appearances.

i’ve been living alone so cooking cozy recipes has been so fun! the weather is getting colder in LA so I’m all about recipes that are great for cozy weather. make some tea, grab a snack and enjoy what i eat in a week!

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  • I saw cats… I subscribed lol❤️💕🐈‍⬛

    Cindy Russi 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • You I spire me so much and those receipts all sound sooo good

    Milly 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Your bikinis are always amazing! Would love to know where you get them from!

    Tara Raupach 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Hi Jazmin! You mentioned blood sugar balance at breakfast. Foods rich in carbohydrates actually aid in improving our insulin sensitivity! So indulge in that morning sweet tooth! Dietary fats and proteins are what increase insulin resistance and cause blood sugar issues.

    Nutrition by Victoria 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • I can't tell you how much of a help you've been to me. I'm really happy for you and all your success; you deserve it. Xo Heather Thrills ✨

    Heather Thrills 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • can you do a workout routine? i just need inspiration for quick at home workouts <3

    maya 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Jaz really carried people through ed recovery. Thanks Jazmin for showing a healthy relationship with food online 💞

    Ilana Andrev 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • I just wanna say your hair looks increidibleeee. SO pretty and curly!!! <3

    Nicole Jaworski 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Random question but how has your herniated disk been? I think I may have the same thing and wanted to know if the change in diet has helped in healing your injury?

    Maia Back 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Hey, where do you get your workout shorts??

    Josephine Donaldson 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Absolutely love your videos 🥰 you're so lovely and natural and really enjoy watching you cook such yummy foods which I too then try out myself 🥰 thank you xxx

    Annemarie Grosicki 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Jazmin I absolutely adore your videos, have you tried savoury oats for the chilly days they’re sooo good

    Tiana Gajwani 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • If I have to be honest then jazmin's vdos are my safe zone, cause I have been struggled with an eating disorder but jazmin's vdos took me out from that, now I live a happy healthy balanced unrestricted diet, other youtubers talks about weight gain, weight loss blah blah, but jaz is my safe place, love you beyond words bestie🥺💙😣

    Shreyoshree Banik 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Love this video Jazmine!!! Keep eating what makes you happy and energised and posting inspiring videos❤️❤️ I love your positive energy it’s always exciting when you post a video, like a little ray of sunshine in my week 🌞🌞👏❤️❤️❤️🥰

    Mathilda Anderson 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Great video! These tips are super useful. Question for you… have you ever tried Next Level Diet? I got a fat-loss meal plan from them that's worked wonders for me.

    Molly Taylor 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Bruh filmed on Android, check out the S22 Ultra camera. 🤡🤦‍♂️

    Imran 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • So you don't ever weight lift?

    Imran 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Loved this video and how you emphasized the importance of including healthy fats in our meals. I learned in Integrative Nutrition and Health school that fats also help our bodies absorb vitamins and nutrients in the meal. And most importantly, what nourishes our body and soul is what it desires! You are the best!! xo

    garlindj 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • I have been eating sourdough pancakes for a week straight 😂 and YESSS RAMEN GANG

    spicymiso2 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • You are just my absolute comfort youtuber 🥹🫶 thank you so much for what you are doing ❤️❤️

    Vivian Tara 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • thank you as always, jazmin!!! 🎉 i was having such a tough afternoon and i saw the title and though excited, my heart dropped at first – i literally wailed out to no one but myself “but jazmin doesn’t beeeelieeeve in diets like that 😭!” and of course lmao, i click the video, & you JUST never disappoint. forever on the team of anti-diet dieting!! 😂❤ sending love & support, always. another awesome vid down!! 💓

    ash is late 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Another wonderful video Jaz, your relationship with food has helped me a lot. One suggestion: when you cook your potatoes, rub salt and olive oil on the skin before you bake them. The skin gets crispy and is so delicious.

    Lindy Tarvin 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • LA was the right move you are literally THRIVING!! I love your content

    Louise Owen 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • You are wonderful and I love your videos. I was wondering if you could address the topic of privilege at some point though. Almost all of your videos I watch I’m taken aback by how much free time and money you have. Your family clearly has lots of money and was able to set you up with a certain lifestyle. I love that you have it—it’s great for those who can do it. But sometimes I feel like the “anyone can have this lifestyle of expensive food products, travel and time “ is just not realistic. Again I’m not trying to bring hate or shade, I just think talking about your upbringing, why you get to do and live the way you do—is something worth talking about. Those of us raised in poverty and clawing our way out just don’t have these kind of resources.

    Nova Charlotte 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • I loveyou, you helped me so much ❤

    Douaae Ziani 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • That ramen looks delicious!! Love your style of recipes. My kind of food

    Haley Baroody 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • seriously loved the way this video made me feel thank u for sharing

    Shauna Lee 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • you seriously help me so much. You deserve all the success you're getting, I love you!!

    Dominique Stellern 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Jazmyn! I live close to Berkeley and I've recently been watching your content and I just gotta say you do an Amazing job at your YouTube videos! And just the translucency and how authentic you are is sooo nice and refreshing haha 😄 ❤️

    jenna dutton 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Jazz upgraded to Chef mode with that last noodle dish!!

    A J Somebody 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Hey Jazmin! Great video! Love your recipe on baked potatoes. What other ways do you like to use brussels sprout?

    Adrienne, Registered Dietitian, Weight Loss Coach 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • I am so proud of Jazmin, I have been watching her channel for 2 years now and I am so proud of how far she has come.

    ro 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • I want that ice cream 😋

    Sydney J 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • loved the vídeo!!! x

    Maria Clara Kalil 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • I’m really proud of you jayzmin you deserve it!!!! Hehe I need to use this recipes every though I’m totally skinny bd healthy

    Olivia 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Great video! You are so inspiring ☺️

    🦋Bible-believing girl🦋 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Now that u have kittens in every shot, your YouTube growth might accelerate. Strange phenomenon

    Connor Smith 24/10/2022 pm10:42
  • Cada día más hermosa

    Maria Victoria Gomez Ortiz 24/10/2022 pm10:42