The Cheapest Steak Sandwich Ever | But Cheaper

A homemade steak sandwich has unlimited power, especially when it’s good for inflation.


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  • Eww yukky

    otakin noob 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • I know you have the but cheaper, but better, etc. Could you please always break down the costs for all the recipes, even the but betters are most surely cheaper as well in most cases. Also, could you do a but healthier version for fast food choices that are horribly bad for you? Thank you and love your youtube channel.

    Beauty Of Makeup And Skin 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • Joshua after getting paid off by big soy slop inc. for emphasis on using vegetable oil 🤑🤑🤑

    coffeem80 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • Considering the work you put into it, you should charge 15 or 20 bucks for that…

    N. L. 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • Hey, don't insult eye round.
    That's some tasty shit when done properly.

    Michael 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • Why use unsalted butter if you're adding salt to it later …

    Suzi Bikerbabe 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • Ew yucky mayonnaise… My sister once replaced the cream filling from a Twinkie with mayo. I don't eat Twinkies anymore either.

    Nate Sargeant 21/10/2022 pm4:45

    tomj528 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • I respect your skills, but that roast needed more rest.

    Daniel Majer 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • I gotta make this

    Jackie F 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • I’m weirdly mad he didn’t punch or roll the dough it just doesn’t feel right

    YourDailyFood 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • We are going to make it cheap! but to do that, you gotta make 8 portions!
    I'm like… but I just want one…

    What What? 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • ew yuckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Rvin Famine 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • I'm sorry, but this cut of meat is extremely tough and chewy. I completely disagree that this would be anywhere near good unless this is cooked for at least 4 hours

    Lee S 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • Also known as the chuck eye, or false tenderloin. Probably need to go to a butcher shop that processes whole animals, Supermarkets generally grind the entire chuck for ground beef. Just a tip from a Canadian butcher.Given the popularity for all the old "butcher's take" cuts these days the chuck eye is a very tasty one.

    Sean Spurrell 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • The recipe on the site doesn't show
    It has no recipe and shows another dish

    UCOOLORNOCOOL 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • The recipe on the site doesn't show
    It has no recipe and shows another dish

    UCOOLORNOCOOL 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • Whats this in sep 2022 conversions please. New series please.

    Ranno 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • Making your own bread is far more expensive lmao, running your oven for an hour costs more than a baguette

    David Z2 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • this would be double as good if it was with a hoagie roll.

    C Anderson 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • Thanks for the roast beef recipe, but I'm doing peppers, onions and mushrooms in bacon grease. Plus I'm having two slices of Swiss cheese on a toasted sourdough sliced loaf(Boudin from SF) to be specific. Love your videos

    pgorodiloff 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • "Tech""Niequeue" yea, I like that Josh. 👌🏼

    Murrae 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • I'd add horseradish and that's about it.

    Spike Reynolds 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • I tried making bread 2 times. Utter and total disaster. I learned I can bake bricks.

    Nunya Bidnis 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • I was looking for a banana bread recipe 🤔and you don't have one. Papa mad! Please make one ASAP so PAPA kiss (6)

    N B 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • Can you make chicken bellagio from Cheesecake Factory?

    Brandon Joyner 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • To be honest, I'm more annoyed about you doing your weights in Metric and then using Imperial for temperature.

    One or the other 😀

    MajesticDemonLord 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • So this video is when you want to wait as long as possible to eat… like next year what the heck?!?!?!?

    Metalgear SolidSnake 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • Lol imagine being hungry and you gotta wait several hours to eat a sandwich

    Humping Lion 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • A great short idea: But Less Dishes. Recipes that require only 1 or 2 pans

    noneofthebelow17 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • Do olive garden chicken and gnocchi soup

    Jay Thi 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • Just made this for lunch. Ridiculously good.

    Kevin Steed 21/10/2022 pm4:45
  • A brined Bottom Round roast also works great at a decent price, for the steak part. We use it in our household for steak sandwiches, or to smoke and serve with chimichurri.

    dbryceman 21/10/2022 pm4:45