The Cheapest Sandwich Ever (Chopped Cheese) | But Cheaper

A bodega Chopped Cheese can be made homemade for even cheaper than you might have imagined. Homemade hero rolls are at the heart of this, but not before paying homage and respect to the humble sandwich. Before you get all nervous we brought a guest to teach us the good ol’ fashioned New York way.

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Ingredients Needed:
Hero  Roll:
– 2.5 teaspoons (8g) instant yeast
– 302g (302ml) water
– 600g bread flour 
– 2.5 tablespoons (33g) sugar
– 2g amylase
– 2 teaspoons (14g) fine sea salt 
– 1/4 cup (34g) unsalted butter 
– fine cornmeal for dusting
– 1 egg white
– 1/2 cup (118ml) water

– 1.5 lbs Ground beef
– 4 cloves garlic, finely chopped
– 10 slices American Cheese
– 10 slices Swiss cheese
– 1 sliced sweet onion
– 4 serrano chilies
– hero roll, toasted
– mayo
– ketchup
– iceberg lettuce, thinly sliced
– salt and pepper
-3 large tomatoes sliced



  • as a fellow new yorker, homie had a safety pin in his nose as jewelry so im automatically trusting his sandwich

    Drew Stephens 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • Fold some cheese in and add additional 2 slices for the upper bread side

    rumtata 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • I'm allways exited to see the B-ROLL!!!!! I love all your vids – entertainment and god damn good recepies

    NBGKecko 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • No scorpions on tha face!!!!!

    Pawnall Henderman 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • I definitely thought they were going to kiss at the end

    Nathan W 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • Hoagie. Hoagie roll!

    Sadew 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • So basically a chopped up cheeseburger

    LucYfYre Arch of TwiLight 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • AMERICAN CHEESE!. 50% American* and 50% cheese

    Warning: American* in this context stands for cheap artificial stuff in order to replace cheese for higher margins. Keep away from your children, highly entflammbarere. Don’t feed to your dog cause this stuff is toxic af. It really needs only 50% cheese in order to be called „American cheese“ and you really fall for it XDD

    Christoph L 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • Scorpion face tattoo is a commitment

    Michael Belvedere 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • Yeah but you gotta do it on a roll

    Eastside Nour 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • What the hell happened to Jesse Pinkman? 1:35

    Manu 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • Chopped cheese is the king of Bodega sandwiches in nyc. Used to be baconegg&cheese but a lot of delis are Muslim owned these days so no proper bacon.

    Christian C 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • then he used ketchup?? ew

    Gojilla 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • Man said 1.91 sammy, then proceed to use $500 worth of equipment

    Gojilla 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • Came across this vid on the way home, picked up the ingredients and went home to cook, gotta say 9/10 this sammich was straight bussin

    YOUbeTRIPPEN 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • Nah nah, as a New Yorker the grill gotta be looking suspicious and the outside of the store has to look dirty and decrepit for the BEST sandwiches.

    Element Jose 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • Bruh my chop cheese will destroy this shit

    Michael 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • I’m from Ny and I didn’t know that man until seeing his chopped cheese

    Frank Reganato 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • I love how chopping the cheese was a big deal when the owner of Bodega does it that way 😂

    MrFRNTIK 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • This guy lost me when he said more lettuce, then I turned off the video when he said less beef.

    Jotaux 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • I can get 1$ sandwich in Vietnam :v LoL

    QA Tactical and more 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • Talking food I would assume the worst nightmare for a high end bistro would be a Jack in the Box around the corner. I don't know too many that can compete with a $2 Jumbo Jack at any hour of the day.

    Julio Chavez 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • I always giggle when I see josh bulge

    Albano Arapi 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • So much prep time I just get hungry eat the dough call it wraps there

    matt lol 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • Oh yeah, the $20 scale is the part people are gonna have trouble affording, not the $300 stand mixer we all have lying around

    Benzyl 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • Can't forget the bev!

    Obantje 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • Ayo

    swag 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • Babish told me that I could just buy the bread

    James Eddleman 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • You never ever cut through the aluminum foil boys….. that crap gets right into the sandwich! You should know better geez……

    Will Rector 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • Fuck the New Yorkers, its bread with ground beef and hamburger toppings I don't give a shit if they gave it a name im going to lut whatever I want on my sandwich.

    Sponcer 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • season with goya

    KEIBO 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • you didnt calculate the cost of salt

    PapaBooey 18/10/2022 am4:37
  • “Tactic”

    Aaron Seigneurie 18/10/2022 am4:37