The Biggest Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking Burgers

There is a joy that comes with making your own burger. You pick the right kind of meat, put it through the grinder, bind it together with eggs, and add some flavor and kick with herbs and spices.

That’s just half the fun, because assembling it together with the buns and condiments involves all kinds of creativity. The right kind of cheese adds to its taste, and the rest of the condiments make it look pretty and ready to eat.

Of course, not all of us are professional chefs, so mistakes will be made. Here are the biggest mistakes everyone makes when cooking burgers.

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Defrosting meat at room temperature | 0:00
Using the wrong meat | 0:49
Handling the meat wrong | 1:41
Seasoning problems | 2:50
Not doing a propane check | 3:49
Not preheating your grill | 4:40
Using a dirty grill | 5:17
Turning your back on them | 5:55
Adding cheese at the wrong time | 6:48
Checking for doneness the wrong way | 7:41
Improper sanitation | 9:02

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  • Do you have any pointers for the rest of us burger chefs out here?

    Mashed 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • 70/30 or 80/20 ????

    Mike Diangelis 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • Stopped the video immediately when I seen you say defrost in the microwave lol foh

    MarrLee305 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • I cooked a burger that was burnt outside but brown inside. Inside looked undercooked so I had to cook it some more. Cooking thick patties

    TheAtm12345 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • Watching / hearing ricans or brits trying to teach anyone how to cook meat is hilarious… Do your homework for fuck's sake, and learn how to properly cook anything first… Thanks. 😉

    Jacques Mesrine 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • Insulted my intelligence. Stupid. Waste of time. Common sense.

    Tod Borton 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • "Ground beef is really just beef that has been ground up into tiny bits." Well no fucking shit

    Some Guy 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • God she's got an irritating voice; or maybe it's just because she's stating the bleedin' obvious.

    Tom Bristowe 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • My meat makes my sister sick 🤢 in the morning 🤣

    richard Young 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • "My meat wont get anybody sick " im dirty minded so im LIKE IUJJDJAWHDAWJD AIDWJ JOKDWHAT THE

    Gabe Hostetler 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • 3:03 disagree!!! we need seasoning

    aishah abdelnoor 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • you neglected point1! never turn the patty more than once!!! and never ever mash it!!!!!!

    Leon Lowery 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • I love my meats raw!

    Jared Andersen 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • Still my burgers keep splitting 😢

    Anas Osama 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • I just put grill on high to burn if off the wire brush it.

    Great White Ape 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • Anyone who recommends using a microwave fails making burgers 101. What a moron. Always let the meat thaw out at room temperature. if you are worried about the meat spoiling, you are buying the wrong meat period.

    Scott Hamilton 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • burgers with mustard and worcestershire sauce makes a trick for me

    IDon'tWannaDoThisAnymore 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • I’ve been married for 45years. We have always thawed our meats on the counter and haven’t had anyone get sick or die.

    Anthony Roberts 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • You know the FDA is paid to say alot of things that isn't completely true. But hey thats how corporations work i guess. I can tell you that their isn't a Fine dining restaurant that unthaws meat that way. I wonder who knows more about food? A Regulatory government agency that takes bribes from cooperate industry's & don't do any scientific research at all? or People that work with food everyday & have learned both the hard way & right way from actually doing it. If you have a small amount i suppose it wouldn't be too bad i have done it a few times, But thats just for speed & your meat gets waterlogged no matter how well sealed it is, It also drips blood & globin all over the place. FDA i'm starting to think they where never a good idea. Anyways great video.

    King Katura 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • My god, this is literally watching someone drag out an essay to a few thousand words to meet the word requirement of 10 minutes

    Oscar 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • WatchMojo narrator also knows how to cook? Amazing

    Parrish 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • if you cook any of my proteins to the usda recommendation ill kick you in the face

    Bob Phan 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • many people believe keeping the things that are mentioned @ 5:33 make burgers taste great

    Chuck Diesel Kicks & disks 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • Useless video

    Stephen Harte 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • I turned this off when she said taking burgers out the freezer.

    PUSB_87 English 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • Mince from the freezer is rubbish 👎🏻 bye

    Adnaan Fakir 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • How defrost your frozen meat?
    Use the defrost sitting on your microwave.

    B-Edwads 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • You absolutely throw the cheese on before you take it off, never after

    Cody Coldbrewski 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • The biggest mistake you can ever make is smashing the meat. You're supposed to sear it and be patient. No burger should be dry..

    daddy_hog_legs 17/10/2022 am11:05
  • This woman must have been vaccinated with a grama phone needle – does she ever shut up? 😡

    Berkcam 17/10/2022 am11:05