The Best Way To Roast Chicken

A perfectly roasted chicken to hard to beat…with its crisp, salty skin, and moist tender meat. But unfortunately, most people’s chicken comes end up with skin that is either pale or burndt, and legs are perfectly cooked and breast meat that tastes like cardboard. How do you avoid this? The answer is spatchcocking!

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Sarah Carey is the editor of Everyday Food magazine and her job is to come up with the best ways to make fast, delicious food at home. But she’s also a mom to two hungry kids, so the question “What’s for dinner?” is never far from her mind — or theirs, it seems! Her days can get crazy busy (whose don’t?), so these videos are all about her favorite fast, fresh meals — and the tricks she uses to make it all SO much easier.



  • you sure its a bird?

    Darian Khamisani 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • I like this method of cooking a chicken. I have used it a few times now. It is easy and quick. The chicken comes out tender, moist and the skin crispy. It is also very easy to slice into portions.

    Joel Eluk 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Love it…..

    Adriana Silveira 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • He said insert in thigh, done at 165. What is the temp of the breast?

    P. Wilder 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • 🙏🌴💕Thank you very much. It's the first time we tried and works wonderful. Delicious.🙏🌴💕

    Bakhita 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Roast the chicken then it's so moist like da Nani den u fck da chicken 🙃🤪😜

    Aligums 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Yikes, it's like a CPR Chest Compression! Kitchen Shears are the BEST ever, I wish someone had showed me this sooner.

    Rs C 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • THIS IS GREAT. I have tried this once already and it is GREAT. I'm going to do this with the next Thanksgiving TURKEY. I'm even going to try cutting up the bird as you have shown but before it goes into the oven trying to keep the open cuts touching the other.

    Dan Aron West 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Why does my chicken always come out brown but when I start to eat the skin is soft, saggy not crispy 🙁

    New York 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • After trying this technique, it is the only way I roast chicken. I also use this technique when using the Traeger.

    Beverly Pacheco 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • 👍👍👍👍

    Alice Chang 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Looks great I have 2 whole chickens I need to cook up if they are still good. Thanks 😊

    William E 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • How long did it cook?

    Lequisha Burkes 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • The shallots looks like burnet but I think the receipt, in general, is worthy try

    Alan Oliveira 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • where tf is the seasoning? aw naw. i’m doing this for culinary class and i’m damn sure not gonna only use salt and pepper 🤨

    maliadominiquee 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • hmmm now to figure out what to eat with this

    Rob Munro 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • The lack of seasoning is heresy

    Essentially Retro 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • When you use salt and pepper from ramekins like that do you dispose of the unused portions? I would think it would be contaminated between seasoning and handling the bird. Or is this a negligible risk?

    samurai1833 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Well, since it was such a big 6 lb. chicken, we cut it up & saw a lot of pink spots, so we put it back in for 30 more minutes. Let it rest & ate it. It was delicious with the crispy skin. Thanks for the recipe!

    Victoria Morris 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Didn’t have lemon or shallots, but did everything else. Cook time: 55 minutes. it’s resting now. Extended time was 10 minutes, it was not too golden, & it was a 6lb bird. the thys were close to 165°. I’ll write back. 10 minutes might have been too long. We’ll see. Thanks for the video! I subscribed 😊

    Victoria Morris 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • 420°F too high, you will render its skin. Try 320°F over 2 hours at a frozen start.

    Mete Can Karahasan 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Love the enthusiasm. I'm ah doooin dis.

    Richard Koon 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • The best ♥️♥️♥️

    Donna Lisa Licaros 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Is there a rest time before I cut up the cooked chicken?

    Timothy Bryowsky 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • I roasted a chicken using this method. It is the absolute best. It came out perfect and was delicious!

    SpiritedDoll 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Where's the pre-salting man?

    Amy Pretorius 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Did u brine the chicken prior to bake?

    Thushani Rathnayake 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Great

    Louise Trapp 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • cleaning those racks are a pain in the butt

    ReJeanne Smith 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Its gross when people touch chicken and then reach into their salt/pep dish. Barf. Wash your hands, please!

    Stephen Wren 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Best chicken I have ever made! Best, best BEST! Thank you!

    Robert Williams 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Why would you roast a chicken.
    Chickens are offended

    The Funni Critic 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • bruh, you didn't season that chicken

    kalzsantan 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • corona virus brought me here… i tried the recipe (minus the veggies he added) and it came out great!

    Celina Barabbas 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • This is badass.

    alvarezstephen831 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • I’m trying this on Sunday. Thanks 😊

    Ms Tee 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Nice job. I do this recipe with a balsamic glaze 2/3 of the way done . Family loves it.

    joeed35 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Excellent – I'm going to do my bird just like this!

    Tony Girard 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Ahy babosa

    Carlos Gonzalez 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • @ 0.39 you are turning this chicken just like mom turns the baby to change diaper.

    Syed Shufkat Ali 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • I've been spatchcocking for a while now and the last one I did my wife ate more of it than I did. She even ate the back which I thought I had hidden. Yes, I cook the back too. I used a rub mix of salt, black pepper, cumin, cinnamon, Italian seasons, Turmeric, cayenne pepper. I put most of the mix under the skin and what was left over on the skin. After that I used a knife to punch holes in the meat and skin. The drippings was used to make a gravy.

    DoNot Need 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Ty for showing how to cook this.

    A D 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • what did he add on the side shallots? I've never heard of those as I am new to cooking? can someone help me with what those are called

    Adam Perez 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • I find that preparing the chicken in the sink basic helps with the cleanup job afterwards.

    Bessie Hillum 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • he's handsome

    Lorn T 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Lmfao a table spoon

    Ashley Please 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • I am always chuckling when these self-declared Youtube 'chefs' preparing a chicken like he does. Usually a chicken gets seasoned before you put it on a rack…. ALSO season the INSIDE (in this case the UNDER SIDE), not just drizzling some oil and sprinkle salt and pepper on the top. And to do it the right way, you cut the breastbone at the cartillage just a little bit to expose the sternum. That makes a REALLY flat chicken. Oh, Martha Stewart, that was a bummer and just shows that you don't hire experienced people. He for sure is cute

    Choppini 25/10/2022 pm7:14
  • Thank you Mr. Joseph, I tried this method today and its logic was flawless.

    Although, I would say that the method left less room for the amount of vegetables that I am accustom to, that would be down to the size tray used.

    Bessie Hillum 25/10/2022 pm7:14