The Best Way To Carve A Whole Chicken | Epicurious

Chef Frank Proto helps you add another skill to your kitchen toolkit, this time demonstrating the best way to carve a whole roast chicken, step by step. If you’ve found yourself unsure of how to start, leaving lots of good meat on the bone, or just mangling things in general, chef Frank is here to help.

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Buy knives like the ones Frank uses for this demonstration:
Slicing Knife:
Boning Knife:

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0:00 Introduction
0:40 Chapter 1 – Pre-carving
1:35 Chapter 2 – Knives
2:16 Chapter 3 – Carving

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  • Buy knives like the ones Frank uses for this demonstration:
    Slicing Knife:
    Boning Knife:

    When you buy something through our retail links, we earn an affiliate commission.

    Epicurious 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • I'm not saying he was wrong when he was cutting the breasts at 4:37 bc I obv don't know how…but didn't before he say the knife was long so that you don't have to saw the chicken…

    Joshua Mills 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • “ a savage” 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

    Lily H 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • insane how much this helped me

    papa frank 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • great video!

    Chuck Kerber 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • Bad video editing. Whenever I want to watch closely what he's doing the camera switches to another angle. Irritating.

    Paul Davies 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • Less intro, and more to the point.

    Skeptik 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • Love it I didn't know how to cut a whole chicken after baking it now I do thank u for sharing have a blessed day 🙏❤️🤤🤤🤤

    Anita Mendez 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • incorrect.

    Adam Goodman 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • “Like a savage” …

    Sayyestotacos4 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • The other chef's bonus – the rest of the breast meat attached to the bone – dipped in gravy – yum!

    Subtext 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • Holy Moly, that means the average American adult eats over half a whole chicken a week!!

    Subtext 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • Half way through the video and he's only just now starting to cut the damn thing. Bloviate.

    David Johnson 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • Hey Frank, great video! I know this is a carving video , and I'm curious what your thoughts are on basting the bird…

    antediluv 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • I sure do appreciate your little tricks since they'll come in handy now & then, thanks!

    John Long 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • The way you cut up the chicken was straight out of my childhood. My grandmother would cut up a chicken every Sunday morning to bake after church. Btw, what happened to the giblets in a whole chicken????

    winebox 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • Awesome 👏

    Praveen Singh 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • i just pick the meat off with my hands, no knife, no anything and just taste better

    Chanzo 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • Fun fact: you are trying to carve a chicken right now

    Donovan Walker 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • This is all well and good, but…. who wants to serve a roast meal with cold meat?

    thomashenrydavies 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • Oh goodness I just cut the Dickens out of my finger

    Buzzy Leonard 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • Stop the camera cuts! we don't need to see his face, keep the camera on the chicken so we can see what he is doing. Way to frequent cut aways

    Derrick Bryson 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • I like the chef

    Screw TV 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • At my last workplace, we'd always have Friday drinks and snacks. I'd usually be the one to go shopping, and then prepare everything, which included cutting up the chicken. And those oysters were always mine, all mine!!!
    Nice to see that the way I've always done it is also the Frank-approved method 😀

    Mububban23 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • 8 Billion chickens per year divided by current population of the USA is about 2 chickens per month per American. That is not unreasonable. *(numbers provided by Siri)

    princessrose17 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • how to prevent this from getting cold during the carving process or keep it warm/reheat it?

    Kevin Robinson 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • I've been carving the breasts wrong forever. Thank you.

    ‘F15Stroke’ 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • The comments are making me think there aren't any grown ups watching. So silly. So sad. I guess all the matured folks are busy watching The Master Chef Jacques Pepin. 😄

    Joanna Edwards 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • Sorry, but you left way too much meat on the carcass. Why? Because you cut around the wishbone. If you split the wishbone and remove it you'll get 5%-15% more breast meat. Using that just for stock is a waste, especially if you're on a budget.

    paulusescariot 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • "Tearing it apart with your hands like a savage"

    I have never been so offended by something I agree with

    Phosphilolite - Speaker of Santa 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • That breast looks super dry. “Pro chef”

    Seth Borneman 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • Im so confused from research..dont chicken breast muscle fibers run left to right across the what would be the less wide way of the breast? Not length ways? Meaning cutting against the fiber would mean cutting straight down the longer direction

    LobsterLarry 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • Thank you. New Subscriber from England.

    Rubbafingaz1 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • It is more like turkey

    memyselfaman 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • Chef Frank: We don't want to saw the meat. Proceeds to saw the breasts like the Texas Chainsaw massacre!

    Darah Doyle 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • The chickussy

    NickTheToaster 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • I enjoy shareing these videos. theya re pretty awesome and very informative.

    Mokaphyyr 24/10/2022 am6:57
  • Frank is now my favourite chef. He's like Gordon Ramsay, but without the nice looking hair & attitude

    Đức Nguyễn 24/10/2022 am6:57