The Best Tacos In LA | Best Of The Best

INSIDER’s Joe Avella and Sydney Kramer visit four of the best places to get tacos in Los Angeles. They visit Sonoratown, Mariscos Jalisco, Carnitas El Momo and Ricky’s Fish Tacos. The two hosts try each taco to decide which one is the best of the best.

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The Best Tacos In LA | Best Of The Best



  • Why is there not a Tuna casserole truck on every corner? 😁

    JOSE C 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • El Momo – hands down!!

    Mario Pena 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • LA resturants arent the best. Tacos from home are the best. I like my style the best.

    Rogelio Ocon 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Get some mexicans these hosts are clueless

    narakaline 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • This is a masterclass in who not to put in front of a camera. It's almost satire. I feel bad for the dude for having to tolerate that nightmare Karen he was paired with. I don't think it's possible to be a more unlikable caricature of whiteness than that.

    Shane 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • I want to like to eat tacos

    Ricky Andrews 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • like the two worst hosts

    S 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Awesome episode all. Thank you! My mouth is watering. Hard work you two are doing for sure! Appreciate it. Pro Tip for the young lady: Don’t bite the tortilla down the middle. Turn taco, or your mouth, so each is perpendicular to each other. Better ratio of carb to protein for the maximum flavor throughout the entire experience.

    Nathan Harrison 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • As a former employee of 5 years in a taco restaurant, this type of job is only for undocumented illegal immigrants. I got paid 700$ every 2 weeks while the owner was making at least $70,000 a month. Quit the job and got my bachelors degree. Now i drive a $75,000 denali

    lou Perez 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Can we not have that judgy dried out prune of a woman on here anymore, seriously love these shows. She ruins it every time, neg head downer

    Devoid of humanity, warmth, authenticity. Just smug entitled judgment, the absolute worst host for a show that focuses on local authenticity and the humanity that goes into these foods

    fatmanstan 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Love Mexico from India 🙏🏻

    Shouveek Banerjee 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Ooh! yeees i love tacos de carne asada whit tortillas de harina cebollita Cambray,chiles caribes asados,salsita bandera o salsa picante, y su guacamole.. Delicious 😋..Iam from Sonora 🇲🇽😍.. Greettings..

    Victori@🍀🍀 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • What you mean put no tomato? Tacos have tomato dumbass

    Junior Moreno 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Sonortown why because of the wood grill Estilo Sonora y Tijuana

    ALFREDO CASTRO 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • its carnitas hand down

    ALFREDO CASTRO 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • There to catfish in Ensenada !!!! sorry

    ALFREDO CASTRO 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • no cheese she right

    ALFREDO CASTRO 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Way better host then those two girls… less of "mmmm omg.. mhm… mhm… yes… its like heaven in my mouth".

    M G 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • ive been come 20 year good

    T M 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • I live in milwaukee and some restaurants and trucks make fair tacos some good and some great. One way I judge a restaurant or truck is the quality of the salsa. Usually the better the salsa the better the tacos. If they have store bought salsa? I don`t know🤨

    Mario S. Sanchez 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • When will this end?! Business Insider is so racist. Why are you always playing Cuban music with your Mexican food shows? Totally disrespectful and ignorant.

    n a 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Why are you quoting Quora smh that’s like quoting btech wiki plus ur presenters are shit they don’t know what the heck there talking about

    tyla harwood 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • 1:38 "They drive to Mexico twice a month to get special flour"
    I watched enough Breaking Bad to raise my suspicion 🙊

    Sylo bloc 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Before it even starts

    Toro G 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Bro, Do u have a brother "Somewhere"???😳

    Sudarshan siddu 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • was the worst idea ever to visit this video when hungry but living in the Uk where decent tacos are impossible to find 😂 They look incredible btw

    Stef 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Well done and congratulations to the cooks and owners

    Maria Castro7 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • White people that no nothing about food. WHY

    0 to Funded - Live Funded Forex Trading 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • “Chard scallion” no mames güey!

    David Medina 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • The guy has been getting his tacos fix from taco bell for sure lol

    IwantSteakee 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Honestly those guys are so funny, especially Joe – he is hilarious xDD

    TSO Flip 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • 'Sounds delicious, let's get started' – what enthusiasm!

    Gauresh Chavan 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • syd is just beautiful

    Aditya Singh 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Can someone show the girl what’s the right way to bite the taco 🤣

    Sadiel Cruz 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • So Cuban music on Mexican food ? 🤣

    Sadiel Cruz 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Not as good as the original ones in SLRC.

    R C 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • That girl is dreamy.

    J.J. Andrade 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Seeing white ppl talk about Mexican food makes me cringe 😂

    j jj 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • I hope they fucked.

    JDParty72 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • The chick is so HOT 🔥

    GyanPrakash 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Curious if she is still going to senora mexico to get flower. Senora has been getting more extremely more dangerous in the last couple years. Their is a gang that is trying to take over other gangs yheir so they can rule senora

    Quxqi 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Lol within the first minute I knew these white people had no idea what they were talking about

    spacecake bermudez 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • He's the whitest person I've ever seen.
    She's the second whitest.

    ex mcgee 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • This foo said no cheese 🙄😂

    Rene Perez 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Ye to roti sabji hai . Bas sabji ko roti pe daal ke fold kar diya hai. Ha lekin non veg bhi dalte hai sath mein aur kuch nahi. Naya naam wahi kaam aur double daam.

    ADITYA MISHRA SC257 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • If the 2 presenters identified as taco flavors, they'd both be sand.

    Cyphlix 17/10/2022 am7:41
  • Carnitas el momo is the best

    Roberto Estrada 17/10/2022 am7:41