The Best Songs Bread Greatest Hits Full Album – Best Songs Of Bread ( HD/HQ ) Bread Music Soft Rock

The Best Songs Bread Greatest Hits Full Album – Best Songs Of Bread ( HD/HQ ) Bread Music Soft Rock



  • Joya musical por siempre!

    Miriam Gugliermo 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Chulada de música que bueno está música regresará para las nuevas generaciones y se volvieran más Tierno, Amorosos 😘🤗🥰

    Graciela González 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • So after the first couple of song this turns in to a mix of poorly covered Chicago tunes and has nothing to do with Bread

    Michael Clark 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • This album sucks it’s not bread all the way through!

    Craig Dean Dean 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • say you ? 🤬

    אור וחושך 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Why did u fake everyone .. rubbish… Not even the original artist . Just WRONG

    Bruce Gilchrist 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • EU AMO BREAD!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Andréia Cugnasca Albertin 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • YOU IDIOTS very few songs from BREAD are in this list !!!

    Jimmy B 18/10/2022 pm5:10

    morlock 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • song changes after numbr 5

    morlock 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Yes I have ….. tried to reach out

    Denise Lodwick 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Aren't some of these songs written and sung by other singers? Brian Adams has a few on this recording. I love this recording, but it's confusing.

    S R 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • The ears that need hear have no fear weak mind it belong to you these women will get what belong to them you something pass through like when i go take crap flush go where belong 🤣😅🤣😅😁

    alejandro Perales 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Great songs to listen to bring one back to old times…when life seem simpler and uncomplicated…♥️🐢🎶

    Nimfa Bangay 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • 😭

    Hugo Viana Santos Da Silva (LATAM) 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Putang ina bakit may say you say me

    Antonio Mejarito 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Quero dizer que não só do bread

    Francisco Assis 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Não especial

    Francisco Assis 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Only the first few songs are Bread.

    DeGeorgetown 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • If only we could turn back time… If only… xxx

    Peter Gillson Retired Train Driver British Rail 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Can't live on Bread alone!?sPRed the Butter!?•¶$¥•√π~~×π|•`

    Matt gorham 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • what happ0ened to the other 15 tracks of Bread??? Very dissapointing

    Bee Mobbs 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Great music.. listening to them always when I'm lonely and feel the sense of calmness

    Ardi Rashid 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Que delicia de conjunto los amo

    José Javier Briceño Contreras 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Oigo estos temas y me dan ganas de llorar pues me acuerdo de la Unión familiar, ya partieron mis papas y mis dos hermanas, las mayores, éramos demasiado unidas, todo lo hacíamos juntos, todos nos tenemos que bien algún día, pero es tan bonito recordar porque como lo dicen en la película de Coco el olvidar a tus familiares difuntos se deshacen, hay que llevarlos en el corazón para que vivan eternamente

    Gaby Balcazar 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Please?

    Conrado Encabo 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • We want Bread songs only to be played old?

    Conrado Encabo 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • You lied, not all bread songs you played,

    Conrado Encabo 18/10/2022 pm5:10

    Paul Figuer 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • WOW, So amazing, Click here to listen to more great songs 😘❤

    HN Media Group 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • WOW, So amazing, Click here to listen to more great songs of DAVID GATES IF BREAD GREATEST 😘❤

    Music Collection 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • This is the 6th video titled Bread best songs and Michal bolton jumps in… this is a conspiracy 😤😤😤

    arqam hasso 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • The wonderful memories these songs bring back to m,e when i listen to the songs from bread, joy sadness, love , life and more, Thanks for the music and memories

    Ghost 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Michael Boltin? WTF? I thought this was Bread!

    Tom C 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Not all bread

    peak meemak 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Im lost WITHOUT your LOVE Jacqueline

    Jackie Guccione 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • It's deceiving after a few of songs of The Bread the rest are various songs.

    Jaime Tinao 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Me encanta esta canción lindos recuerdos

    Jeanette Prada 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • I would Like to Hear a Loaf of singing 🍞🥪🍞😁👍

    Pete Thomas 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Great music but, I feel like I was in a livingroom with the guys of Bread having a good time and then Lionel Richie came in out of nowhere with some pizza and I was like oh well ok, and then Michael Bolton knocked on the door, and then I felt very confused hahahah… but still great songs, thanks for sharing!

    Marian 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Nos engañaron, Fail

    mashiajband 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Click Bait

    Pete 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Muchas muchas gracias por compartir esta joya está hermosa música es un tesoro para mí . Gracias

    Verónica Jiménez 18/10/2022 pm5:10
  • This isn't bread

    MON 18/10/2022 pm5:10