The Best Pastrami Sandwich In NYC | Best Of The Best

INSIDER’s Herrine Ro and Alana Yzola visit four of the best places to get pastrami sandwiches in New York City. They visit Harry & Ida’s, Katz’s Deli, David’s Brisket House, and 2nd Ave Deli to see how each restaurant makes their famous pastrami sandwich. The two hosts try each one and ultimately decide which one is the best of the best.

Herrine Ro:
Alana Yzola:

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The Best Pastrami Sandwich In NYC | Best Of The Best



  • What food should we rate next on Best of the Best? Let us know in the comments below!

    Food Insider 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • They both have same nasal surgeon

    Alice Davinci 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • These two can't stand each other. Sandwiches look good though.

    John O'Connor 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Dumbass hostess

    PW KH 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • The food looks yummy but these girls don't know the first thing on how to host a food show 😶

    Brian Figueroa 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Again, Katz is not all that. Last time I went the pastrami sandwich was $28. Now it's probably higher. You literally get the pastrami and two buns and some pickles. I personally don't think it's a mind blowing sandwich I still think they could add ingredients to make it unique. But since it's just pastrami and bread for $28 I don't see myself coming back.

    Frank Lira 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • wonder how much it’s cost now

    Triborn 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • holy

    Michael Vito Silvestre 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Funny that she called her out for eating while she spoke despite doing it before her when they took the first bite

    shupfan6 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Do the best fried shrimp

    Cynthia Chavis 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • that was torture. i watched the entire segment. my deli is closed right now.

    captain daddy 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • 3:40 she talks with food in her mouth… 3:44 she tells her friend to swallow before talking …. Practice what you preach hahaha

    JasonWickham 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • This is sooo biased. How is this a fair review. The Asian girl had it in her head that the last place was her favorite. It always has, and always will be. Then how can she give a fair review?

    Francis Dao 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • I've been to Katz. Absolutely amazing. Not sure if they are still open. I also ordered over the phone when I lived in NC. They sent it and I steamed it. 👌. There's also the Pastrami King out east.

    Ed falconi 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Super thin cut, almost paper. Chocolate rye roll, toasted with butter. Mustard, sure, but dill relish too. And cheese.

    Pandorae Eris 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Harrods in Edison NJ is very good too.

    Glen Proctor 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • I would go to Harry and Ida's just so I could projectile vomit inside their front door. Take the yuppie fuckin' sammich and throw it right in the goddamn garbage.

    Martin 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Worst food reviewers I've ever seen. These women should be fired from this gig ASAP.. Horrible personalities. I can get two random people off the street in NYC and it would be ten times better.

    Tsadik Kaplan 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Not interested in the psychology* happening between the two hosts at all (*maybe an attempt of acting?). Good pick op places but new culinary insights missing: "mmmh, yeah this is it" doesn't tell you much about the food… stopped watching half way through.

    F. D. 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • I want to like to just eat steak and pork chops and ham and cheese sandwiches

    Ricky Andrews 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Never saw two hoes hate each other so much 😁😁😁🤙🏾💯

    Levi Youler 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Missed the best..Pastrami Queen in Yorkville area
    Mimi Sheraton

    Mimi Sheraton 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • He's high asf slurring his L's 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯💯🖕🏽🤙🏾👍🏼

    Levi Youler 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • I believe Katz Delicatessen is the best in NYC.Melts in your mouth. Houston Street

    GeraldT Freehoffer 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Pastrami is beef or pork.

    Prosenjit Mandal 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Wow ♥️♥️♥️

    Arlene Agapito Vibar 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Katz' deli is THE BEST! Whenever I visit from Baltimore I usually get at least three sandwiches get them wrapped to go bring them back to Baltimore and I make three more sandwiches out of those three sandwiches! And those flavors are amazing! KUDOS TO KATZ'S DELI!

    Susie K 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • I didn't like the Korean girl.

    elbachir azegagh NYC 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Dear person reading this you are so sweet!😃

    Annoymous Person 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Dear person reading this you are so sweet!😃

    Annoymous Person 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • 2nd ave looks crazy good! God damn 😩

    Visionxx 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Alana is so hot. I want her to be my wife.

    Alberto Pineda 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Is it just me or is the Herring bone girl kinda mean? She most def did not pass the vibe check. It felt like she kept trying to check the other girl,

    Sherri Genesys 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Everyone in the comments is talking about the hosts not getting along and passive aggressive behaviour, I don't see it lol. They are literally just talking about the food and then eating.

    S A 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Stop talkin when you're chewing the food in your mouth…didn't your mum tell you that?

    nerve navar 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • Facts. Pastrami sandwiches are terrible

    Rob Mancini 17/10/2022 am9:40
  • How much meat do they put on them holy macaroni

    Seasoning 17/10/2022 am9:40