The Best Of Bread Full Album | Bread Greatest Hits Collection

The Best Of Bread Full Album | Bread Greatest Hits Collection
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  • These are not performed by Bread. They are covers. Two thumbs down!

    Bill Woodruff 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Why are there Chicago songs in this mix?

    Silvana716 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • No Guitar Man?

    Phil Barrett 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Why is it these songs make me want to cry- perhaps because I long for the beauty and simplicity of these songs and times- soooooo beautiful!!!

    Mary Ann Constanzer 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • I remember listen to the 8 track tape back in the day ! Great music!

    Tom Ballesteros 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • how did they already experience most of life , so early in life??

    Done OwN 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • This is not the Best of Bread Hits Collection. It's fake. Move on.

    pedal4ever 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • well….this youtube is a mix of many artistist,. Is not The best o BREAD,,,,,

    Anibal Amaya 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Maravilhoso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sílvio Francisconi 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Oooops! several
    songs in this audio, not by Bread at all…..

    Liliana Medina 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • "Stuck on you" ??? Not by Bread, it's Lionel Richie… @Greatest Soft Rock

    Liliana Medina 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Half this crap isn't bread

    Brian Wiseman 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Luis Karlstein Drakka 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Put the right artist on, what the fuck!!!??

    Gold Tone Studio 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Sadly, Bread was often criticized for their "easy listening", soft rock idiom during a time that was characterized by the anti-war and black-power protest songs of the era. The masterful compositions and sensitive lyrics were considered "escapist" denialism.
    As a 11-13 year old kid, I played the original "Best of Bread" vinyl album over and over again on a mono phonograph, until I knew all the lyrics. Never forgotten. Still feels good =)

    TimF 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Soy de la década de los 70, sin dudas las mejores canciones, las mejores bandas de pop rock, folk rock, hard rock de la historia, David Gates una de las mejores voces de todas las epocas.

    Jose Luis Alves Rebollo 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Great music

    Ismail Shahadat 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • engaño no es album de Bread

    Xavier Navarro Sada 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • I was carried through my younger days listening to music like this and I never knew why I would still be listening to this but here it is

    RevDrRK Salvador 19/10/2022 am3:15

    Alesia Gaona 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • This isn't the album that's on vinyl

    Larry Prieto 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • what's Chicago doing in the "best of Bread" full album?

    444age 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Memorys

    Ron Scott 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • The songs here are not all by the Bread, Aubrey is a cover, not by David Gates. I would know because I’ve listened to this album a million times when I was a child in the 70s!😂. Then, there are other artists!🤣

    Belle Mislang 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Came here looking for a baking tutorial. Not disappointed.

    Andrew P. 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Que recuerdos

    Carlos Mendez 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Good old days, simple music with real meaningful messages,, peace and love

    The-Chosen One 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Err

    Cindy Cure 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • I'm not crying YOUR crying…

    C Me 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Stephanie Hood 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Lol

    Teresa Alexander 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Que recuerdos de mi infancia en Rosario, Argentine. Yo en el living de casa y el disco de bread de mi hermano mayor…… hoy te hecho mucho de menos querida infancia con mis padres y hermanos en aquella Argentine de los 70. Sueño con volver algun dia son mas de 40 primaveras que nos séparan. Saludo desde Évreux Normandie.

    Rober dra Bu 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • The best of the best. I love.

    Antonio Lopes 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • What is with all these alleged Bread greatest hits- they all turn into random 80's hits compilations after the first few songs. Is there actually Bread greatest hits collection on youtube?

    Malligrub 1 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Que lastima, tiene música 😩

    Liliana Rodriguez 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Baby I´m a want you 0:00

    Víctor Carlos Mestizo 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Someone special by the name of Mikey gave me this CD and I just heard another verse that he'd said to me, the light clicks on again but I'd say it's too late for our love to be my last as I protected him years ago by pushing him away from an evil ex…I do know that I do want my last and he's not that far away but he's got to know that I've got his back and a true last will ALWAYS conquer all…I love my Babee… Kimberly

    None None 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • (((((WARNING: THIS IS not BREAD)))))))))

    EqualRights4allamericans 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • this gives me goose pimples, brings me back to those days all those years ago, love Bread and David Gates songs.

    A Y 19/10/2022 am3:15
  • Miss you tattyhead xxx,

    roger barnes 19/10/2022 am3:15