The Best Non-Po’boy Sandwich in New Orleans: The Muffuletta

Isaac Toups, olive fanatic and owner of Toups Meatery, teaches us how he makes an iconic New Orleans sandwich — and it’s not a po’ boy.

Meet the muffuletta, a sandwich that requires sesame bread, olives, cheese, and Italian meats. It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, or a hangover.

Toups takes us through some of the sandwich’s history and roots, his thoughts on serving it up toasted, and how critical it is to get good ingredients for this one.

He also asks some of the more important life questions most of us probably wonder, like, “Are there bars in hell?” and “What beer do they serve?”

Remember, this sandwich doesn’t need to look pretty. It just needs to taste good. So make this sandwich, stand over your counter or garbage can, and sip some Lambrusco straight from the bottle while chowing down.

Check out the recipe here:

00:00 Intro

00:22 Brief history and prepping the olive salad topping

2:43 The bread

04:18 Constructing the sandwich

05:56 Final product

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  • Imagine going on a food and drink tour of New Orleans with this guy! 😄

    nas84payne 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Eating this mans food is on my bucket list

    JT King 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • A Muffuletta
    "The Little Slap" in Sicilianu

    Janoy Cresva 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • This guy is so rad

    PanetMaster 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • No tasting spoon?

    Rhylee Farrens 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • T H E C I R C L E I S C O M P L E T E

    Mablaba 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Always glad to see my boi Isaac

    YEP 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Take the olives off and it would be amazing.

    Sidney Evans 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Collab with stale kracker

    general 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Mid

    P JB 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • I also eat my meals over trash cans! But I at least pour the wine. 😉

    Tom Waits For no one 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • yeah boy

    Jeri Rich 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • I've been eating these bad babies for my whole damn life.

    Toto Gashloog 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • He needs his own channel / show!

    Andy Dutton 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • So hamburger bun, cheap cotto salami, chopped ham loaf, Kraft singles, mayo, and I don't like olives-

    gets violently assaulted by an enraged Cajun man

    Jeremiah Miller 17/10/2022 pm1:52
    MY 🐱 SQUIRTS 💦😘🐱♥️

    Silise 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Bro been skipping leg day, treadmill day, chest day, and arm day. Lol.

    Matthew Morgan 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Thank you so much Chef! I've made this sandwich before with less variety. And it wasn't toasted. I think these innovations are going to change my world. Thank you again!

    Harlan Dawson 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • The dark side of the Muffaletta is pathway to many abilities some would consider to be….unnatural.

    Marcell Daubenhauser 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • love seeing Isaac, dude has the right attitude towards cooking, if youre not having fun what's the point?

    Medli Evans 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • My old college roommate is from Metairie and he turned me onto this sandwich when he took us to Central Grocery one time when we were there. Now if I see one on a menu that's what I'm getting. Fucken amazing sandwich.

    John Doe 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Absolutely not. The best sandwich of new orleans is the all that jazz. From the verti mart. Hands down

    Eric Johnson 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Love a good muff-sandwich

    Jon A 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Great sandwich, no doubt. The one from Central Grocery is a monster though, so only order the half-size if you plan on eating anything else for the rest of the day!

    Perfect Eleven 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Just buy a whole muffuletta and call it good.

    Charles Wagner 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • I swear the main reason I haven’t moved from New Orleans is because of the food 😁

    Just Terrell 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • olives suck

    Thomas Monahan 17/10/2022 pm1:52

    nrf211 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • This guy is just plain awesome. His energy is infectious!

    Project Plus 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Don't sleep on the Lambrusco. Great job Chef!

    bOOmbOOm Productions 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • “We have our misinplas here” hey pal that means “everything in its place” I think you meant ingredients

    Alex Kenney 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Isaac is the type of person that some may consider "cringe" if they can't accept the fact that someone is more comfortable in their skin than they are

    chuchuchuchia 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Can't tell if I kinda wanna eat this or really really wanna eat this

    chuchuchuchia 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • 3:20 I just know he specifically asked for a brush so he could do that but didn’t tell them.

    Nnamdi Odiaka 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • A Mufu-LATTAH

    Bruno Pampolini 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • You heard him, no man-ass on this sandwich

    Zachary Diaz 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • I just love this man so much.

    David Lawrence 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Hold the olives. Yuk!

    Jim C 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • He looks weird, can't put my finger on it

    David Kartwright 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Cheese wasn’t even melted

    Alex Mccutchan 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • I see Isaac I click.

    Linky609 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • More Isaac videos ASAP!

    Chase 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • i cant explain it but im legit fascinated by this frickin sandwich

    Brandon McGinnis 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Tell me you enjoy day drinking without saying so.
    You can eat this sandwich at midnight while hungover.

    howzerqwerty 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • Olive and Olive oil come STR8 FROM GOD!

    J V Harbin 17/10/2022 pm1:52
  • We as the internet need to band together and get this man on tv/streaming, cooking meals everyday. By far my favorite guy that cook here. Great stuff chef

    Collecting Rain 17/10/2022 pm1:52