The Best Homemade Pizza You'll Ever Eat

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Pizza In A Brick Oven
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  • Stunning presentation!

    gypsycruiser 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • bro did yall add saturation or distortion to the audio of this video? It's so aggressive lmao

    Briley Stewart 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • olives and bacon are the best to me as well !

    tracy morrison 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • Word of advice… Be a grown up and just get a damn pizza steel. It will NEVER break under heat stress; more importantly, the heat conductivity is 20x a stone. Which equals infinitely better pizza crust browning.

    Kaust Shroff 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • ុំ

    Oppo F9 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • This is my go to recipe for pizza. Hands down the best!

    Craig Rainville 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • I used sparkling water, is that okay??

    Yossief mengesha 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • what size is your cup ?

    Zhanna 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • Best pizza dough I had ever made thank you for sharing 😊

    gorona F 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • If I don't have a pizza stone, can I use the sheet instead? What temperature?

    tanzig84 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • Perfect recipe . I tried today and came out so tasty . Can be tried with out fear of its even ur first time cooking . Mine was one hr dough rise and upside down baking sheet preheat in oven . 🎉I don’t have stone yet will buy soon . I left one half of dough in fridge for 24 hr to see how it’s gonna taste . I am sure it must be more tasty . My family enjoyed today’s pizza for lunch ❤

    Kauser 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • Thank you ❤️

    Shetty Prashanth 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • Your actually suppose to put the olive oil on the dough before adding your sauce! Imo that’s when the olive oil is best added.

    Joshua Hemming 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • My dough turned out so sticky that it became alive and absorbed me

    JnA Studios 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • good pizza thanks

    idkitsme14 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • nice

    IEWI COOK 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • This lady knows her yeast microbiology. I wonder if she brews beer or wine

    Nunya Business 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • Yum

    Floppa guy 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • I kept the flour for 24 hrs n the next it’s smells soiled 😢

    Punitha 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • I need more specific measurements than “one cup”

    Амгалена Иванова 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • This looks delicious! I can almost smell it

    itspizzamaria 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • I'm what you'd probably call a pizza snob.
    There us a BIG problem with 80% of pizza makers..
    cooking a pizza til the cheese is brown is a must for the best tasting pie.
    almost nobody gets it and I have to tell them to almost burn it to get it done CORRECTLY!
    Pizza cooked til the cheese just melts should be a crime!
    it's disgusting and undercooked.. tge crust stays doughy with zero crisp and I send it back and 90% of the time they bring it back it's still wrong..
    it should have a good crisp and char on the crust is a must that way tge cheese is browned.
    I asked a place to brown my cheese last night and they were apparently color blind because the cheese was still white..
    is it that hard to bake a pizza the correct t way?
    ppl would sell more pies if they'd learn to do it right!.. it takes more time but there is no comparison to pie that's cooked with no love and many think it's a race to get it out fast ..It's Trash and that's where it goes unless I can take it home and fix it in my airfryer..
    I hope you know how to cook a good pizza now!

    John Quillan 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • I would like to know what kind of flour was used.

    Polarcupcheck 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • can any one give me the recipe for one cup dough

    Vaishakh Chauley 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • Super cool.

    Pebo Parkinson 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • The music is so loud i can‘t hear what they‘re saying

    BlockmanAndDefault 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • This was the best pizza recipe I have come across so far. The measurements were perfect and we all enjoyed a yummy pizza. Thank you and great job everyone 😊

    Florinda N 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • Pizza is my Favorite..😁

    Amiri Parks 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • This video is a great starting point to develop your own recipe. Had to tweak the ratios a bit, but after a few tries the result speaks for itself.

    Keraph 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • At 5:06 what is that white stuff you added to the tomato can? Sugar? Salt?

    Rene Morgan 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • Is it okay to leave the dough rise for 2 days?

    gliza 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • You had me at bacon and olive.

    phishertube 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • Just perfect! I love her little comments about her personal things she likes doing the process.

    Julian Holmes 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • I, as the viewer, not only get the recipe made infront of my eyes but also get much useful information I would otherwise could only learned from experience. I love them

    Robert Tracey 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • Thank you so much for your recipe the dough I made turned amazing and everyone loved it . the pizza that came out of that was revolutionary

    Nicole Cramer 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • forget the dough… that gorgeous radio hostess quality voice of yours… Love it!!!

    pesarirooni62 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • I would like to make this dough recipe the night before our big family dinner and will definitely be making 2 large doughs. The next day, how long should I let the dough rest out of the fridge before I cut them into smaller portions (6 portions per large dough). Then I will have to refrigerate the portioned ziplock bags for about 6 hours, therefore how many hours do I need to take them out of the fridge and proof again before everyone can start making their own personal size pizzas? . I apologize for asking so many questions. The video was amazing and my family is excited to try this pizza dough for our first make your own pizza family dinner. 🥰🥰

    A. Palarca 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • Anyone else have a problem with the pizza dough being too thick whenever u make it at home? I made a vid about making pizza. I want to make pizza like they do at restaurants and stuff

    Just Nick 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • Sooooo Yummy 🤤
    I love it! ❤️

    Stephanie Schmidt 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • You are great,🤩 and it's so exciting😋wish the best

    Mohammed Alamin Abubakr 16/10/2022 pm5:41
  • Wow pizza is good

    Sunny ninja 16/10/2022 pm5:41