The Best Grilled Sandwich Ever!!! | Blaze Griddle

The Best Grilled Sandwich Ever!!! | Blaze Griddle

Grilled Sandwich Ingredients
Garlic Cheese Bread (I used a loaf and cut my own thick slices) can use Texas Toast or any other thick sliced bread
1 – 2 large Onions, diced and grilled
1 – 2 lbs. Pastrami cut thin or Cajun Turkey sliced thin (can use any type of deli meat that you like)
Yellow Mustard
Mayonnaise of your choice
Dill Pickle slices
2 – 4 cups Shredded Cheddar Cheese

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    Smokin' & Grillin with AB 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Mouth watering 😋 man, I'll try it..

    Thendup Sherpa 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Good enough sandwich to kill you.

    maverick email 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • I made me one yesterday after watching this man that sandwich was delicious 😋..Thank you

    Valerie Hough 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Jean Red 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Yeeeeeeer

    Jean Red 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • AB, keep doin whatchu doin bro bro!!

    curt j 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • #1 fan here…. I’ve made so many recipes .. Cali to fellow Cali ❤

    A B 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • I thought I would miss the butter but this sandwich was delicious. I will definitely be on the lookout for more videos

    Dee Dee 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Iv never heard of Cajun Turkey and I’m from Louisiana 👀 but damn that looked muuwee perfecto sir ✊

    IRSonTigreUSMC 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Damn…..that's it…

    Kevyn Cole 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • DELISH!!!!!!!!💯👍🏾💯👍🏾 THANKS!!

    Gicanda Thomas 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Amazing, looks great! Will try it at home, thank you for sharing!

    Susan Mccoy 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • This MAN knows how to make a sandwich!!! Best Foods Mayonnaise is {"Hellman's"] on the East Coast!!! puts Duke's to shame!!! I am 66-years old and a Vietnam Era Veteran. the SECRET to Hellman's??? "LEMON"!!! Thanks, my Friend, Mark

    Mark Shore 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Man I think you cook too good 🥰

    LEGAL EAGLE 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • I love grilled cheese sandwhiches im going to have to try this so yummy

    Eileen C 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • And you some gloves

    Matt Villa 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Just cook don't talk

    Matt Villa 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Big budget now!!

    Whitwhit whitnee 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • What kind of knives do you use? You are the best!!😎

    William DeHommel 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • How is that even a grilled cheese sandwich..

    * Segue * 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • after he is surprised to have big ass in the United States

    Aristocrate Désargentes 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Get rid of the mustard and I would try

    Wk Jeeping 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • I'm hungry!

    DJamz 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • I’m coming over for supper!

    Farmer In The Dell 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Oh, My goodness, that looks delicious…I usually use ham on mine, definitely going up it and try the cajun turkey and/or pastrami. Thank you! Got a question…I don't like mayo and wondered when you use mayo instead of butter on the bread, can you taste the mayo? I'd like try it your way…as always, thank you for sharing! Just curious, what part of California are you?

    Brenda Foster 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Watching this was fantastic! I really like your vibe and the way you describe things. (I just wish I liked pickles!) Keep going, Man! Much love…

    Jae's Place 23/10/2022 pm11:29

    mike eihusen 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • I love Dem sammiches

    Jordan Meija 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Im buying all the ingredients first thing tomorrow.

    ErraticAnomaly 117 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Chopping that meat up like that, makes me sad!

    T Marie 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • OMG this looks soo good….minus the pickles and mustard 🙂

    Yolanda Slade 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Lol, this man is amazing. Thank you Sir!!!

    Disc Golf Illustrated 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • So many good recipes idk which one I’m going to make today and being pregnant doesn’t help 😂😂😂 your food definitely don’t disappoint! My husband loves it! Been tried some things already and everything is supreme!!

    Kristina Arndt 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • I am going to cook this, but will add bell peppers to the onions. Man, I just ate and now I'm hungry again.

    J J 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • That pastrami looks 🔥

    Fishing and drinking 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • 😃

    Nika Klobucar 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • I want it!!!!!!

    Nicole Rodgers 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • just food healthy…:D

    simao fonseca 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • Im getting hungry bruh

    logan keeton 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • that's a lot of meat for 2 sandwiches. but good flavour better than health. jk

    TRINININJA 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • I'm not mad at the sandwich, l9oks pretty good, but that's not a "grilled cheese"

    Jeremy Jamm 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • U the best. I love your recipes

    Lola Cooper 23/10/2022 pm11:29
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    Shawnie welch 23/10/2022 pm11:29
  • I love the way you incorporate everything with this pastrami me I hope you don't mind but I'm going to have to throw some sauerkraut on that I love it

    William Ward 23/10/2022 pm11:29