The Best Fast Food Recipes | Part Two | Gordon Ramsay

Part two of some delicious fast food recipes with Gordon

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit –

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  • Love watching these videos…Literally feel like i am in the kitchen with him, learning!

    Dave S 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • damn..

    ra zen 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Toast the bun…..

    Andy Kimball 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Taco? Ummm.. no.

    JayBird 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • He's always so bloody SMUG about his food – it puts you right off. I bet his wife and kids tell him "Nah thanks I'm cool, I'll grab a bowl of cornflakes!"

    And the cocky prick burned those tortillas to fuck.

    Glamdolly30 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Gordon I love your food but you destroyed the tacos

    Lisbeth Dominguez 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • The Squid 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Is there a good barbeque sauce that doesn't include tomatoes or paste or sauce or catsup?

    Kathy Noll 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • This is what I been talking about regarding cabbige and salads to have them cut up thin and being fresh instead of hole or half leves it so difficolt to eat and not fresh at all

    Wenche 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • This is great, I love it, thank you!

    Love Mom&Dad 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Do you know why Gordon Ramsey is an artists? Because he rubs his fingers together when he describes a flavour

    Ana MAC 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • best cook in the world x

    Stacey Thompson 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Perfecto♧☆☆☆

    KIM Nguyen thi 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • “My name is Nino!”

    Marco 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • that is not a taco… you should feel ashamed lol. no thanks!!

    Aimee Sloper 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Hard to think that each of these dishes will now run you about $30 or more to make.

    Instructor Yazo 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Chicken Parmesan😋

    PS Kitchen 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • It's the slow food

    Artsy goat 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • The man cooks like someone who doesn't have to do the dishes afterwards….

    LordTrayus 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Absolutely Fucking Stunning!!

    John Doe 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • "Fast" food recipe, let's start with making BBQ sauce 😆

    Jerry B 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • I want a movie with these facts about Gordon Ramsay`s lifee 👉

    Elena Rose 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • His family is so lucky

    Nazia H 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • ok but that slider was like 8 inches tall, how the hell are you supposed to take a bite out of that thing?

    Solar 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • I wish I could eat one meal cooked by him in that kitchen.

    Arjun Thomas 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Someone tell Gordon Ramsay I challenge him to a cook off.

    Jacob Sandoval 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Cher Chef Gordon toujour bonnestes recettes bravo

    Mamá Hilda 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • you put meat down first on a taco!!! cmon gordon!

    bobmoore20 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • What does Gordon say at 56:00 ?

    Russell dsouza 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Jacqueline Trimm 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Simply shows that fast food is entirely different to the junk food spewed out by toxic US chains.

    Anushka Sekkingstad 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Those sliders, the small scale burger are still 4 5 inches tall…

    Jay Iglesias 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Gordon is a gods man
    Thank you so much chef

    Vinod Vagadurgi 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • How to make chicken sliders into Mexican

    Daniel Sawyer 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • How to cook a good Mexican

    Daniel Sawyer 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • I'm in Mexico and have literally not come across this "great, wonderful tacos full of spices and delicious sauces".
    The street taco is all bland, boring, uninspired dry and spiceless, except for some lazy chilli seasoning or sauce thrown on. It's astounding. Guess I just need to hunt out some actual good places or making tacos myself like Gordon did here.

    0FFICERPROBLEM 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Man I wish I grew up with Gordon for a dad. Imagine being exposed to next level cooking like this on a daily basis

    Ryan Ritchie 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Only Kansas City, Missouri knows bbq sauce and bbq in general.

    James Long 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Tablespoon of olive oil.

    T 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Am I the only one who has no fucking idea how to eat those vertical burgers?

    Straggler8 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Holy fucking hell! That looks DELICIOUS 🤤

    Drew4078 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • For me you Gordon your the best chef in the world

    Fragen über Fragen 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • Should've added some mustard powder to the BBQ sauce

    Michael Pryor 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • "Sliders are like a way to have a burger but on a smaller scale" These are the insights you only get from the worlds best chef

    Metalmachine18 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • I love hoe gordon Ramsey takes his time to surprise us with really good,delicous and goodlooking dishes

    Mathe Galand 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • This man made bbq without a touch of vinegar. This recipe is not for Americans

    Please Enter Name 21/10/2022 am9:47
  • don't cut the fat out..

    Alberto Montes 21/10/2022 am9:47