The Best Fast Food Recipes | Part One | Gordon Ramsay

Fast food recipes done right. From fried chicken to tostada’s.

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  • Gordon Ramsay's kids – home-made, buttermilk fried chicken, pickled celery and dolce de leche biscuits. Everyone else's kids – frozen chicken nuggets, oven chips and a packet of custard creams. Ramsay Life – Real Life!

    Glamdolly30 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • My dad making eggs and he put in the pan instead of a pot

    Anders MWL 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • احبك رامزي

    Nbvv Bvcc 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • I love you Gordon Ramsay ❤❤❤

    Adaline Hamlin 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • Ilove cooking and baking too ilove home cooked meals too especially over the Holliday s too dining out at fast food restaurants too thanks kh too

    Ken Heinze 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • Ilove burgers and frys and chicken wings and salad s too chicken cheese steaks in the garden too or regular beef cheese steaks in the garden too potato salad and macaroni salad and seafood salad too southern fried chicken too hot wings tacos sandwiches thanks kh

    Ken Heinze 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • why does he pronounce dulce de leche like dolce de leche

    Samuel Sanchez 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • Wonderful, he does everything with the left hand just to make it more difficult. Wow.

    Pit Master 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • As 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • Manipulate the croissant.

    BearcatPestControl mobile 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • Just a drizzle of olive for the comments

    Davide Valente 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • Using a factory-made dolce de leche in an alfajores is like saying you build a Ferrari and buy the engine.

    איתי ברכה 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • Awesome teamwork in my opinion!✨✨

    Notcliaire 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • I wanna thank Gordon for saving my marriage.

    Yes, he actually saved my marriage with that popcorn recipe. I always knew about this sugary popcorn stuff but never knew how it was made, same with my wife. Since our first date she always told me about that sugary popcorn she had when she was a little girl, then never found anything like it.

    Our marriage was falling apart when she caught me walking the neighbors dog around, she was a freaking hot milf, always walking around with shorts, the kind that would somewhat show your ass-cheeks. I never diddled with her but i can't lie, she was the hottest piece of tuckus i've ever seen. Regardless, my wife thought i gave her the good ol' tappa-tappa when she went on her work trip.

    Fast forward to me, depressed and out of my mind, just scrolling youtube mindlessly and coming across Gordon Ramsay's fastfood dishes. I was feeling super trashy anyway, so just to feed my depression, i excitedly clicked on this, expecting some top notch trash food recipes that would turn me into the utmost obese piece of shit human garbage being, yet here it was, the magical sugary popcorn recipe.

    I scrambled every ingredient i could find at home, like fighter jet pilots defending the island of pearl harbor against the japanese kamikaze attack, except for the corn. So i had to go to my hot milf neighbor and ask her for them. She had 2 cobs of corns and she gave them to me with such a grin on her face. As I came home, i noticed those cobs were wet as all hell and had some familiar scent on them. But i didn't care, i had the recipe that would save my marriage.

    Did this dish %100 accurate according to my man, the myth, the legend Gordon, my wife came home and as soon as she got the smell, she just rushed in. Of course i didn't tell her the condition the corn cobs were in, coz my marriage is at stake here, but nonetheless, everything is back to normal.

    The only loose end now is to thank that milf next door. Wish me luck folks, i gotta do that discreetly. But even if i fail, i got this kick-ass popcorn to save my beta male ass.

    Outsider Atilla 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • gordon be like "u know its tasty when the DA meat sizzles like a
    torrential rain

    Đęm0ñ§ý 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • I haven't been cooking well recently. Probably being too depressed and down in general about life. Now I'm here back again to spark that inner passion again! I can't wait to try some of these.

    Nurul Nadia 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • I totally get that everyone in the whole world has commented blah blah. But thank you. From me. I’ve only discovered a love for cooking as an adult. You make if more exciting. Thank you.

    The Tax Ladies 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • I wish I was your daughter and be able to wake up and smell delicious aromas and new scents every day and always have a different meal in the day… lucky his wife, she was good at choosing a man

    ste 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • Ngl Gordon Ramsay looks like a nice guy when he isn't mad

    stiky 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • "Sounds… "great" to me…" :
    I felt that pain.

    Vladislav Gagiev 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • Did this dude really just say throwaway croissants??😂😂😂

    Ducati NYC Vlog 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • Yummy dishes….. Superb

    FATHIMA SANOOJ 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • He says never to stir a caramel proceeds to stir it 😆

    Radioactive Wolf 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • Que GENIO … Me gustaría que este Subtitulado para saber que le pone a todas sus comidas

    Alan Tedesco 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • Can we agree that all this food looks Delicious to the point where you feel like you are starving

    Madara Uchiha Black 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • Fried chicken sandwich

    PS Kitchen 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • The avocado part crazy mans thinkin Ona different level 🤯

    J 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • Gordon really would be lost without his all-essential Olive Ohl. I’ve never been able to find Olive Ohl in my local store.

    First Last 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • Gordon going shopping: ”car driven, groceries bought. Beautiful.”

    HyperMelon 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • So well done 😃

    Education International 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • What a different personality from F Bombs to so nice and sweet 🤦🏾‍♀️

    P N 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • gordon would be proud me cause i'm 3:45

    coley_selene 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • Some of this stuff kinda sucks for me when you're gluten free

    MadeToSuck 17/10/2022 pm6:08
  • It’s DULCE de leche, not DOLCE… That said everything looks delicious ❤️

    Ivano Bellini 17/10/2022 pm6:08