The Best Burger In NYC | Best Of The Best

INSIDER producers Herrine Ro and Emily Christian visit four of New York City’s top-ranked burger restaurants to find the best burger in the city. The restaurants included are J.G. Melon, Emily, Peter Luger, and The Happiest Hour. After seeing how they’re made and eating each one, Herrine and Emily share their favorite burger.

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The Best Burger In NYC | Best Of The Best



  • What food should we rate next on Best of the Best? Let us know in the comments below!

    Food Insider 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Love you guys, but, intro may be a bit long. It's a minute till ya'll get to the actual review!

    Paul M 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Great content Peter Luger is a next-level burger. You are getting prime cuts ground and formed into a burger. I recommand your channel for everyone.

    elbahay nabil 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • non of them look good

    zeeb Hnajera 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Sorry to report but our whole party visiting NYC just went to Emily and all got violent food poisoning. Like had to throw out drawers poisoning. Wanted to love it but the memory will 4 ever be tainted by a tainted taint.

    Ben Cachila 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Small mouth, small bite hahaha

    Neninthe 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • I bet Tony Stark would eat there all the time if it wasn’t for Star-Lord.

    walmartpimp2 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • That emily burger looked good, but for $27 vs a $18 peter luger dry aged porterhouse burger… thats no contest!

    Rickie2Sticky 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Them: Today, were going to rate bugers by taste!
    Also them: puts ketchup on burger

    DarkAntares 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Dude as long as a burger doesn't have a soggy bun, It's good in my book. Unfortunately, half the restaurants in America can't even toast a bun properly.

    Eric Shiel 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Girls on right looks like Lena Paul kkkkk

    Ricardo Silva 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • What is it with all these mystery sauces now a days no thanks keep it traditional

    Memorabilia Madness M&M 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Im sooo hungryyyyy

    Red° 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Burgers should be wider, not taller. Change my Mind…

    Niall Payne 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Best burgers I've ever had are from bars and semi-sketchy looking shacks. These all looked good in their own way though!

    Zukkoyaki 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Erin from Rise 😱😱

    Romina Valenzuela 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Menu makan
    Burger mini
    Nasi goreng ayam
    Ati ayam goreng tepung
    Sate kambing

    Taufan Andriansyah 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Why tf do you send a girl who can’t even open her mouth enough?

    troels hurhh 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Can't blame America for obesity. That's inevitable.

    Hari 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Please less makeup next time. That would be great.

    Jan Ulmann 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • who in their right mind hired that geeky white girl

    210tommyblaze 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • JG Melons cannot be beaten!

    Ita Brennan 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Omg 😳 wow that's some serious food 😊❤️

    Francine Torbotchkine 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • Me watching this from across the pond knowing that I'll never be able to eat these burgers: 👁👄👁

    famdrafts 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • U gotta roll the bottle I.saw that on goodfellas

    Brandon Atkins 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • 12:19 me just anxious for that marker tip to touch that white sweater…..

    Khalid Subhani 19/10/2022 am11:44
  • 2:26 You know she's good.

    Shubham Chandra 19/10/2022 am11:44