The Best Bread To Buy At The Grocery Store…And What To Avoid!

We’re back at the grocery store…until we got kicked out! You guys wanted to see a bread review video, so we did a HUGE haul at the store to show you which breads you want to buy and avoid. It’s actually pretty easy once you learn to read the labels, you can spot the bad ingredients like a sore thumb. Try to buy breads that are made with sprouted grains, as they are so good for you, especially compared to processed and refined wheat. Whole wheat and grains is where’s it at, not enriched wheat, preservatives, and chemicals. Check down below for my favorite bread brands and what I look for when shopping for good quality breads. Mad love Bobby…Dessi…and Art! XOXO

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Look for breads that are:
-Made from whole grains & wheat. Whole grain meaning the bran, germ, and endosperm are used to make the bread.
-High in fiber and protein, at least 2-3 grams per slice
– Low in sugar(2 grams of less), ideally no added sugar

Look out for “enriched white flour or wheat flour”, this means you’re eating bread made with refined grains that have little nutrition.

My fav gluten free breads:
Bread Seriously: Natural fermented sourdough. Taste & texture is amazing, but it’s pricey:

Canyon bakehouse: All varieties

Food for life, same company who makes Ezekiel

Happy camper’s:

Trader joe’s: The ingredients are not quite as clean as the others, but I like the texture and price.

Udi’s sprouted bread: Read the ingredients, not all varieties are good

My fav bread brands:
Ezekiel..anything from this company. Buy it from Trader joe’s

Silver hills sprouted bakery:

Trader joe’s sprouted bread, it’s almost as good as Ezekiel

Dave’s killer bread

Alvarado st. bakery sprouted bread: Buy it at Trader joe’s

Rudi’s: Only the WHOLE grain the label

Breads to avoid!
Trader joes crispbread: Made with rapeseed oil. Cheap oil that is highly refined and processed.

Brownberry: Refined grains & gmo-soybean oil. It’s no better than white bread

Pepperfridge farms: enriched wheat flour…gmo-soybean oil..dough conditioners.

Arnold bread: gmo-soybean oil, added soy, whey. The organic one is better.

Orowheat: gmo-soybean oil, added soy, whey.

Natural oven: gmo-soybean oil..just use a better oil people!!

Plenty more to avoid, but now you know what to look for 😉

Avoid these chemical ingredients, they are DOUGH CONDITIONERS:
sodium stearoyl lactylate

Hamburger Buns I like:
Ezekiel 4:9
Silver hills
Canyon ranch Gluten free
Trader joes Gluten Free: Has the best texture, very similar to regular buns, price is right, but ingredients not as clean as others.

Breads I don’t love, but if you have limited options:
Best grains

Keto bread brands:
FlavCity keto fat bread recipe:

Base culture:

ThinSlim zero carb bread:

Avoid SoLo & SOLA keto bread. They use gmo-canola any soybean oil.

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    Lin Toole 24/10/2022 pm8:53
  • Bread in the freezer when you buy it? We don't have that over here. Our bread is very different anyway. But there's also a lot of bad bread. Always a challenge to find the right one.

    LunaJo/Jolanda 24/10/2022 pm8:53
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    Jerry Woods 24/10/2022 pm8:53
  • Doesn't Dave's Killer Bread have lots of sugar?

    Nancy K. 24/10/2022 pm8:53
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    Daniel J 24/10/2022 pm8:53
  • This video was dated 2019. Have you see the price of those breads? $7.00/loaf where I live. I am a senior getting less than $15,000/yr. Not a chance I can afford that

    Janet 24/10/2022 pm8:53
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    Theresa Kachur 24/10/2022 pm8:53
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    EXPLORTHEARTH 24/10/2022 pm8:53
  • not all people can afford to buy a $5 bread..Healthy foods are expensive.Sad.

    Romel Vergara 24/10/2022 pm8:53
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    HUBERT Holcombe 24/10/2022 pm8:53
  • Is whole grain bread good fo weight loss ?

    Emily Kooris 24/10/2022 pm8:53
  • Bobby, I went to Walmart (🤮) and checked out the bread just out of curiosity, a lot of that crap has CA prop. 65 cancer warnings on them. thankfully Ive mostly been staying away from bread/ gluten for 8 years, sometimes I need a treat though! the almond flour chocolate chip cookies mix you recommended from trader Joe's is EXCELLENT

    jeronimo frost 24/10/2022 pm8:53
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    Carolyn Pruette 24/10/2022 pm8:53
  • the first bread you recommended contained ascorbic acid. then you picked up another one that had it and said don't buy it as it's using a dough conditioner – (which was ascorbic acid). Is ascorbic acid ok or not?

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  • You are definitely right I went on a vegetarian diet I went to my doctor and told her oh my goodness what a terrible mistake she started to tell me that it's okay to eat vegetables but I need to add fish to my diet a week after then that I told her I was on a vegetable diet she called me and said my A1C was 7 I said no way it could be 7:00 I don't eat meat and I don't eat sweets and no white bread I was like oh my goodness it was because I told her I was on a vegetable diet and I didn't agree with her about eating fish everyday and we need to watch out and pray that God will lead us in the right way to eat I didn't go on the metformin I'm testing my sugar levels every morning they are 77 and sometimes 98 even after I eat it doesn't go up to about 104 sometimes 149

    Anilah's Playhouse 24/10/2022 pm8:53
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  • Am a Food For Life bread guy but just watched a video demonstration of a couple who monitored their blood glucose after eating Ezekiel bread one day and white bread a day later. There was no significant difference. How about repeating that experiment?

    Barney Google 24/10/2022 pm8:53
  • Yes, we get Dave’s Killer Bread lol. It’s very good & the only one my stomach can tolerate. It is pricey, 7 bucks a loaf where we live so it’s not really doable for some people, which is sad. The good stuff is always priced out of reach so they get the crap food because it’s all they can afford. It was around 5 and change and within the last month shot up to 7 a loaf.

    Kim Warner 24/10/2022 pm8:53
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    I made the switch last year.
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