The $2 Sub Sandwich | But Cheaper

Say goodbye to the five dollar footlong sandwich, and say hello to the cheapest homemade cold cut sandwich of your dreams.

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  • Don't like mayo? Good. Just use butter and some mustard instead. A different taste, but the jobs done all the same.

    Kacper Fronc 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • so you just did 20$ labor for 2$ sandwich i think i would just pay for that and i don't want to wash these dishes after that but it looks good

    asn pawcio 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • Better than subway!!

    to2 podemos aprender 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • If you like me then add jalapenos, banana peppers, green peppers, olives, parmesan, oregano, pickles and chipotle aioli instead of mayo, and honey mustard and use roast beef as well. Suck it trebek

    Shea Roberts 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • “All you need is an oven”
    weeps in high water table

    Name 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • Love the vids Josh.
    But (and I swear I am not asking this just because of the 'foot long' thing), since you are so kind as to translate imperial measurements to metrics for those of us in, you know, the entire rest of the world, could you please do likewise for temperatures? No idea what 400˚ F tastes like in Cs. Thanks mate

    Phil Branagan 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • No pickles? FAIL!

    The Harlequin 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • Ooo oo add jalapenos to bread while cooking

    Michele Presby 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • Mayonnaise is literally raw egg yolks imma pass

    Jonah Jenkins 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • Me: Oh, this looks interesting.

    Me about a minute later: "OH GOD TURN IT OFF TURN IT OFF, CLICK 'NOT INTERESTED' "

    JOE LIVINGSTONE 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • Stan mixer expensive me angy fix plez ._.

    Bobby Brown 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • How add a good hourly vage to that price

    charlie 37 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • Bro!! I love you and all. And this sando looks fn amazing. But you gotta cut it LIVE and take a bite LIVE. And for fucks sake SHOW US THE MIDDLE BABY!!

    Allen Waltrip 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • Bread starts at 1:04. Lettuce starts at 3:49

    Cam Jacobson 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • hey joshua can you show how to sous vide in a rice cooker if i can?

    Mireille Apete 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • I want to try this !!!

    MOODYFACE 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • I was looking for a banana bread recipe 🤔and you don't have one. Papa mad! Please make one ASAP so PAPA kiss (17)

    N B 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • I can make cheaper using pre bought stuff so I dont get the but cheaper part, although looking delicious.
    Breakdown (in canada so lets say 1.3 CAD = 1 USD) 4 servings:
    meat is 5$ without sale
    Lettuce is 2 dollars for whole head but you wont use whole head so 1$ max
    tomato is 1$ max (if you buy 2 tomatos)
    cheese is 1.50$ max if you cut the cheese from a block
    bread -> 2.99 for 6 thus 2$ for 4 (fancier bread for me), 1.50$ for cheaper sub bread at my grocery store
    total -> 1 + 1 + 1.5 + 2 + 5 = 10.5/4 = 2.63CAD (mayo excluded since it is negligible)
    with cheaper sub bread -> 2.50CAD
    2.23USD * 1.31 (today's currency exchange) = 2.91$CAD
    so….it may not taste better, or it may, but we can totally make em subs for cheap.
    Note: instead of mayo use big mac sauce, it is FIRE, or kewpie mayo

    MJ W 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • Make johnnies iconic Italian beef sandwich

    Joshua Omondi 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • I made one giant bread from this recipe and combined it with Papa Josh's garlic bread recipe. I made a gigantic garlic bread. Asexuals' dream sammich

    Just Beeeb 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • Needs deli hot peppers sprinkled on top!!

    mike blaz 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • Everything you make is always great. Just one little challenge here. That bread was not like subways bread at all 😅

    Natan Gutt 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • Godlike. Headshot. Flawless Victory.

    kejenkins468 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • I made this bread and stuck to the instruction, but they stayed really skinny. Not at all capable of being a sub roll. Maybe f*ked up somewhere but they def proofed long enough. Time to try again!

    TheFLGators17 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • Where the pickles

    Greg 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • Subway in Europe has 30CM sandwich so even bigger lol

    TEAser 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • Yknow, I have never made any of these recipes but man I love watching these videos. Maybe someday I can try them 👍

    lordofkarnage 097 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • I’m sure it tastes great. It looks a bit anemic though. Probably the lighting in your kitchen.

    Bored Engineering Entertainment Media 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • There is a a no way you can buy flour for 45 cents

    wilson fields 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • you must live somewhere that is cheap as hell theres no way in hell

    tom barrett 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • Im in time out :-; Im so sad.

    Mara 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • YUMMMM YESSSSSSSSS please looks soooooooo delish Josh, looooooove your videos

    Michaela DeBiase 24/10/2022 pm12:10
  • And only 3 hours of work and a day of waiting…

    dmcgeee18 24/10/2022 pm12:10