The 2 Dollar Sandwich | But Cheaper

A great sandwich is usually overpriced. But you can make this homemade sandwich for a total of 2 dollars PER SERVING. That means your 12 dollar sandwich is going right out the window.


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  • Man bakes a fucking turkey and calls this a “simple sandwich”

    Elizabeth McCoy 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • Y6

    Lesly Ashoka 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • Too heavy on that ham 🤔

    david42na 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • When I’m feeling depressed I totes 👜 come visit this channel 🥪❤

    LoneStarMum 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • All of these sandwiches look good, except for the flufferbutter. That made me gag.

    EUROPA Music - Official Channel 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • 1 year later it’s a $3 sandwich.

    Beth Griffith 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • ive been trying to create my own basic sandwich recipe and it never tastes that good. followed this one exactly and in less time i got an insanely good sandwich that beats everything i've ever made

    Arjun Narayan 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • You have not paid gas and labour!

    Wa Go 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • All I took away from this is Americans are getting ripped off for sandwiches… like seriously even in a fairly decent pub in the UK you could order that exact sandwich with a side of chips and a bowl of salad for like £6

    Ben Whittle 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • slap me in the face with that sandwich and call me a dirty wh***

    Jon Clymer 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • You are funny

    Ramisa Tajrian 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • That big plastic container that the water and sugar is being mixed in, how much did that cost? What about the wisk? Nothing of what you're pricing out includes the things that are holding these things. That expensive knife? how much did that cost. What about all the paper towels? What about that oil? or the aluminum? all that costs.. Stop claiming you're making a cheap 2 dollar sandwich without factoring in ALL ELEMENTS.

    Syringe's videos 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • Nothing about this is a dollar. Not the turkey breast, not the lettuce, the tomatoes, the mustard. Ect….

    TikiShootah 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • Apply peanut butter to slice 1 of toast, apply jam to slice 2 of toast and merge

    Jianfa Tsai 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • Ok let’s be honest here after getting all the ingredients to make bread and meat and everything else we all know that it cost way more than 15$ heck I’m sure it cost 3x more than that plus the time and to say that’s a 2$ sandwich it’s a damn lie but it did look absolutely delicious tho 😂😂😂

    Juan Pedroza 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    Καπτεν Χαρλοκ 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • I must make this. I must!! Yum!!

    Jackie F 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • Looks yummy

    Canny Francis 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • your prices are stupid.. my car cost 1 dollars than… i have a Landcruiser….ahahahhhahaaaa

    Metalgear SolidSnake 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • 0.2$for turkey breast.. where do you live, on the moon???? it cost at least 5 dollars!!

    Metalgear SolidSnake 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • man I always watch your videos high af and think "I should make this sometime" but this is the first time I think I'm actually gonna try making this

    puckplayer219 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • the average sandwich ain't no damn $12

    Anthony Clark 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • If the turkey breast I buy indicate as "brined", do I still need to put the meat into the brine liquid with brown sugar, salt, liquid and aromatics?

    MW 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • Imagine having celiac so you can’t have good bread.. oh wait that’s me. I miss a quality sandwich

    Steezymongo 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • sandwich looks good but i hate the fucking stupid editing

    Billy Star 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • make your own turkey
    step 1: get a male turkey and a female turkey and wait 9 months

    Guppywoof 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • Peek sammie performance

    C. Crespo 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • Kodiac777 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • Here a year later to say inflation has raised the price ton$26.73😭😭😭😫😅😅

    blended circles 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • I love your videos, great chef even better comedian. Now i am inspired to make my own luncheon meats.

    Dustin Streit 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • This looks delicious, buuuut…. the fact this is potentially a 2 day recipe that you need to make a whole selection of fiddly things for… is why people end up paying more for a convenient and nice sandwich.

    h c s 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • Still surprised people cooked with vegetable oil

    Phillip P 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • I’ll never understand having the toasted part outside – Soft bread doesn’t cut up your mouth & the toast inside is perfect for soaking up any moisture but still holding firm

    Seen 16/10/2022 pm6:52
  • Omg bro I just realized something . Are you from my city ??????? HOUSTON?

    buddyfaya 86 16/10/2022 pm6:52