Testing Viral TikTok Breakfast Recipes *Delicious start to the day*

Welcome back to my kitchen! Are you ready to make some delicious breakfast?
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  • Download Two Dots for FREE, support my channel & enjoy the game 😁 https://twodots.onelink.me/8e55/1022tinayong

    Tina Yong 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • My name is also Tina 😅☺️💖🌸🦋🌻🌼✨✨💮🌺

    Tina Kalita 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • The kitchen island Montage is the highlight for me😂😂❤️

    Sofiyyah Alarape Luqman 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • I'm definitely going to try the potato recipe. it looked so good! when I make a Korean breakfast sandwich , I add green onion to the cabbage/carrrots plus some fruit jam on the 🍞 . so its sweet and savory

    Elle G 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • pealing the potatoes!! That's so sad!! just scrub those babies well while washing and yes, eat the skin!! Great fiber 😉 … and less finger burn! I hate touching hot food!!

    BlackMoonRoze 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • No because I know it’s like one of the most obvious thing ever but biscuit is sooo cute 😭😭😭🥰

    Kiera Barron 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • With the noodle pancakes does anyone remember those bottles for pancake art I think it would be easier if you used them🤨

    Kiera Barron 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • There is just something about those Videos which makes me want to watch 200 more of these. Just the way youre making those Videos is showing so much personality and realness. You seem like such nice person. You immediately feel connected to you. I am so glad I found your Channel. I love your Videos, especially your cooking Videos. It's just so entertaining. I am happy that I have become one of your viewers. Keep up the great work. Greetings from Germany 🙂

    celischo 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • 11:24 smartie, already making it easier by rolling two at a time, haha!

    Lauren 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • you can boil the potatoes and keep them aside to cool for a while uk…….like before u take a bath or smthin

    Aadya Aggarwal 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • Is that the bump I hear in the background 😂 I love you Tina ❤ I wish I could of breastfeed my baby longer but I could never produce enough milk 😢

    Karen Martinez 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • Its time to move on from 'tiktok hack videos' to 'tina trys it'. I really miss your old contents.😔

    Dikshita Mallika Baruah 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • Saw so much zen's personality in this vid! Loved it <3

    Muskaan Shah 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • Am I the only one who feels hungry after watching this–

    jaz🌸 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • You can just make more holes in the plastic bag then you can make more spaghetti pancake 😂🤭

    Z 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • I only microwave potatoes and depending on the size it can take up to 7-8min. This is the IDEAL cook method for my potates:)

    KassTy 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • The egg in the potato part was so triggering 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

    Hibz 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • Ok that’s the fattest egg I’ve ever seen XD

    ClappDatJlo 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • I feel like Zen is coming more and more loose in front of the camera 😂

    joyjacobus 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • i loooove to see zen in the videos ❤️❤️❤️

    giulia ribeiro 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • Try using squeeze ketchup bottle to make the spaghetti pancake 😍

    annalaurica 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • can u do like tiktok doggie food recipes for biscuit cuz she's always smelling food he cant eat HAHA

    elishalim 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • There are two type of people first who fufufu the food and then put in mouth and other ones are who first put food in mouth then run the whole marathon

    Arpita 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • No body I mean absolutely nobody can deny that Tina is a great mum❤️❤️😪

    Nwachukwu Precious 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • I'm also ketchup and mustard gal, no one else in my family likes mustard 🤣

    Sweet Stranger 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • The two dots sponsorship was really odd – and for some reason it made me cringe and left me feeling uncomfortable. I think because the message felt disingenuous as the sponsor doesn’t suit ur brand or channel

    Kat C 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • Hi Tina! Can you share with us which breast pump you using if you haven’t already? Thank you! Much love !

    Linda Chung 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • i love two dots

    Kiera Chia 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • I tried Korean sandwich 🥪 and it’s really good 👍🏻

    Vasilianna Lukina 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • I just dropped by to say BRAVO!
    You crank out awesome content AND create food for your kidlet all at the same time! Way to go!

    MandeeGee 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • I think yall can use nozzle condiments bottle for the spaghetti pancake!! 🤗

    Perfect Vantae 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • I'm pretty sure your ment to shake the dry pancake mix before you add the water. Hahahah but A for effort 👌

    nnie 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • Why not just cook the pancakes normally and stack them up then cut them into thin strips

    Hedil Ghammam 26/10/2022 pm6:25
  • Tina try putting the battery in a old ketchup bottle and squeeze it out.

    Melanie Jane Procter 26/10/2022 pm6:25