Testing Viral 2-Ingredient TikTok Recipes | Part 7

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Let’s test out some viral 2-Ingredient TikTok Recipes!! Are you new to my channel? Don’t forget to like and subscribe https://bit.ly/2JFCtDr​​​​

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  • Welcome back to mamma Tina's kitchen 👩🏻‍🍳

    Tina Yong 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • The “healthy fudge” if you actually know anything about chocolate White Chocolate is only cocoa butter and powdered sugar. That is the base ingredients of it. So if you actually want a healthy version you use dark chocolate as it has way less sugar in it to be honest.

    Kay Simpson 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • i made this and it was not that hard

    Aasiyah Azeem 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • I wonder with the mochi if the lady greased her hands

    anaïs✨ 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • The first one is like a tootsie roll

    Tre Sand 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • Thumbs up if, for no other reason, the baby. She's absolutely ADORABLE!! I can't even remember mine when they were that tiny. 🥰

    Denise 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • Chocolate truffle? That’s brigadeiro

    Pri Andrea 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • a better way of shaping the truffles, is to coat them in cocoa, roll it into a ball, and then shape it into a square.

    BloxyMelonio 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • For the chocolate truffles I usually boil it on a stove with the cocoa powder in the condensed milk until the mixture is thick. But the microwave way seems easier. The cocoa powder is very bitter and I don't like that part which is why I usually use coconut powder instead of cocoa powder to coat the truffles

    Rafiya Ifti 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • Brazilians have been making "chocolate truffles" for decades (but a more elaborate version), we call it "Brigadeiro" and it's a classic in Brazilian sweets called "docinhos". We usually have them at birthday parties, along with many other different types of docinhos, like white ones with coconut, some with peanuts, and many many more.
    If you ever get the chance, go to a Brazilian bday party. It's literally heaven for your tastebuds lmao

    Ana D' Andrade 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • the first one is a Brazilian desert called BRIGADEIRO

    Luanna Suassuna 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • The mochi became sticky coz u heated the icecream and did not let it cool down .
    U immediately added the flour which cooked it initially 😂

    Minnu Paul 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • Correct me if I’m wrong- aren’t the truffles just brigadieros but without butter?

    Tyra Stout 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • Obviously the mochi didn’t come out right because you didn’t follow directions exactly 🤦

    sapling 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • Hey Tina you should have sifted the cocoa into a separate bowl then added your condensed milk in the microwave then put the cocoa powder into the condensed milk. I think that might have worked much better but who knows.

    uhavemooface 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • Lol Tina said not a double thumbs up but everyone does one thumbs up and ends up being tree thumbs up k

    Aisha Kashif 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • She is beautiful Tina ❤

    Toi O'Neill 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • I love the way when she was tasting the truffle her assistant peeked over😂

    Nosayba Halawa 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • Those truffles look soooo good! I must try them

    4kdz Animation 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • the truffle recipe has been always so funny to me because actually truffles are also two ingredients technically… chocolate and heavy cream then you coat it in whatever you want haha

    Out Law 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • I love the way you make mochi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mom&Mop 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • You look like you'd be an older sister of Karina from Aespa–

    Luna Moon 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • you had to stir the mocha mixture halfway through the way of microwaving it because otherwise it gets jiggly and not smooth at least that is what the video said

    Elina Zheleva 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • Hey:) can u maybe pls tell me exactly how much cocoa powder and condensemilk u put in?

    Lexie -_- 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • The first is called "brigadeiro" and its a cultural food on brazil 😉

    Gatinho de bigode 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • Hi!👋 I'm new to your channel. Love your video, and btw I just want to say. My first impression of you is, you look like Moonbyul of Mamamoo. 😊

    Arvhee Kim 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • ok, but how much peanut butter?

    Chris Moss 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • TIP For The Donuts!: You have to knead them a lot! if you don't knead them enough they become dense and not at all fluffy like they should be.

    Mikashumi Katera A.W. 24/10/2022 am9:00
  • your accent is like american, british and australian mixed lol!

    scar 🫶 24/10/2022 am9:00