Testing the MOST POPULAR RECIPES I found on TIKTOK / INSTAGRAM (what's worth making??)

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  • RachhLovesLife 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • 6:59 “Beauti-bowl” 😂💛

    Haley H. 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • We did our corn ribs in the airfryer and they were definitely still juicy and tender. The wraps looked good!

    Mimi Kenyon 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • Ricotta is traditional Italian way of making Lasagna.

    Cynthia Carroll 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • That little boy is sadly misinformed and its beyond irritating that they use children to push their horrid crap. Its GMO corn which is terribly nasty and not good for you at all. You didn’t know either.

    Vicki Takacs 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • every time a recipe asks for coffee, i prefer adding nescaffe (freezedried granulated coffee) because it's stronger and doesn't add water to the recipe, diluting it.

    Shay Stibelman 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • I think the filling for the french toast should be Mascarpone with cream… I don't know 🤣💜

    Tania Gárate 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • My one year old daughter is allergic to wheat, so we’ve all made the transition to be gluten free, and I legit teared up with happiness because I first hand know the struggle when it comes to eating GF, especially with wraps 🫶🏼

    Tiffany 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • A cooked tortilla is very soft and pliable, a flour tortilla is obviously softer but a corn tortilla doesn’t crumble. Especially if it’s actually heated up properly.

    Cheeta246 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • While I really appreciate an effort made, as a celiac If someone made me gluten free food but stopped to taste test something with gluten in the middle, I would have a heart attack. A single crumb can make some people sick—-as little as 10 PPM can trigger a celiac response. Respectfully unless you’re cooking GF every day it’s super easy to make a cross contact/cross contamination mistake and you should not have any gluten out at all while making something gluten free. Some people don’t even consistently get symptoms of glutening so they might not even know if you got them sick. I really hope you let your sister in law know that you brought out gluten mid-cooking and left the gluten free stuff less than a foot away, even if it did have a towel on top. Further, did you know that convection ovens can spread gluten onto gluten free food? I’ve been doing this since 2007 and found that out last week. Gluten is everywhere and you have to take every possible precaution. Please take some time to reconsider sharing a GF episode and claiming you are preparing it with cross contamination in mind when you don’t take every possible precaution. This is the reason I have to (regretfully and hurtfully) decline gluten free food made by everyone, including loving and considerate friends, unless I’ve watched them make it or they regularly prepare gluten free food celiac safe. Someone will watch this and think it’s easy to cook for their friend—-and it isn’t—and their friend could get sick. I’ve never posted a comment this long on anything in YouTube in my life but this greatly concerned me. I read every comment to make sure that I wasn’t repeating information—which is why I can also suggest checking out more brief comments mentioning that non porous cooking surfaces (like wooden spoons and non-stick pans) can harbor gluten even after they have been properly washed. Thank you for your time ❤. Based on your sister in laws comment at the end of the video she is celiac which is again, why it’s so concerning.

    fns112 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • I ❤u lol 😂 thank u for adding the recipe for the gluten free tortillas as they looked so good and I can’t stand the shop gluten free products so I always try new recipes xxx ❤

    Joanne Jojo 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • The creator of the GF tortillas has a cookbook. I highly recommend it!! So many great recipes!

    Jennifer Martinez 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • Chris should smoke the corn and then you can do all the BBQ goodness. I think it would really give it that rib vibe.

    Rachel Frumkin 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • I think I would brioche for the French toast, add instant espresso instead of coffee, and do a sweetend mascarpone/ cream cheese. It would truly be tiramisu that way.

    Rachel Frumkin 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • For the corn, no need to slice it like that, I do a similar coating on the full ears, wrap each in foil, and put them in the oven for about 30 minutes. Also works great on the grill!

    If you must cut the corn, cut the base & tip off so they are both flat, put the corn vertical on its base, then cut down. Then each half can be cut easily. No damaged rolling pins!

    Rachel Peterson 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • Would you show more of the table??
    We can hardly see anything you're doing honestly

    Enas Bassiony 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • I can’t express how much it means to me that Chris’ family also has celiac and just how serious you guys take it. I was diagnosed in fall 2018 and it was very hard for my family to convert over. Instead of making gravy’s and such with cornstarch, they would make only a portion that I could eat. It made me feel outcast and different. I wish I had friends as accepting as you all. Thank you for the recipe. I would deeply appreciate if you guys did a video talking about the best and worst gluten free products his family has found (maybe for May seeing as it is Celiac Disease Awareness month)

    Izabel 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • There no point in using ramen for that baked cheese dish when you're literally doing all the steps of making lasagna without the lasagna noodles. If you want to save time on it you can buy lasagna noodles that don't require boiling. You put them straight from the box in the dish like with the ramen except you actually get lasagna when you're done not that ramen monstrosity.

    Sophie June 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • Korn 🤣🤣🤣💀

    MsJennums 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • mascarpone is usually in tiramisu, i wonder if it would be better

    Katerie Samson Poirier 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • Please don’t use a hammer on your knives, especially if they’re really nice. You could break your knife that way. Instead, use a rubber mallet, or something like it.

    SilverScapes 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • A mascarpone center would be bomb

    Maaaddz 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • When I make Italian Lasanga, I make a mixture of ricotta, Parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning for part of my fillings lol

    Jennica Mae 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • As someone who hasn't had gluten in almost 10 yrs, you NEEEEED to try Let Them Eat Gluten Free Cake's GF Focaccia bread. It will blow your mind and change your life – but you have to make her flour blend…so, so worth it and you won't believe it's gluten free!!!

    jamie 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • I’m gf! I’m curious to see you try some gluten free recipes!

    Baylee Thomas 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • I would absolutely DIE for a cocktail trend episode with you and Christopher…

    Spookmastercam 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • Lmao at cocoa powder

    Leslie Gutierrez 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • Go Jays!!

    JackieK 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • thank you for this tortilla recipe, i made some tonight, so good, amazing

    AveEsther_Muse_Mage 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • Ricotta is absolutely what you use in lasagna. Cottage chese is disgusting, No self respecting Italian would ever use it.

    Anne Savastano 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • I would try the tirmusu French toast with some sweetened mascarpone maybe it would make it better and whipped cream on top ofcorse

    BRANDY F 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • Air fry the corn ribs…!!!

    Robyne Yahya 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • i know corn with a k, korn, I'm on Khristopher's side

    thestalkinghead 26/10/2022 pm12:57
  • As someone who has also been Celiac for the last 6 years, i can attest that it is tough! You should do a whole taste test video for gluten free recipes and let us know what works!

    Jacqui Hilts 26/10/2022 pm12:57