Tendon Japanese recipe / Tempura rice bowl / グルテンフリー 天丼

Japanese Tendon recipe (Tempura rice bowl)
グルテンフリー 天丼 天ぷら
Tempura Gluten free. Gluten free tempura batter

FULL RECIPE: https://onl.la/NGeeidT

About me: https://www.chefslabo.com/about-the-chef

FAQ about the ingredients: https://www.chefslabo.com/general-7

FAQ examples:
-What is kombu?
-Which brand of soy sauce should I buy?
-Is there any substitute of sake, mirin, kombu?
-How much dashi powder should I use?
(Each pages include pictures)


0:00 Prepare prawn
3:17 Batter
5:28 Sauce
7:50 Miso soup
10:11 Egg Tempura
12:12 Prawn Tempura

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  • 📖PRINT RECIPE: https://onl.la/NGeeidT
    🍙FAQ about the ingredients 👉 https://www.chefslabo.com/general-7
    📸 Instagram👉https://onl.bz/jgP3jF8

    FAQ examples:
    -What is kombu?
    -Which brand of soy sauce should I buy?
    -Is there any substitute of sake, mirin, kombu?
    (Each pages include pictures)

    CHEF'S LABO 自宅で出来るプロの味 19/10/2022 pm5:04
  • Hello. Can this batter be use with vegetables too?

    Leslie I. Román 19/10/2022 pm5:04
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    Jay Rice 19/10/2022 pm5:04
  • What is the difference on using egg yolk or white part as batter? Sometimes I saw people using the stirred white part only.

    Iyo Widiastomo 19/10/2022 pm5:04
  • I recently just learned this technique with the shrimp. 😊

    MOL LY 19/10/2022 pm5:04
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    ThatGirl711 19/10/2022 pm5:04
  • This is definitely my next one on the list ! I'm a little scared with the fried egg though, don't know how it's gonna turn out here… I'll keep you posted Chef ! 🙏🏻

    crollens 19/10/2022 pm5:04
  • What brands of Miso paste do you recommend? There's so many brands to choose from

    Kuek Zile 19/10/2022 pm5:04
  • followed your steps for tempura for oshogatsu dinner, family was pretty impressed coz it was my first ever attempt at this dish. will follow the prawn stock to make udon for lunch. thank you again. shinnen akemashite omedetou gozaimasu

    yumik 19/10/2022 pm5:04
  • this is going to be part of our family oshogatsu dinner, thank you for the idea, then we will have tempura soba at midnight

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  • Tempura, kakiage, and agemono are surprisingly one of the most difficult dishes among Japanese food. It seems simple but actually required quite a technique and a lot of experiences.

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    PS. appreciated for the recipe 😀

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  • tried this recipe today. i couldnt make it as good as yours chef but it is definitely good. wspecially the sauce and the light and crispy batter. the miso soup was amazing too. ❤️

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