Tasty Tuna Sandwich | Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

Tasty Tuna Sandwich | Perfect Breakfast Sandwich
A Stacked tuna Sandwich is such a classic sandwich choice and is continuing our go-to for a straightforward breakfast when we do not feel motivated to create anything else.

I continuously say that in the event that you have got a tin of tuna in your cabinet, at that point you have got the base for a filling dinner. Protein stuffed and flexible, we cherish a classic tuna sandwich and this stacked form has crunch, enhance and it’s simple to adjust as well. Utilize it in a plain sandwich, as a toastie, or indeed on a serving of mixed greens

When you’re longing for a tuna sandwich, you want a basic tuna serving of mixed greens’ formula that will grant you a crave-worthy tuna angle sandwich. This simple tuna serving of mixed greens is made with just a modest bunch of fixings. It’s the finest tuna salad sandwich!

Ingredients & Full Recipe
Link: https://www.spicebangla.com/tuna-sandwich/
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  • Ingredients & Full Recipe: https://www.spicebangla.com/tuna-sandwich/
    Download the Spice Bangla app: http://bit.ly/35haVLj

    Spice Bangla 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Toast the bread

    BlessedofGod❤️ 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • I just add tuna, mayo, pepper and soysauce (pickles too if I have them) and then I have a sandwich for school in the morning and lunch

    Grim Grimxv 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • I don't have mayo

    Nina * 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • No mustard for me

    Dynamic Entry 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Looks yummy…but I will add olives and jalapeno instead of onions

    Sehar Shaikh 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • You drink I don't drink you viper I don't you drug I love to see it !

    JinBo Himself ( Sudan Suleiman ) 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Russian Caviar from Caspian ! this the main dish this is side dish ! I eat as daily morning basis ! and this one also ! Economic universities ? probably run over their money !

    JinBo Himself ( Sudan Suleiman ) 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • 👍👌👏🤤 Thank you 😊

    রান্না-বান্না & Recipes 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • This looks amazing

    Mojo News LK 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • What a boring video. I could have caught the tuna at sea and still made it quicker

    C M 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Awesome

    Khalid Saeed 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Hello!
    Awesome recipe, I have a question tho; can I store this for a few days? Like I mix all the stuff and store it in the fridge for 4-5 days?

    Kai 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Mercury sandwich

    Bryxx Dore 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Wow

    Morena Campanero 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • funny to hear someone say "perfect for breakfast" when it's a tuna sandwich

    BPB9973952 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Tuna in water taste like crap,get olive packed tuna.

    Rudy Sims 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • I got all the ingredients, going to make tuna sandwich right now.

    Nico Shaun 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • raw tuna?

    super magic 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • U could add a egg and make it a tuna cake and fry it.

    Gunners Gogogo 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Not being funny but even people with ld, s are aware how to make tuna mayo .come on let's get original and try something a little more intelligent

    Paul Barton 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Yummy yummy sandwich 👍👍👍

    AH FOODS 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Mustard …that’s a good addition I hadn’t thought of

    Maggie Christi 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Yummy tuna

    beybs life in the US 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Damn, why did that mixing of the Tuna sound get me Excited? I can't quite pin point it 🤔

    EL EVO 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Looks good i will have to do the cucumber i put relish in mine thanks for the up load

    Michael Lutcher 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • This is not food for human beings

    BaneSa 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Everything good except why butter at the bread you already have the mayonnaise at the tuna. Adding more fat unnecessary. We try to make it at healthy possibly. I least I do

    daisy aponte Haven Memories Travel 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Butter + Mayo? O no

    stateniland 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Just saying, tuna canned in water is the worst stuff ever invented, the water takes all the taste away, I only ever buy tinned in oil which is delicious.

    Ian Brooke 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • He used a strainer to drain the tuna and used cucumbers instead of pickles and we’re supposed to be OK with that, no, this is wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG.

    Jessie Tijerina 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • way to much sodium

    Link | CherryTree 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • In Mexico we add tomato and chopped chili👌🏼🤤

    Xochiquétzal Mx 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Reminds me of the ones my mother used to make when i was a kid, she knew I hated tuna but the sandwiches? Couldn't resist them. Looking back made it easier for me to fed too, canned tuna was super cheap.

    Toffee Latte 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • handfull of roughly chopped capers and this would be god teir…

    Scott Morrell 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Where is the egg brudda

    Poe Boi 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Thuna tastes good, but it is bad for your health.

    JustMy Thought 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • I NEVER rave about tuna salad. But I had to try this recipe and it is sooooo goooood. I did however, use Miracle Whip and Dijon mustard instead because that’s what I had on hand. I also toasted my bread. It’s a winner however you make it. 🤤 Thanks for sharing! ❤️

    LDK 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Bonne recette, cependant le beurre n'est pas nécessaire et les tranches de pain auraient dû être grillées !

    of1418 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Ahhh this makes me hungry! I'll make this one next time. How long does the spread last?

    Jenavee Azurin Valenzuela 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Made this today for lunch. It is now one of my sandwiches😊

    ponani mahumani 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • Never a breakfast meal but tasty nevertheless. I like onion and soy sauce with mine. I don’t like mayo on tuna so stay away from shop made as they are overfilled with this stuff.

    garethrees100 26/10/2022 pm12:28
  • but why put the butter!? Also with tuna it just doesn't make sense

    Bohr 26/10/2022 pm12:28