Takoyaki Octopus Tempura Recipe | Cooking with Dog

We are making octopus tempura that makes you feel as if you are enjoying takoyaki. This is an easy and quick recipe using octopus so please enjoy the fresh piping hot tempura.

How to make Takoyaki Octopus Tempura

Takoyaki Octopus Tempura Recipe

(2 people) Cook Time: 10 minutes

150g Boiled Octopus for sashimi (5.3 oz)
All Purpose Flour

– Tempura Batter –
4 tbsp Cold Water
4 tbsp Cake Flour or All Purpose Flour
1 tbsp Potato or Corn Starch
10g Beni Shoga, pickled ginger (0.4 oz)
1/2 tbsp Aonori Seaweed

Yuzu Citrus or Lemon Wedges
Parsley Leaves

* 1 tablespoon (tbsp) = 15 ml, 1 teaspoon (tsp) = 5 ml

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  • I want only a bite, and then I will be satisfied with my life.

    Jung&Yu 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • Love the show!! Great team!!

    Perceived Pal 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • I love this show, but question.
    Why doesn't tempura recipes add salt. I love the crispness, but I don't often order tempura stuff because it at least to me taste like there is no salt. And looking at this recipe it seems to be correct.
    So I figured that there a reason for no salt.

    Chartreuse Maiden 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • "You like button" 🙂 hahaha, no, I like you !

    Edit Fenyves 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • I want to eat octopus.

    Baby Bellan 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • 美味しそう

    MIPOPO - 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • Octopus Tempura is so yummy. I think you like it, if you try to eat it.

    ubt do 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • that's a damn beautiful piece of octopus i must say

    Samantha X 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • ㅁㅇ

    김인희 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • So simple ^^ I have an octopus in my refrigerator, waiting until it defrosts and I will make it tomorrow ^^

    Pwiest 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • For some reason Francis's face is scary at this episodes 😐 it's more pale and it's has bright red line 😣

    Joann Naft21 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • I love Octopus but I stopped eating bc I love Korosensei and he is an Octopus. I will never eat him. 😭😭😭

    adel adjaraie 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • たこ焼きたこ天☆

    作ってみます♪。( ̄∇ ̄*)ゞ。

    ジュンコタカハシ 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • How do we boil the octopus and also cleaning it?

    El Ng 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • did…did Francis make a tentacle porn joke?

    Casandraelf 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • a very random question: what's the background music? may i know the title? 

    kagoon0709 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • I've never eaten adult octopus but I've eaten baby octopus several times and it's delicious.

    Foodfangirl 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • I missed chopin…. great recipe!!

    Mauro Anastacio 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • Can muslim eat this?
    It's look delicious 😛

    sebs778 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • omg.. im hungry watching this

    Nurul Aziz 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • I love the accent of the narrator…its super duper cute!!! 

    Drake Drones 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • "They will not attack you." Hehehe. 🙂

    I made this today, except I used pre-frozen octopus instead of sashimi grade. Didn't turn out too bad, but I still have some learning to do when it comes to cooking them tender. Even then though, it was still pretty tasty despite being a little overcooked.

    Gin 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • If only I could get some sashimi-grade octopus 🙁

    justinvengeance 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • Omg this is Saturday me and my friends are having a Takoyaki Party!!!! I cant wait!!!

    GanjaCree 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • I wish I could find octopus, to make this and takoyaki, like a year ago I bought a takoyaki maker to make takoyaki but I couldn't find octopus at all, so I ended up using shrimp instead, I also couldn't find aonori (sea weed), or the benishoga.

    Raquel Navarrete 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • "There are many tentacles but don't be scared, they will not attack you" LOL!!

    Friendly Alpaca 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • Omg adopt me now

    Prestooob 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • 0:27 haha 😀

    Agamemnon 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • I'm so conflicted. On one hand, octopus looks delicious and I really want to try it. On the other, I think octopi are cute and they are extremely intelligent animals.

    MidoriMushrooms 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • I WANT!!!

    Diana Pina 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • can i live with you

    パイ。イチゴ 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • You're the best!!!

    catty nezumi 24/10/2022 pm6:34
  • I can't eat octopus without getting sick, and I still want to eat this.

    Bokatisha 24/10/2022 pm6:34