Tacos 10 Ways

  • So beautiful, tacos.

    Mei Jing Chang 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • so freaking awesome

    davocreative 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • love ❤

    Anie 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Make for me

    BOOMIKA 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • check out seventeen.. give them the chance to make u fall in love with them too.. watch their latest album attaca and fall in love with them..

    Reham Mohamed Faisal 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • The music is awful. I would've preferred chopping and sizzling sounds.

    Majick Feline 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • i would like to add eggs to the shrimp because it gives a little consistence u shud try it

    Fluid 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Hahaha!!! Just like irl, you can literally put anything in a "taco"…Lol 😆 😂 🤣!!!

    ToyManFlyer1100 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Love the video especially because of the music.

    Silver Forest 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • I love listening to that song for 9 minutes!

    NoMerciPerci 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Omg! Love these recipes!!!!

    tryin2beeHappy GoLucky 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • oh my eyes! my eyes are burning!!!!! did he just fry that avocado???? ah man, I think I've seen enough today. This world is painful….. sad……

    Emre Sarıman 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Great work

    Princess T 21/10/2022 am8:23
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    Moe Zizza 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • He didnt cook the tortillas before making the taco, that is wrong on so many levels

    andres maynez 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • I wonder if they eat it after

    Mercedez53 Mena 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • 1:18 the title of that ingredient is 😳

    Danielle Ajijedidun 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • a complete flavor festival, excellent yummy samples of the mexican gastronomy, !AY AY AY¡.

    the mad 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • I like the sound "oh yes" at last of videos😂🤩😘

    Sadiya Akter 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • This is bs. You left out puffy tacos

    chelle roberson 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Wondering if next time music could be less annoying.

    Greet tacos though, music?

    Guess it’s an acquired taste

    Laura Muntz 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • What can you use if you don't have sour cream

    yohann Philip 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • This is very good but way too fast to keep up with 🤗😂

    Catherine 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • I honestly don't like pico de gio. Just not a huge fan of tomatoes

    Wedge of Cheese 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Tasty chef: So what kind of tacos do you want
    Some people: With hard shell, those are good
    Some other people: Soft shells are a BILLION TIMES BETTER!!
    Tasty chef: 'Kay, how about BOTH 3:55

    Hat Guy 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Potato tachos? I'm surprised there wasn't a mac n cheese tacho!

    Fantic1980 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • juste merveilleux!!!
    Merci pour vos recettes, trés bien décrites; a nos fourneaux!
    je suis impatiente de réaliser le roulé d'aubergines, vive la cuisine Méditerranéenne!
    gratitude pour tout ce que peut nous donner la Terre,
    prenons Soin d'Elle, pour prendre Soin de Nous Tous:)

    Etoile Bagatelle 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • bruh i only have salt and pepper okay???

    heroin father 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • I’m a wheat guy
    What about you

    Ching Chong ling long 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Thank you for the good video

    시미네반찬 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • This music reminds me of chowder

    chelly! 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • My inner mexican is crying rn

    Friendly 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • who is smashing the piano?!

    Ender[REDACTED] 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • The music sounds like the intro of cartoon network

    Naftania Matieu 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • 5:43 chicken wasnt cooked. These are fake vids anyway this channel is known for BS

    Adam 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Me when I’m hungry: I could literally eat anything right now
    Tasty: I know, let’s fry an avocado!

    ****** 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Good ideas but instead of using premade hard shells you could just cook the tortillas til they are soft then fold em and continue to cook em til they are crispy on both sides (with or without oil).

    Mindful Light 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Mmmmm d e l i c i o u s! Lol ill try to make with avocado 🥑 next time! our version is with garlic sauce

    Simply Us 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Great 🌮 👌🏻

    Marco Mazariegos 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Made the Chili Lime Steak Tacos. Wife says I rocked it. They turned out great. This quarantine has got me thinking of a new career now. 😆😋

    Jeff Nelson 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • I felt turned on, not sexually tho 🤣

    Fancy Pants 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Who else really wants a taco

    Paul Tsai 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Cilantro haters have left the chat

    Miguel G-Z 21/10/2022 am8:23

    N J 21/10/2022 am8:23
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  • Why so many lime juice and vinegar? 😭

    Omegosh TV 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Who only watches these videos because they are satisfying?
    I think they're satisfying…

    Ruma Mathkar 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Music is horrendous

    Nic Nonya 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • Switch and swap vintage and retro switch and swap hip hop and techno Brape back to back as taco bell

    Emoney Dreamz 21/10/2022 am8:23
  • AMEN

    joanna 21/10/2022 am8:23