TACO MAN'S Life Changed In 24 Hours, What Happens Is Shocking (True Story) | Dhar Mann

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INSPIRED BY THE TRUE STORY OF Tony Rojas and his business Tony’s Tacos

Idea: Dhar Mann and Berkeley Anderson-Toth
Writer: Dhar Mann and Berkeley Anderson-Toth
Director / Cinematographer: Seth Oduro
Senior Manager: Ruben Ortiz, Tony Corsini
Assistant Director: Carlos Orellana
Script Supervisor:
Story Editor:
Editor: Grant Swanson
Assistant Editor: Javier Martinez
Composer: Rahul Dhakad
Colorist: Mario Pantin
Sound Editor: Lucca Mendes
VFX Editor: Fabian Perez
Trailer Editor: Brian Burkhardt
Casting and Locations Manager: Alisha Watson
Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons, Kevin Svec
Pre Production Manager: Hope Mueller, Luz Ortiz
Post Production Manager: Brian Nelson, Allan Dave Castro
Bookings Manager: Nix Villarubin
Bookings Associates: Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar
Project Manager Associates: Katey Clausen, Miranda Romero
Lead Production Assistant: Aaron Sierra
Production Assistant: Maxton Smith
Gaffer: Caleb Wallace
Best Boy Grip/PA:
Best Boy/PA:
Sound Mixer / Boom Operator: Travis Hatcher
Set Decorator: Marco Chiong
Props Associate: Manuel Alcaraz, Armand Bashar
Studio Teacher:
BTS Director:
BTS Editor:
BTS Assistant Editor:
BTS Colorist:
2nd Assistant Camera:

Tony- Peter Laboy
Customer 1 – Daniel Rhyder
Customer 2 – Monica Mauro
Customer 3 – Giovanni Jones
Customer 4 – Brenda Rios
Customer 5 – Jean Pierre Giagnoli
Employee 1 – Valencia Berry
Employee 2 – Cobra Wesley
Employee 3 – Alexx Calise
Child – Jannik Ouwersloot
Charlie – Colin Borden
Friend 1 – Michelle Lebo
Fiend 2 – Vin Sander
Customer 6 – Angela Yee
Customer 7 – Mico Saad
Customer 8 – Michele Marotta
Homeless Person 1 – Sandra Collins.
Homeless Person 2 – Patrick Warden
Homeless Person 3 – Victoria Saitz
Homeless Person 4 – Bob Rummler
Homeless Person 5 – Crystal Nigmatjonova
Homeless Person 6 – Craig Smith
Homeless Person 7 – John T. Hillman
Homeless Person 8 – Zhavaughn Reed-Williams
Homeless Person 9 – Kala Masters
Roscoe – Arwen (Owners: Rachel Sedory & Adam Rupp)

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  • Based on the true story of Tony Rojas, to help give back to dreams like Tony's check out the Dream Machine Foundation: http://www.dreammachineusa.org/

    Dhar Mann 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • im in the backround of the screen running

    Santiago Ramirez 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • This story made me tear up. Charlie deserves everything good coming his way ❤️

    𝕀𝕟𝕒 𝔼𝕕𝕚𝕥𝕫 - 𝕁𝕌𝕊𝕋𝕀ℂ𝔼 𝔽𝕆ℝ 𝕀ℝ𝔸ℕ! 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • We're not jost telling stories We're eating takos

    احمد الحربي 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • This is one of my favorite Dhar Mann videos! Absolutely love this one!❤

    The Awesome Place 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • 😊

    Charmaine 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • I love the video but come on dhar you can do better !!

    Taleen Dahar 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • 5:21
    me: dude tony is literally next to you
    this is dhar mann studios lol

    Roblox Arsino 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • Actually giving out free food ain’t gonna help with his business he’s gonna go broke

    BombasticPlays 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • Let's take a moment to appreciate how much time and effort he puts into his content for us. Love the videos!

  • 💓💓💓💓🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    AaronVirus Sun Of God 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • So mean

    Dylan Grieco 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • 😢 how can you say that to a dog

    Dylan Grieco 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • 💙💙🙏

    Tando Juqu 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • Im dhar mann and i have eternal Depression

    DEFORMED GOBLINSLAYER 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • the man charlie I have never really seen him as the bad person it's probably because no matter what he is so nice

    karol padilla 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • so just make sure ppl pity you while you work hard and youll get paid

    Kristos Menfes 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • "Wait do we have to interview or somthing?" Me: SUS

    CorbyCore 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • 5 time coming back to watch

    Kyle Cohen 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • Man meets tony likes cooking buys him his business

    zia shah 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • Dhar Mann needs a show on Netflix

    Jay Walker ;D 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • We need a part 2 on this

    Andre Briones 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • I'm so sorry for the money

    Rajaro Reid 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • This world needs more people like charile

    maxone2019Playz 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • Next 5hing you know mr. Beast says were not just wasting money were changing lives

    marko blagojevic 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • When they said what comes around goes around. So where my dad

    Yyflip 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • He’s my favorite actor, he’s always the good guy and just great overall

    The House Of Games Official 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • How does he even make a profit??

    SUAKAY 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • the shop girl tho SASSY

    Just roblox content 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • Hi

    emmale126😘 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • did anyone else notice the dog gag when the lady touched it

    Krebskulm 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • Hurry, repent, ask God for forgiveness, each day we are getting closer and closer to day of the second coming of Jesus Christ, put Jesus first, start living for Jesus, Get to know Jesus.

    I am proud to be a Christian 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • Things that you might not know about

    •Disney is demonic
    •magic is demonic
    •don’t celebrate Christmas, Easter,
    Valentine’s Day and more because
    they are pagan holidays and the
    Bible says not to celebrate pagan
    • Jesus Christ was not born on
    • The Bible did not say when Jesus was born for a reason
    •Spider man is demonic
    •The movie “turning red” is demonic
    •minions movie is demonic
    •don’t celebrate thanksgiving is paganism
    •mermaids are actually demons
    •”hello kitty” has a demonic agenda

    I am proud to be a Christian 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • Don’t use God’s name in vain or in blasphemy because it you do know what you are doing and it is so wrong

    I am proud to be a Christian 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • The Moment I Saw the title I'm like okay I'm watching this but oh my God this video just made my life my day oh my God like those two no no actually three those people nice like oh my God I just got my heart warm because of these people like these people just want me to make someone happy now like oh my God like Charlie and his two friends oh my God they're so nice and I'm so glad Tony asked that woman to get the job because that was really nice guy just a reminder never never I mean never judge a person because of the way they are because just because they're poor doesn't mean they're going to have bugs alcohol they might actually need money so this time if this actually happened don't do it I'm telling you right now don't I mean don't judge them thank you

    Candy Aleman 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • Charlie is honestly the best character,acter and person in dhar mann studios. He is sometimes always the good guy and thats what people love. I hope this happens in real life one day. And everyone knows about it. The world is depressed and everythings going wrong, but not everyone is mean or like the owner of the plaza. Some are out there giving out money buying apartments for the homeless. I hope the world changes and everyone is well off and homeless people dont gg juged badly.

    Adiana Requena 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • I would buy the tacos for him all of the tacos they look good.

    Adamjessee Jessee 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • I was about to cry no joke

    Vortex_ 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • Mango 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • please do better vids like a man or woman feeding homeless dog or man is really heart warming 🙂

    cplus gdrive 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • where does the soup go does everyone eat it after the video?

    Romulus Repas 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • a mistake in the vid:
    his hat cause those hats i have are enspensive cause its in USA we in chicago

    Jerome Topps 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • He comes in clutch again! First helping the artist now this!

    Jib_32 🅥 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • Blah blah blah blah blah that's what they all say they always have to make some stupid excuse of making homeless people leave like come on how was making your own taco stand at someone else's store highly illegal

    LDShadowLady fan 25/10/2022 am9:07
  • I just realised that Charlie is the same guy who helped the homeless artist guy

    Mavis Yoo 25/10/2022 am9:07