T & Sugah – French Fries

T & Sugah – French Fries is out now!
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T & Sugah

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  • Came from the year mix and I’m proud to say I’ve found my 2022 track

    Matthew Tang 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • Sweet tune!!

    Carl Nassar 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • Unavilinibl

    EmJamiN 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • Pure Sugar, Tasty Tea

    Nhie Uncorrupted 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • another absolute banger for t and sugar

    Chr0mePisto1a 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • This song is amazing. My previous favorite was "Unreal," but this is even better.

    Etienne V. Cordova 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • they are not "french fries" they are chips

    zachattack12 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • This is one of those tunes where you think, oh my god I can't believe I just come across it ❤ songs like this is why I love dnb music 🙏🔥

    Henry Mumberson 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • Lyrics or at least what I heard

    Steak eyes and French Fries
    Backseat kissing Drunk driving
    I've seen it all, I've had it all
    Strangers for breakfast
    Memories that don't last
    Paid a cab promised to call

    It's so easy just to throw one around
    I asked why both fill the sound
    It ain't easy just to throw it out throw it out all
    Then lock yourself in a place you found
    It's not like I need it
    But my body's screaming yes
    Don't know if you'll believe me
    Until I take in my last breath
    So I try to fight it
    But it's too deep down in my flesh
    And I wanna fight it
    Because my body's screaming
    Body's screaming yes!

    Joe O 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • Can’t stop listening to this booom Nj loves it ❤️👌🏻

    Nj Getto 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • Using this in my next set it on fire pure bliss love it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    Nj Getto 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • Push it🔥👌🏻amazing

    Scheib Miro 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • Love it! Nice work t&suga

    Inflate 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • This was delicious 🤤

    Cavesy 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • 🙏🎧⚡👍

    Laziz Mirzayev 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • I love this !!!

    tina hroncekovic 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • This will be a hit, mark my words

    ok listen 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • Why on Spotify are 2 instrumentals uploaded? Should be one with vocals

    Unknown Spot 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • Thank you Mcdonalds…

    Merkes 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • Love it! Not sure if you guys have noticed but you uploaded the instrumental version twice onto Spotify rather than with and without vocals!!

    Tom Gittins 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • I'm from France and i approve this song

    toto victor2 26/10/2022 pm5:18

    MoulaEnEsprit 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • perfect song to start into this saturday. i think i know what i will cook for lunch

    Raven Bane 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • 🔥

    sweeting 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • The progression in this is absolutely gorgeous. From the vocal, to the drop, just wow.

    Dim Bolt 26/10/2022 pm5:18
  • ^*^

    Giga Byte 26/10/2022 pm5:18