Sweet INDIAN STREET FOOD Tour in North India! India's Dessert Capital!

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Special thanks to Archana for joining me on this sweet tour. Follow her on Instagram @lodha_archana
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1. SHRI MISHRILAL HOTEL: Special Rabri + Special Pede
ADDRESS: Clock Tower, Sardar Market, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 34200
OPEN: 8:30AM – 10PM

To make this sweet snack, reduce milk by adding sugar until it becomes thick. Add a mixture of rosewater and cardamom powder, then serve.
PRICE: 5 USD/360 INR per kg

Reduce milk to milk solid (called mawa) by evaporating or drying the milk out. Add cardamom powder, sugar, saffron and kewra (an extract distilled from the flower of the pandanus plant) to the mawa and roast in a wok until it becomes a smooth paste. Allow to cool, roll into balls and enjoy.
PRICE: 5 USD/360 INR per kg
LOCATION: Tripolia Bazar, Rawaton Ka Bass, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342001
OPEN: 6AM – 12PM for jalebi (otherwise open until 8PM)

Motu Jalebi Wala has been serving one of Jodhpur’s most popular sweets, jalebi, for 105 years. The jalebi batter is made from refined flour, a little bit of gram flour and water. Finish the jalebi by dunking it into sugar syrup and eating!
PRICE: 5 USD/360 INR per kg
3. JODHPUR SWEETS: Rabri Ladoo + Rose Badam Ladoo + Pista Pan Gilory
LOCATION: 9th C Rd, Sardarpura, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342003
OPEN: 7AM – 10:30PM
Boil milk and reduce it to mawa (milk solid), mixing with gram flour to create batter. In separate wok, add sugar syrup, saffron and cardamom powder. Strain the batter into the ghee pan, forming small balls. After the balls are fried, dunk in the sugar-saffron syrup.
To make the ladoos (round balls), mix almonds, big cardamom seeds, cardamom powder, rose petals (fresh), the fried small balls that were previously dunked in sugar syrup and bind them together into ladoo.
PRICE: 5.2 USD/380 INR per kg

Create the dough by mixing soaked almonds and sugar. Then mix with chopped roasted almonds, pistachios and rose syrup. Roll into a balls (ladoos), then roll it again in rose syrup before coating them in dried rose petals.
PRICE: 16.4 USD/1,200 INR per kg

Soak cashew nuts and pistachios for 3 hours before grinding them into a paste. In a wok, add water and sugar to create a syrup, then add ghee and the pistachio and cashew paste. With a thick wooden spatula, continue mixing the paste to make it finer. Allow to cool for 30 minutes. Flatten the paste and cut into equal squares. Take one piece and curl it into the shape of a cone.

To make the stuffing, mix gulkand (rose marmalade), pistachios, roasted almonds, mishri (sugar crystals), poppy seeds, pan chutney with silver leaf, sugar and saffron. Allow to sit for one hour, then add the stuffing to the cone. Wrap the cone in edible silver sheet. Finally, using saffron and rose water, create a paste and add a drop on the outside of this sweet treat.
PRICE: 13.6 USD/1,000 INR per kg
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    Special thanks to Archana for joining me on this sweet tour. Follow her on Instagram @lodha_archana

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