The Ultimate Battle of Good and Evil vs an Even Eviler Evil! ALL the HEROES, ALL the VILLAINS – MARVEL, DC, STAR WARS, X-MEN, LORD OF THE RINGS, HARRY POTTER, THE MATRIX, TERMINATOR and so many more – will join forces for the first time to take on the most highly-awarded super-villain of all time – OSCAR! Will they triumph and free themselves from their eternal torment? Or will their golden captor wipe the arena with their collective butts? Suit up, strap in and push it to 88 mph for the Biggest, Bombasticest, Hyperbolicest Showdown in HISTORY!
This is the third part of our Super-Bowl Trilogy – make sure you’ve seen the first two:
SUPER-HERO-BOWL! – The Ultimate Battle of Good vs Good!

SUPER-VILLAIN-BOWL! – The Ultimate Battle of Evil vs Evil!

And then the story continues into…
FANFICTASIA! – A world where anything and any character is possible…
Episode 1 –
Episode 2 –





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  • Thanks for watching! 😀 This is Part 3 of our "Super-Bowl" Trilogy – make sure you've seen the first two:
    😎 Part 1 – SUPER-HERO-BOWL!
    😈 Part 2 – SUPER-VILLAIN-BOWL!
    … and then the story continues in 🌋 FANFICTASIA!
    FANFICTASIA – Episode 1 – The Phantom-like Menace
    FANFICTASIA – Episode 2 – The Vault of Un-Kept Secrets
    You can find ALL our animation here: 🥪

    ArtSpear Entertainment 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • omg..i just found this..what a masterpiece…and that twist at the end is 🔥🔥🔥

    Autumn Snows 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Thats oscar thing bro..

    science YT 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • "Optimum prise."

    I love it 😂😂😂

    Mojang 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • RealTrafficConeMan 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • He played the worlds smallest before the song came out

    Silent Doge 22/10/2022 pm3:54

    sun pat marz 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • is it possable for you to make a video like this but it Xbox vs PlayStation characters ?

    NiGhTmArE NiGhT 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Anyone know what the giant snake at 33:00 and the giant red dragon name?

    Blaquaza 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • The Oscar said "I'm playing the world's smallest violin for you" it reminds me of now, the song The world's smallest violin

    Elijah Gonzales 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • There is other one is old pennywise who won the game

    Daniel the green fazbear 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Nooop monke

    666jevil666 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Why does it say sandwich toon instead of toon sandwich?

    El Gato Astral 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • The One Ring is actually the ultimate weapon 😱

    Music 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • The world's smallest violin really needs an audience so if I do not find somebody soon I'll blow up into smithereens

    Rebecca Ashley 22/10/2022 pm3:54

    ¿Đħļæߧụœųķņž¡ç 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Totally missed out potential prequel episodes about Super Video Game bowl, Super Animated Bowl and Super Anime Bowl.

    INKGA10 CLAN 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Much better assemble than endgame

    asriel dreemurr 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • 10:54 If you look closely when Oscar stops time and when the golden guys/girls are frozen, Thunder still appears.

    Shadow Gaming 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Ikr

    screams_memes 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • This Reminds me As a kid Playing with my Action Figures

    Unknown Samurai 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • My dreams have a meaning
    My dreams:

    Roan Wills 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Where was Walter white in the character reveal before the fight with Oscar

    Ellis Nass 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • 99 foreshadowing

    Ian q gaming 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • I saw walta

    kevin Osterman 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • 10:04 Where is everybody in the background running to? Did they forget the enemy is the giant golden guy that's impossible to miss in the center of the ring?

    Mechanic Apples 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Rest in peace black panther

    Cheetode2pesos 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Best videos in YouTube history and the closest we will ever get to a multi universe crossover

    Life is Berserk 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • У Оскара есть способности флеша, он может создать временного реликта, то есть он бессмертен!

    -RANDR- 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • a super videogame sounds awesome as heck lol

    Bruce Goodchild 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • The part where Oscar said he is a hero, really make me think how people see hero or villains base on our action or history some called as villains or heroes, but others called them as victims of unfairness that can be relatable. In the end nothing matters.

    Nicole John Tahup 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • This is better than endgame

    Jordan Love Nixon 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Me re-watching ever single video of his the 100th time: I love this ❤

    Funnie doge 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Who’s the character at 11:04 ?

    SMZ Productions 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Captain America: characters asemble

    ArkanikzXPlayz 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Just add killer bean

    Bruh 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • i love how the heroes thats attacking oscar are int he screen adn the backround ppl are just flying around or running unlike fighting

    Zenitsu 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Dude you CANNOT make me want to kill Oscar and have him die with the line "I thought I was the hero." Too many emotions, man.

    Cthulhu 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • The mask is pretty powerful

    Dark Talon 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Just imagine if Oscar also had a bowl for YouTube like animated characters Jaiden animations or boggs world and made up characters like Jian hao tan characters or Desmond Dennis and of course alphabet lore
    also a book bowl would be cool

    Амир Кацаев 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Where are my autobots during this

    Optimus Prime 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Bruh I paused on 4:47 and they added Walter white

    Fake pumpkin 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Very nice and long finale! I loved it!

    Jakob Braun 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Pls do e 3

    Olivia games 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Wait zoro😂😂 u lost again

    Dreamy anime 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Are you going to do the other brawls because they look like fun to watch I can wait take your time guys

    the ghost of var resh 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • If this was a 4 hour long movie I’d honestly pay to watch it 😂

    The Water 22/10/2022 pm3:54
  • Coolguy 387 22/10/2022 pm3:54