Super-Easy Pumpkin Donuts Recipe

Soft, moist, and fluffy, these homemade baked Pumpkin Donuts are so easy to make and will melt in your mouth! Made with pantry staples, these donuts are so flavorful and are even better when topped with a delicious maple glaze or cinnamon sugar.






  • Can I use this with my huge donut mold?

    Twinkies 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Amazing!! So glad I found you!! Love the background 📚 too 😊

    Allykattz D. 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • We have been using Chinese 5 Spice instead of pumpkin pie spices. Try it, it's nice!

    Janna Swanson 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • So easy! So delicious! It's Fall!

    Kimberly Shalaby 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • I better run to get a donut pan. Those donuts looks delicious 🤤. Being from the Caribbean we are used to eat a kind of pumpkin boiled, in stews, in dessert and recently after moving to US, I started to make pumpkin pancakes with fresh pumpkin and my family love them paired with maple syrup. Thank you for your videos. I started to watch them weeks ago and I enjoy them a lot. You are awesome…

    Ileana Hernández Cabán 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • I enjoy watching you… especially your bloopers. You're pleasant and funny ☺

    Cassandra Dawkins 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Looks yummy, something else to do with can pumpkin

    Sharon Gillespie 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • If I don't have a donut baking pan, can the same recipe be used for cupcakes instead? Glaze and all?

    Havox 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Iis a donut shaped cupcake this method. Lol

    Nancie Nordwick 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • These are made a lot like muffins.

    Sandi Steinberg 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Nondairy milk and sugar substitute

    Amy Condle 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • And that's why I love your videos… you leave in the boo boo's…
    and the recipe's are also good.
    edit: When it says Libby’s, Libby’s, Libby’s on the Label, Label, Label, you will like it, like it like it, on your table, table, table.

    adonian 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Hi just found your channel. Looking forward to watching more videos! Love your kitchen!

    Kim F# Harp 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Made them last night. Reminds me of a pumpkin woopie pie recipe I have used for years. The recipe definitely needs a pan with middle to make them fluffy. Had some leftover batter and put in tiny muffin pan and they were much denser. This does work in a mini bundt cake pan – get lovely shapes with fancy one. Did with cinnamon sugar sprinkled but think would be nice with a drizzle of frosting as well. Think will make these again though not as much fun for guests as woopie pies (served single side with choice of dipping frosting: rum, coffee, cinnamon).

    RubiousLizardEyes 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • You make it look so fun & easy you make me think that even "I" can bake. Just need 2 extra ingredients on hand: Aloe gel & Band-Aids 😂. PS: You are so fun & adorable (read this to your husband next time you're in the doggie house ….to remind him you have "options" 🤭. Love to you and the family. Keep on inspiring the world and keep that glorious smile.)

    Charlie Q. Brown 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Can we use this exact recipe for muffins?

    B T 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Can you put this batter into a muffin tin and make these as muffins?

    Bearlady5 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Maple frosting is yummy on Pumpkin donuts or cookies. It all looks really yummy John.

    MD Perkins 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • this guy's personality instantly put a smile on my face!

    Marina Saburova 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Has anyone tried replacing the oil with applesauce?

    Funnypuppy23 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Just wondering if a recipe using an entire can of pumpkin is too hard to do…. It's not like you can have too many donuts.🤣

    Sandie Weatherup 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Fantastic Channel – The delivery .. the charm.. the fact that you bring us back to the most important ingredient in cooking – FUN! I've learned a lot here.. thanks!

    Gods2ndFavoriteBassPlyr 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Nice but too much sugar.

    Leamaka 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • What if yo

    Samantha Gutierrez 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • 4:38 9:06 more ! lol

    itachi du coin 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Are you high…

    CeCe Ortiz 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Looks delicious! Could I use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil? Thank you.

    Alert 100 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • That is a lot of sugar

    Minerva Luciano 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • P.S. I'm ordering a silicone baking pan (I don't have a conventional oven in my house — use a Cuisinart countertop oven). I 'm assuming it's a standard 4"?

    Joan Lucci 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Could you use a piping bag (large hole) for frosting the donuts? I'm also wondering if a maple cream cheese frosting might be yummy — I'll give it a try!

    Joan Lucci 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Great recipe but the guy is not the most congenial

    Pandora Halfdanarson 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • I swore I was not going to to buy another cook book. You forced to break my rule with all your delicious recipes. I love your videos. I've been cooking for approx 40 years and I've learnt more from you thanany other cooking instructor because you give the science/reason behind your decisions. Ordered your book today. Watching from Australia so some ingredients like pumkin puree as an example is not obtainable so will have to substitute. Keep up the great work.

    Christine SMid 20/10/2022 pm5:21

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  • I just want to apologize to you John for thinking you were Billy Eichner. 😩 im 😞

    Aisha Thompson 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • What can I use to replace the egg? Can I leave it out?

    Pink Rose 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Mmmm Pumpkin Donuts, said no-one ever !

    memyselfandi 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Great video ..

    rockyrandy 20/10/2022 pm5:21
  • Hey John, have you made these recipes with healthier oils such as avocado oil?

    Riis 20/10/2022 pm5:21