Sunday Roasts With Gordon Ramsay

A Sunday spend cooking and serving a roast will always be a good Sunday well spent.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit –

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  • Thanks Ramson.
    Great job

    Easy Kitchen SL 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • Yummy 🍺

    James Robinson 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • "Those breasts will stay nice and moist": said the father to his daughter.

    joe S 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • I made this chicken, but nobody wanted chickpea stuffing, so I made my fresh bread stuffing. This chicken came out totally AHHHHMAZING! Rave reviews at dinner table! I use many of Chef Ramsey’s incredible recipes. Never had any of them turn out any way but FABULOUS! Thank you Chef Ramsey! You make me a much better Home Chef. And I’ve been cooking since I was 5 yrs old. It’s so nice to be almost 66 & kicking butt in the kitchen by following your advice & using your recipes!❤️

    PIPPY & PENNY 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • I want the hazelnut chocolate meringue tower 🤩🤩

    sashank avirneni 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • a coat tail daughter if there could ever be a description.

    Eric Fober 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • can you deep boil teenagers… get that tainting out of them early, maybe fill them with respect?? yeah, maybe??

    Eric Fober 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • what a twerp

    naddanbb 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • this guy is so creepy constantly making quips about his daughters intimate relationships… and assuming the young one is straight :')

    Scaz Talks 21/10/2022 pm1:32

    Matthew Richards 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • Beautiful and all but problem is…in real life…a normal family ''normal'' wont ever have the time to do all that considering both parents works hard and long shift to pays rent/house/bills/kids bills/etc taking care of the kiddo….aint no time to play fake ! Must be real !

    Vannovuth Thai 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • How is ur BF?
    He BJ me an its nutritious 🤣🤣🤣

    George 21/10/2022 pm1:32

    ann collins 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • Lmao he casually says he going to be there in his daughter date

    shin su 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • Are this original

    AK 416 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • ….when he’s too old to move around and cook…he should do voice overs and book reading. Just. A calming voice

    Yup67 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • Is it lent yet

    chaklit tea 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • Free-range roast meat is what so much real European cooking is about and no more so than British food. In the big Asian cities there's great food culture, of course, but actually, apart from a few 5-star Western hotels or occasional cuts of Wagyu, the concept of "free-range" is quite an alien concept. Even Big Mac's are from grass fed beef in the UK. I have to remind people of this when they say "What's British food, just fish and chips? haha"

    Thom 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • All I think is would he adopt me? I'd join the family just to eat

    x T 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • cant just be me who thought she was atleast 20 when she said she was 14 lol

    Big Bass 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • i didnt know i was supposed to put the butter under the skin

    Theatricult 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • Has anybody ever tried taking Gordon's roast turkey recipe and applied the exact same recipe to a whole chicken? Just wondering how it is, because the turkey is SO good I'd imagine it would work even better for a chicken.

    The Clint Commander 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • 2:25 Gordon m8 🤔 I coulda counted 5 more examples.

    Jdog 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • Gorden Can you cook Takoyaki

    AmazeAngeloGamesヅ ꪜ 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • Are there recipes to this?

    Katey Janson 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • I love his laugh and when he looks vulnerable. So cute. My husband and I are watching master chef from the beginning. On season 5 now. “Damn” is a favorite word for mishaps in our kitchen.

    Katey Janson 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • What's the temperature and time for this roast chicken?

    EnigmaTV 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • I love how he is with his family

    Jessica Johnson 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • La primera lección “ recógete el pelo niña”🤦🏻‍♀️

    Maria Cande 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • I love that bond of the dad and daughters so heart warming ❤️ 💕 ur kitchen look so amazing full of ingredients 😍 🙌 happy family always full of delicious and healthy fresh food . ❤️❤️

    Shirley Bocayes 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • I know the cameras are rolling and everything but Gordon with children is actually really heart warming.

    Daniel Aquilina 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • This man has 100 kids

    EV1 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • I have a wife…,she is better cooki…,but this is a problem..we live in SAN FRANCISCO and I want to go OUT.,,

    Evgeny Khamlov 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • The screeching offence proportionately bathe because helicopter regretfully escape like a awful cap. zany, dusty flute

    Kayla Hathorn 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • too much fat for me but you are soooooo cute with your ladies . Love you

    Valeria Maglia 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • This guy knows what he’s talking about💪🏻

    Ryan Spangler 21/10/2022 pm1:32
  • Just made the chicken and salad an hour ago.
    Thanks Chef

    kenn c 21/10/2022 pm1:32