Sunday Roasted Chicken, the Efficient Way

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Crispy skin, succulent meat, leftover bones that can be made into a stock for soup; Sunday roasted chicken is of the great culinary traditions and though there are a bunch of different ways to roast a bird, the one I do most frequently is spatchcock or butterfly. Prepare it, season it, roast it, simple as that. In about an hour you have a delicious roasted chicken. Serve with some potatoes, roasted vegetables, or a simple salad and as a bonus, I love making this Peruvian inspired green sauce to slather all over it

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Efficient Roasted Chicken
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  • I followed your instructions. First time my wife liked my roast chicken.

    newa 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Your chicken presentation reminds me of an episode of Bones

    Sven Trautmann 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • I don’t normally comment on anything but i made this and it was SO GOOD + easy to cook that i had to come back on here and write something.

    Maxiel De Jesus 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • This is legit the best video on your channel. Perhaps you should reconsider remaking it? I have made it several times, easily the best roast chicken video. 🐻‍❄

    Nano Shinonome 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Thank you Ethan very cool

    Metaldude X 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Preheat your oven to 475 F (246 C) for conventional or 400 F (205 C) if using convection (fan circulates hot air). Taken from Ethan's site.

    Ján Lukáš 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Spatchcocking for me went weird the first time and I had trouble getting in between it. The bird was slightly frozen from sitting at the top of the refrigerator but overall it seems to have gone well. It's cooking right now at 475F on the top oven rack. Loaded it with salt, pepper, lemon pepper, paprika, and lots of Tony Chachere's. I'll let you know how it turns out!.

    James Pedid 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Hi Ethan, what temperature(s) and time would you recommend if I did this on a pellet grill?

    urtypicalguy 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • I just made this as the first dish in my kitchen that has no gas yet. I enjoyed it, fun combo with the sauce (though it was too spicy for my taste! I'll reduce the jalapeño next time).

    Turned out pretty good. I didn't use convection though, some parts of the chicken were still too moist and not crispy enough imo. Do you think convection would fix that?

    Jajalaatmaar 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Hi, what temp did you cook it? thanks

    Onder Yilmaz 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Ethan could you please show us deboning a chicken as well? Delicious recipe! I love chicken this way!

    Trish R. 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • I'm about to throw this in the oven for Christmas Dinner, Guys. Wish me luck!
    Merry Christmas!
    [Update: The chicken came our great! I pulled it at 175/150 and there was a little bit of red in one thigh joint, I just let that wait in the warm, turned-off oven while we ate dinner. All that redness cooked out with the leftover heat. The flavor, the juiciness, the skin came out really well! Thanks, Ethan!]

    trublgrl 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Nice touch with the classical music.

    Esteban John 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • This video is about to get reallllll popular again!

    Cameron Hetzler 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • The spatchcock technique is magical – the chicken came out perfect. Thanks!

    Chad Blair 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Lo único que hace falta son unos Plátanos Verde Fritos!!!

    tukker cañfon 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • When did Andy Dalton start cooking on YouTube? Jk, good vid man!

    Erik Sanchez 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Do I have to worry about skimming chicken “scum” off the top of the pot when making stock? I’ve never made stock in the oven overnight.

    Angélique Marie 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • sunday roasted chicken- I had to wat twice to make sure of oven temperature. You said "high heat". That is not an oven setting on my stove. Please specify in degrees, thx.

    san dy 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • I watch a lot of your newer videos. (Made the ballooning rotis last month). Just want to say that this video's intro is so not the new-you. 😂😂

    Ash G 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • is this Max Richter on the soundtrack? makes me wanna cry…. 🤣

    Lee 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • That green sauce colour is awesome

    Reacryoum 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Seen a few spatchcock chicken videos. Looks good on the grill.
    Just can’t find any answers to the point of it.
    Does it taste better than chicken pieces ? I can usually buy a big pack of chicken pieces at a good price and skip this prep work. Just asking ?

    Steven Morris 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • That’s a chickita banana on roids

    Jay Rome 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • I'll have to try this method. I don't usually have good luck getting super juicy roast chicken, unfortunately. The last time I roasted a spatch cocked chicken I had the temp at 450 and the chicken on a baking sheet without a wire rack(I don't own one). Thinking about it now, I may have had it in the oven a little too long as well.

    Michael Althauser 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Nice to see you’ve come so far in your production quality. Your mic levels in this video are so off, but you’ve greatly improved in the last year

    Gabe 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Can confirm that both this chicken and the sauce are the BOMB DIGGITY. I accidentally put an extra clove of garlic in the sauce and BOY did it have a kick, but it went perfect with the chicken!

    Slinky Josh 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Nice turkey, I mean chicken.

    mynthecooldude 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • So off topic but Dang this man has some glowy skin!

    Felorina Lorch 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Am I trippin? Did he mention what temp to cook at?

    Scottie Blanton 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Did you ever make a chicken noodle soup video?

    Julio Mo 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Awesome, I'm going to have to give this a try.

    oblivionspartan 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Great recipe Ethan! The bird looked absolutely amazing.
    And great that you show that you did overshoot with the temperature. Sometimes things do not go as planned, but it does not ruin anything! These aspects makes your videos very welcoming to aspiring home cooks!

    Jānis Irmejs 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Just curious, what was the temp set for the 40-50mins in the oven?

    Adrian Liew 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • I got MEATER and followed Ethan to a T. If you let a bird sit outside the oven, you’ll see the temp rise an additional 10 degrees over 15 minutes and then it drops to the pull temp after another 15 minutes. This happened reliably 3x so just sharing my data for others. I pulled at 150 and it rose to 159 then fell to 151 before carving. Open to feedback on my method if you all have any. Thanks again, Ethan!

    Cameron Hetzler 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Where’s the pickled onion gang?

    Josh Sharpling 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • every week i buy a whole chicken with a pack of soup vegetables, cut it in pieces, throw the wings and the backbone in a pot with the vegetables, onion, garlic, aromatics, leave it over night, freeze it in ice cube shapes, take out the cubes and put them in a bag in the freezer. then you have home made stock pods, 2 breasts and 2 legs every week for less then 10 bucks (depending what chicken you buy of course).

    Lucas Wojatschke 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • Request to all cooking Youtubers…
    When using ovens, please specify:
    -temperature in Fahrenheit and Celcius
    -rack position
    -heating method (top and/or bottom element, convection only, grill, convection and a specific element)

    Ryan Kozak 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • This is very similar to America's Test Kitchen's 2 year old "Crisp Roasted Butterflied Chicken".
    Only differences:
    -they add a garlic rosemary olive oil baste
    -you do a much better job of clarifying core meat temperature
    -your tip on making soup stock is greatly appreciated (already made the soup too – best I've ever made).

    Ryan Kozak 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • The music for cutting up and serving chicken sounds like sad bit of a film when a key character has died and the protagonist is remembering the good times that will never be again.

    phlarrdboi 18/10/2022 am7:59
  • How are you so handsome!!

    Jan Coutto 18/10/2022 am7:59