Stuffed Roast Chicken with Chorizo | Gordon Ramsay

Stuffing roast chicken keeps it moist and delicious. If you’re attempting this outside the UK – it cooks at 180C / 350F. Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food:
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  • Chef Ramsey… it's all good November 24th 2022 .. Thank you for sharing this.. it's going to make a sister fall in love

    June Bug 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • That is disgusting ramsey you dont deserve to be a chef and the beans look shit too!

    Rocam Camor 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • In the accompanying book it says for this same recipe to roast at 180 and then 200 for the last 30 minutes. He doesn’t mention that here. Also are these oven temps for gas or fan assisted? So many variables that aren’t covered here.

    Stratosaurus Rex 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • Gordon uses olive oil as lube

    The Real Z Man 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • Fuck me running

    Steven Demara 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • Very good recipe. I have tried it twice and it was very tasty (but probably not as good as Gordon's !)

    Jonathan Hall 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • that is more boiled chiken then roasted

    Chimichanga 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • Okay HOW do ya'll do this without destroying your hands because I must have baby mits. I cannot cut a roast chicken right out of the oven without burning myself XD

    Gabriele Barr 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • Watch this short video and you will learn many interesting facts about Gordon Ramsay! Enjoy-

    Kalina Klanzunuva 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • Is cannellini bean & habichuelas beans same?

    Sheetal 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • Did not care for juice/ broth , chicken was meh
    Going to do this stuffing with a thick boneless pork chop

    sally liali 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • Stuffing was great

    sally liali 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • If you used the amount of ingredient and spend the amount of money you use in one meal why not in the world won't be taste great good delicious yummy

    Min etlaV 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • I wonder if this something you can make over a rotisserie grill

    CardinalSin21 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • Made this again today. One of my favourite dishes. Thank you, Gordon

    Keel S 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • Ramsey, that way of preparing stuffed chicken is very interesting, but does it turn out well roasted in such a short time? And don't you think that fat that is released from the preparation is very loaded with cholesterol and, far from being beneficial, can it cause damage to health? Wouldn't an avocado-based salad be better? congratulations for your preparations, from Santa Cruz de Tenerife

    william rodriguez 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • The chicken looked under cooked.

    Timothy Hutchins 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • of note … this is 180 degrees C folks not F lol in F that's 356 F or basically 360 F

    Livedontletdie 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • what is the bean that he used?

    Laksitha Gajasinghe 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • Love this recipe
    I’ve used it on Game hens and quails and chickens

    Michael Matta 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • 很怀疑,这个东西会好吃么?这么厚的肉,也没有腌制,会入味么?做着很好看的样子,但真的味道感觉不会太好吃

    頑劣 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • thanks for this Gordon! (I followed this to compete with my Mums dry chicken!)

    horse hendry 18/10/2022 am3:09
  • Right. Making this now. It's in the fucking oven. I've had a taste of the left over stuffing. Wow!.
    I'm on a winner here. 👍

    leonard bullhock 18/10/2022 am3:09