Stack a cake with me

  • Can you freeze cakes covered with butter cream and with fruit/other toppings in the middle?

    Emma Cheese 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • That’s so lovely.

    Baker 1982 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • Y'all mimo's videos make me smile so much. Like I'll be having such a bad day and I'll open YouTube and boom all better

    Fatima Khurruam 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • This is one of my favorite cakes! I’ll never get bored of seeing it.

    Patricia Kanavy 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • Has anyone ever eaten one of the straws on accident?

    Pikachu Neoncat 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • What happends if you don't put a straw in and put the top teir on?

    malak ateereh 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • Where do you get the straws, or what is the brand of them?😅

    Khloe Sheets 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • The bottom tier reminds me of the city of Townsville from The PowerPuff Girls!! As always you and your creations are amazinggg Mimo MaShaAllah!!!

    Rejjah Zakir 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • carefulspongebobcarefulspongebobcarefulspongebobcarefulspongebobcarefulspongebobcarefulspongebobcarefulspongebobcarefulspongebob

    There we go! 😊

    Silverboa 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • Everyday when I get on my phone and I come on YouTube shorts and see you it makes my day (I love baking please give us some cake tips!)

    N A Fayard 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • what did you use for the spider web?

    Gem Tachataj 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • I think you are a good cake artist because you do your best with every cake. Even if you get a complicated request you try your best to deliver what they want. Great work! 👍

    Hellebore 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • ARe those styrofoam straws?

    Nobody Isme 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • Just curious, what do u do with the other (shorter) part of the straw once u cut it since u use the longer one for stacking cakes? I always love urcakes Mimo❤️

    Rjhei Love 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • Have you ever had a straw after you cut it and it flings to into the unknown but it ends up hitting the cake and hurting the design?

    Demons In My Head 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • Why dont you make miniature cakes

    sena jabeen 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • I don’t understand people calling those straws boba straws. We always called them smoothie straws.

    Amazing Melodies 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • What you call a bubble/boba straw, when I was a kid we called those bean shooters. My father taught me how to shoot beans when I was 3. Mother was not happy. But we had fun. Beans all over the kitchen. 🤣😆😁 👵✌️🖖

    BR549, OU812, Boomer 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • It’s so satisfying seeing the straws shoved into the cake

    Pearl the rebel 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • My friend from California visited me the other day and she mentioned that they say boba vs bubble tea. I honestly never put too much thought into it. I’ve always just said bubble tea!

    Impetuous Porkus 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • this is why you never shove a persons face down into a cake.

    Bits and Baubs 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • I just love your videos and your vibe, you’re so talented keep it up 😊

    MeliMelo 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • I’m here within 3 hours I slay

    Roblox ALDC 23/10/2022 pm6:02
  • LOL The "careful SpongeBob" jokes XD

    Jocelyne cupcake 23/10/2022 pm6:02