Sourdough Bread | Basics with Babish (feat. Joshua Weissman)

This week, Joshua Weissman travels alllllll the way to the big apple, just to show me how to make bread! I mean, I’m sure he did other things while he was in town. Watch him recreate the famous Levain chocolate chip cookie here:




  • i watch BWB for the story

    byganza 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • lol this is the gayest sourdough instructional video of all time.

    tofuComputer 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • The bromance we never knew we needed, bu the one we always knew we deserved.

    INDAREVISH 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • Awkward

    ee†han 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • 18:03 prolapse

    silly 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • Great video I've made sourdough but I learned some excellent tips wish I knew about wetting scraper and so much more

    Lindsay Johnston 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • Why tf is this the first time im seeing this masterpiece of a video.

    Scuffle Buggy 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • I wonder what grade these boys are in?

    Ed P 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • After 4 failed loaves this recipe seems to work perfectly, after the folds my dough looks exactly like yours guys.

    Not gonna lie though, trying to piece together all the info from such a long video is a piece work. I think I know 80% of the video by heart now.

    Ya'll a bunch of retards 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • Instructions unclear,dough still in counter but child nowhere to be found

    Immortal Snail 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • I think this is the first time looking at food has turned me on this year. Hearing y’all describe how the bread came out made me feel privileged to see this bread. I need to make some sourdough bread soon.

    Perkl8er 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • The detailed explanations are so helpful

    Byungjoo Cho 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • the most pretentious loaf of bread in yt history…

    Francisco aguirre 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • axzzie 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • I came for the bread
    Then I was coming

    ConcussiveCrow 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • that sound when your puffing / folding the dough, really sounds familiar ha ha ha ha

    Jack Valderia 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • New watches every cut 😂😅

    Krista Gomez 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • Ein Kommentar2

    fuiehf jfcnsl 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • This is the quietest I've seen papa I think LOL

    Yuna Alvarez 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • That cast iron skillet set is $50 these days.

    ZombieDawg 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • the dough removal from the fingers…lol!🤣

    J 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • watching thi swhile eating sourdough

    gator cuhfoo 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • I value the effort to make this looks simple and fun, but the further the video goes, it looks like it takes all day, quite a bit physical work, and I think I'd just rather buy one already made for $2 👀

    Brave Little Pixel 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • this sus af

    Payton MCM 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • Bromance bwead excellent.

    Dr.E (Max Lee) 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • That dough isn't the only thing wet after all these inuendos lol

    Kandi Kane 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • I think it was 9 months ago when I did this. under your advisement, I ROMANCED it when I combined the flours. well I hate you guys.!!! now I have to pay child support!!

    Jr Helios 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • made this today and it was worth it. looked, smelled and tasted wonderful.

    Michael Blank 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • maybe the real sourdough was the friends we made along the way

    Jay Joe 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • What’s in the starter? Yeast & water?

    Bobby Iaccino 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • Interessting process and totally different to what I learned, but ok. What I really don't understand is this obsessive use of plastic wap when a damp kitchen towel would to a perfekt job without creating a ton of waste.

    Morticia147 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • I wasn't prepared for how funny this video is

    Nick Santoro 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • If this was a podcast this wouldn’t be aloud on this website

    bread 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • "a vehicle for butter"! LOL so true…

    Billy West 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • babish definitely plays toad in mario kart

    Sam Forpanek 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • that's the exact same bread i buy every day at my Boulangerie ^^

    LeDocteurGonzo 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • Play some Mario cart?

    Jenn Pangelina 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • I’ve made this twice and it tasted like nothing both times 😖 idk what I’m doing wrong

    Lauren Graves 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • Anybody else named their sourdough Josh

    Joe Hansson 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • You've got to grab it like baby.



    Jalapeno Soda 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • They look burnt

    Martin (no really, martin) 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • what else could i use if i didn’t have a dutch oven

    Joseppi Boomer 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • i love how josh's bread is a tad bigger than andrew's like papa xD

    Vicky H 19/10/2022 pm1:21
  • 24:34
    I love how Josh puts salt on his buttered piece before trying it. He knows what's up.

    JuMar 19/10/2022 pm1:21