Son describes condition of father who was injured in deadly Pomona taco stand crash

A man whose father was injured in a late night crash in Pomona at a taco stand is recovering at home with scrapes and bruises. He’s one of the lucky few who avoided the serious injuries in the crash that killed one man.


Gene Kang reports for the KTLA 5 Weekend Morning News on Oct. 15, 2022.

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  • 🙏

    big Sherm #1 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • It really sad that people think that accepting money from those that want to help in a tragedy is somehow taking advantage and that his refusal to accept money is more respectable than if he provided a go fund me or donation info.

    All of these families need help medical bills are expensive and it’s well known a majority of Americans don’t have $500 to spare for unexpected bills. Don’t be dumb. People are trying to help. Set up a go fund me if you are ever a victim of tragedy. Never forget that some people are always looking for a good cause to give their money to over Uncle Sam.

    PEATYxxjxxx 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • My heart Go to the victims and there family .prayers…

    Chafik Ketan 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • All could have been avoided. This is because of the way street vendors operate. Look, I get it, times are hard. These street vendors are trying to provide for their families, I get it. But the places they operate and set up are not the safest places. If he had some kind of agreement with the business or property located there then he (and other vendors like this) should really try and set up inside a parking lot away from public streetes and sidewalks. It's sad to hear news like this. Most are unlicenced and those that are should be locating themselves better, they put the people that visit them and themselves in this type of danger. The officials that are regulating this (the legal ones at least) should come up with a type of plan or rule set to go by to ensure better safety.

    Lord Rat 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • She left her baby in the car? Wth. Disgusting human. Not only did she kill some one, injure a bunch of others but she’s so scandalous; she left her baby in the car as she fled? Smh horrible

    Mrs. Nazarene Bassett 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • "Enough"
    Said no liberal ever

    ds0904 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • I respect the son not looking for a handout. Tragic. 🙏🏼

    Alex Gomez 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • God bless everyone that was involved in this accident stay strong stay blessed and never forget Jesus loves you with all his heart🙏💙🌹❤🙏💪🙏Amen🙏

    Johnny Gutierrez 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • 0:18 WOW, look at an Empty Street showing nothing, HOW AMAZING!!! Great Job!!

    Lil' Trixie 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Right next to where I live. Yikes.

    Andre Johnson 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • 👀

    Marvin Marshall Jr 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Lib😂, but rip tho 🙏🏼

    Uworld 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • I wonder if the lady was a Mexican. I used to go to Mexico and they’re drivers are nuts

    Jan Blackman 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Mexicans and Blacks always having problems

    Matthew Geddis 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • It’s crazy cause crime never happens in Pomona and extremely safe.

    Kevin C 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • If your drunk never drive fast if your sober never drive fast !!!! Wtf it’s a street not the freeway

    Edwin Cruz 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • damn last thing those people saw where 🌮🌯🫕

    CashRulez Dollas 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • This could happen to anybody out of the blues 😢 RIP BRO ✌

    Chocko Tjs 24/10/2022 am3:42

    Kerrie Macon 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • I love that the son was being humble but IMO they should set up a GoFundMe… The dad going to need physical therapy n if his back was already bad it's going to get worse with this impact. Hopefully he'll be ok but physical therapy isn't cheap n to top it off he now has a hand injury 😔 I'm praying for all the victims so they make a full recovery n for God to lessen their pain n worries thru this difficult time

    erika m 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • stop calling it vendors none have permits or licenses I wouldn’t be surprised if they all are illegals

    Chew Trainu 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Why are these undocumented illegal Mexicans allowed to just hang on side walk?

    Chew Trainu 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • That female anchor looks like she would be fun after a few drinks. She already looks yummy AF "sober"

    FML 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Why is the woman's identity being protected?

    B. 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • I was just up the street on holt at catalyst weed shop when this happened… Damn I always see that taco stand!!! I hope the city doesn't try to ban and outlaw taco stands… So sad to see this happening to these innocent people that just wanted to enjoy the taste of some delicious street style tacos while listening to music

    X-Files 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Yo vivo en eta aria y me tocó mirar como quedó y la persona que provocó esto es una mujer latina de 26 años me da tristeza lo que pasó sólo pido a Dios por cada uno de ellos y Dios de fortaleza a su familia por el que murió ahí y pido a Dios para los que quedaron mal se recuperen pronto 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Hortencia Gonzalez 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Rip

    pirruri pirruri 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • If you have a taco stand like that it's the Barrio hope they make her a example for their community.

    Rick San 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Son!!!? More like Daughter taking testosterone….😬😶

    Steve Alvarez 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Why the person that causes a lot of damage,very seldom gets hurt?… why God?

    rosa spanjol 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • That's a HOEMONA girl for you. Them hoes are grimes like that I hope she never gets to see her child again.

    Samantha Couret 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Wow the baby? This is so sad

    Diana Gutierrez 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Bro she left her baby in the car 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Young Tatted Goon 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Them foos were like my tacos

    Jose Maldonadovilla 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Were the Piglosi’s drunk again? They have a free pass.

    LVGK88 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Was the driver insured? Come-on 5

    James Arias 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Did the vendor have insurance?

    James Arias 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Sue the county and the city.

    James Arias 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • This is sad hope they press charges we are venders and we are concerned for any other vender hope they recover and prayers to the love one that lost there love one

    Luis&Vero Vlog 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • This is one reason why "unlicensed" "un-permitted" street vendors are a bad idea. The city shouldn't allow vendors to set up anywhere and have a safe area for them to go do business. I hope the injured recover quickly and the driver responsible is held accountable!

    Jami Nova 24/10/2022 am3:42
  • Wow, nice young man, says no to go fund me. ❤️

    Pezz 24/10/2022 am3:42