Sold Out Before Opening! Char-grilled Chicken Operating for 50 years Over 3 Generations – Thailand

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Sold Out Before Opening! Char-grilled Stuffed Chicken Operating for 50 years Over 3 Generations – Thailand Street Food

Whole Garlic Chicken 150 THB

Business Name
ไก่ย่างจ่าปรีชา (Kai Yang Ja Preecha)

Ban Chang Lo, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok



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  • yard birds looks yummy😍😍

    Tony Fabulous 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Hi bro, from Ivory Coast in west africa. What is the recipe of stuffing paste please. GOD BLESS YOU

    Ernest Alou 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • The grill needs a little cleaning my friend.
    But good work

    Rishie Mansingh 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • 👍

    משה רושה 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Take care of your hygiene ““` ~ !!!

    낮부터내린비 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Wonderful!

    Kathie Harine 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Seems like the old food stuck to the grill would make the fresh chicken contaminated causing you to become sick?

    Daniel Ploy 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • It lookS delicious

    DRTV CHANNEL 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Nice to see your cooking and looking delicious. Thanks for your sharing

    Bo Khem traveling & eating 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Keep hacking it out, fellas!

    genobambino 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • ความสะอาดไม่ผ่านดูตรงตูดไก่สิขนเต็มไปหมด

    รินดา ทองสลับ 26/10/2022 pm5:00

    alfonso lorenzo 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Hi Alaa…loving your videos…keep them coming…I however wanted to find where in Bangkok one can get such crispy pork belly or chicken similar to the one available at Neng Earthen Jar Roast Pork, Chaing Mai Looking forward to all your responses😀😊

    h10aus 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • แถวไหนครับ

    ธงชัย อ่อนตามา 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Pichis pollos estarán muy buenos pero se ve q ni las parrilla lavan se ve jediondo

    Alejandro Aguirre 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • How many gallon is that drum since it can hold 8 whole chickens?

    SIMPLEGRAPHICZ 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Nice to watch 🙂🌴

    Natural Wonders 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • so why dont you cook more or raise the prices seems not a very good business to run out at the beginning of day

    THAVONE PHANTHAVONGSA 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • No attempt at hygene just wack it on

    PeterRossiter Rossiter 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Ni siquiera le hace aseo al asador y esos pollos ni color tienen😉

    luz mary gallego 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • กล่อง​โฟมรัฐบาล​รณรงค์​ให้​ประชาชน​เลิก​ใช้​และ​ทาง​ต้นสังกัด​ก็ได้​เลิกผลิต​แล้ว​ครับ​ตอนนี้​ใน​ปัจจุบัน​สวัสดี​ครับ​

    กุ้ยเมืองชล คนอุดร 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Dang. That looks awesome.

    Butcher Bird 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Looks delicious

    merve aydın 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • GD that looks sooo good

    Fuy Leung 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • The word here is SANITARY CONDITIONS no matter how the food looks look at the equipment the chicken is being cooked at. That is so nasty, and dirty.

    Felix Lujan 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • VERY GOOD FOOD YUMMY SO GOOD 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋 LOVE IT 💯👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐😇😇🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    Michael Perez 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Trying to work out what is in the stuffing? Onion, garlic, is it shrip or pork mince meat and herbs?

    Matthew Dearden 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Cleanliness is very, very bad.

    منصور مرير 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • 💛❤💛❤🌟🌟🌟🌟🏆🏆🏆🏆🙋‍♂️🇹🇷galatasaray 🙋‍♂️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙋‍♂️😘

    okay akyay 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Chicken looks good but need to clean up them grills. Clean grill grates help keep chicken skin from peeling off also.

    LoveJones 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Where is this in Bangkok?

    jimmy nguyen 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Love the yami chickens
    Love them more if they would clean the grill

    lykao jalao 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • 먹고 싶냐?

    ZangWook Lee 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • Looks delicious! I was sad when flipping some chickens the crispy skin tore off. I almost cried. Anyone know the mixture and herbs/spices they stuff the chicken with?

    Guerrilla Exposé 26/10/2022 pm5:00
  • I got hungry watching this let me stop ✋

    Yonas Asmelash 26/10/2022 pm5:00