Snacking Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

Here are some quick and easy recipes to snack on.

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  • You are a excellent cooker

    Da Rong 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Very mysterious cooking

    krishna bhowmik 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Fine delicious

    krishna bhowmik 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • 1:22 so much for "flat surface"

    mickey abbot 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Why are you adding oil after the butter
    Please don't forget the basics GORDON

    Vishal Bhiwandkar 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Greasy!!!! Unhealthy dish Gordon hahaha more butter more cholesterol

    Aquamarine 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • I think this video deserves some attention –

    Dilyan Stanchev 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Y’all should hear me when I’m cooking after these… ‘onion, IN. GARLIC, IN. Carmalized, perfect, look at it. Butter, IN’


    Nick LeVan 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Spicy hahahaaha

    Adit RAMADHIN 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Never tried fries on bread before… 😅😅😅

    Horst Tristan von Wittenbach 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • 8:15 They look like Scallop Shells!!!

    Don't Settle 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • It looks delicious and I’m sure it is… but there is so much butter 😱

    fyvewytches 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Lmao gordon added oil to butter

    FakeExøtic Shorts 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Lightly toast your Nan 🤣

    James Ritchie 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Gordon, I am from India and I have never seen anyone spicing up eggs. The spices like cumin seeds and mustard seeds might be used for lunch and dinner non-egg dishes but no no no.

    John Daniel 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • In another video Gordon says to never whisk the eggs before going into the pan 🧐

    Slappa Da Bass 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Watching Gordon make English dishes makes me want to go to England asap. Sure. We have some great food in the states. But I want some classic English breakfast among other items you just can’t find correctly made in America.

    Anthony D 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • I just want a kitchen full of stuff like his 🥺🥺

    Ansari Sarah 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Normally I like Gordon's recipes but these 3 really bombed for me. The first one, you have to really like those spices and I can't stand turmeric. The 2nd, I'm not a fan of baked sweets. The 3rd, the only way I'd eat that is either without the bread or to put the fish on a toasted bun with lettuce and tartar sauce with the fries on the side. I don't understand a French fry sandwich but obviously the Brits do.

    Charlie Davis 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • What kind of yogurt is that??

    Ashley 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Love it. Two fancy dishes then "The secret of a good chip butty." You can take the Brit out of Britain, but you can't take Britain out of the Brit

    Rowan Melton 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • All great food but I was hoping to see snacks, hence the title, snacking recipes.

    Denise Richard 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Gordon ramsey is so awsome i think this guy is going to bosst my confidence in my cooking even though i'm 13 years old

    Rozina Tanuz 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • I am having a bar mitzvah for my little Lucas and these are perfect for the party.

    Austin Saltkill 20/10/2022 pm2:37
  • freaking genius

    goxcrazii 20/10/2022 pm2:37