SLOW ROAST CHICKEN (Tastes Just Like Rotisserie)

Roast chicken at home that tastes like grocery store rotisserie chicken IS possible. Give the bird a little TLC and she’ll repay you with the juiciest most mouth-watering chicken you can make at home. We like to call it “fauxtisserie.” Just as good as that grocery store rotisserie roast chicken, but more impressive (because you made it). And how could we forget about THESE POTATOES. This restaurant-style potato puree recipe deserves a video of its own. For today, these potatoes will serve as the perfect side to what we think is the perfect home cooked chicken.

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For this Recipe you will need

1 – 4 lb Whole Chicken
3 – Large Russet Potato
1 – Cup Heavy Cream
1 – Stick of Butter
1 – TBSP AP Flour
1- -TBSP Butter for Roux
Poultry Seasoning (or dried thyme, sage and marjoram)
Dried Garlic
Black Pepper

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  • Just made the chicken and potatoes! If you are not cooking your chickens slow and low then you are CRAZY! The skin is soooo crispy, the chicken is soooo tender. The potatoes are also out of this world!

    Jennifer Tennant 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • You're really good at this Bruh… Every aspect of your productions seems flawless (though I'm sure you see imperfections). This is a very impressive 'Cooking Channel', and the green eyes probably don't hurt you.

    Quill 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Looks delicious.

    Kevin Foley 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Brian, it is "nappe" and roughly translates to "covered".

    error129 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Made this with chicken quarters and bell's poultry seasoning and it was awesome!!

    22werwerwer 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • What's the soundtrack for this video? Every song slaps, especially the one for the plating.

    Chris Benston 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Hey Bri, you have come such a long way as a YouTuber. Your videography, scripting, delivery, lighting, everything has become infinitely better. Keep it up!

    Ujai 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Great video!👍✌

    Geoffrey W 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Yep!!! that worked… very tasty!!! My new way of roasting chicken.

    Ritual Chaos 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • I am by no means a professional but one thing I do know about food, and no number of professionals will ever prove me wrong, is that low and slow is almost always better

    Jean Hubsch 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • I've held onto an organic chicken from a tiny little town in Idaho for a year. Finally took it out of the freezer and have it marinating now in the refrigerator – can't wait to roast it tomorrow. Thanks so much for the inspiration, Brian!

    Rebecca Barr 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Just ask Chuck D.,

    Can't truss it.

    neuvocastezero 1 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Please add all the ingredients and quanties to the description. Thank you

    Mark feiock 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Looks delicious. For a minute there I thought you were going to kick your refrigerator lol.

    Fred Smith 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • I’m addicted to this guys food channel 😋🍗

    Dope Chic 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • OMG! Loved this video! This channel gets better and better.

    Terry 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Can you please make chicken riggies? My husband loves it and we have only had it when we lived in upstate NY but here in Florida, they don’t have it 😔 We would really appreciate it and I love your videos!

    Joseline Milliman 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Omg. My mouth is literally watering. This looks amazing.

    Cathy. Doll 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Music has a hint of Me, Myself and I by De La Soul. Love it!

    James Campbell 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Hey Brian – Love this recipe. Delicious. Quick question… who makes the plate/shallow bowl you served this on in the video. Love the simple, classic style.

    Steve Cram 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Nape pronounced "Nap" means covering cloth most commonly table cloth. That is why coating the spoon is called a nape

    Cy Cyril 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • I can't believe eight bucks for a four pound chicken!

    rippermcguinn 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • This is really THE ultimate homemade chicken, we seldom have tasted something like this… thank you … from France

    MrDanielk78 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • I was just thinking abt how to make my own rotisserie style chicken. Great minds think alike!

    Nancy 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • I wish you would have cut into a breast piece-I wanted to see how juicy it is with this method. Otherwise, this looks fantastic and I'm trying it soon!! Thanks for your videos.!!!

    SerenityNow 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Next time, I must “dry Brian” my roast chicken ❤️😃

    David Mar 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • That’s a crazy large chicken! Everything is bigger in America I guess.😉

    Emanuel Keller 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • how does one even lose a peeler ??

    El Ruelled 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Really, really great dry brine & cooking method! As delicious on Cornish game hens as it is on chicken. The potatoes are worth the effort – really not any more than mashing by hand.

    Kimberly Cooper 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • Me thinking "pssssh look at him wearing gloves to peel potatoes."

    Also me thinking "probably better than all those times I've cut my thumb with the peeler like an idiot."

    Paco Robbins 20/10/2022 pm3:43
  • CLOSEUP!!! 😁

    Eff Ess 20/10/2022 pm3:43