Simple Recipes To Get Into Cooking | Gordon Ramsay

Everyone has to start somewhere with cooking, so here are some recipes to push you to become a better cook.

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  • I would like to see how this guy holds up in a busy restaurant on the hot line in the sauté station?

    Frank M. 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • I never liked pork chops… until now

    Colin Chesbrough 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • 2:47 "Basil in" sounds like "Baseline"!!😂😀

    Κωστας Πουλικακος 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • really nice..!

    Mauricio Dupuy 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • Where is the mushroom carbonara?

    lorenzo pedocchi 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • "Speed, comes".
    Never a truer word spoken

    Aaron Williams 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • That focaccia is horrendous. Too little proofing means no flavour development and the lack of a second rise causes too tight of crumb structure. It's even more surprising considering he says he started as a baker in a Michelin starred restaurant when that piece of bread wouldn't be acceptable even in a half decent bakery

    Santiago Sánchez Santarelli 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • Drinking game:
    Drink a shot every time Gordon says "sort of" and get drunk before you even watch this video to the end!
    Works with every other GR videos.

    Alfa Romeo 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • My mom or as Gordon would says the mums always told me cut the fat around the chop. I’ve always done it without question. Never even thought about why. Now it makes sense. I’ve never cooked a folded chop my whole life.

    Jordan Carpenter 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • Ace!

    Dr Nicole Beaumont 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • Really like the level you pitch this at, just covering the basics just makes things easy. Thanks.

    Ryan 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • The caption wrote "fuckache" instead of focacci lol

    eren the cat 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • wow, nice meals! btw I´ve just realized, that you´re left handed too 🙂

    Benedek Török 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • Can someone please tell me the cookbook that has these recipes?

    Doctor Doom 3.0 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • De hambre creo que es imposible por el momento, de que muera el ser humano, entonces lo del gas… no pienso meterme en controversias absurdas… (la degradación del fuego es importante para el tipo de platillo ha prepara) ¿como le harías sin gas, ni estufas eléctricas, y solo ha fuego de leña?

    David Landaverde Hernández 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • Sniper Elite is a walk on the park compared to this gentleman's skills

    F Peigonet 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • nooooooo grated union gets super bitter, atleast your heating them…

    Tom Janssen 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • spectacular dish

    ChickenWithTheTwist 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • You think Yeast Flakes instead of dry Yeast could also work?

    Maya Schmidt 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • My father used to have salt and pepper on pork chops, then put them in the oven at a fairly low temperature (90-100c) for a couple of hours, taking them out and turn them often, so they didn't dry. Then he increased the temperature to 220c for the last 15 minutes or so. Most tender and tasty meat I've ever eaten.

    Johnny Martin Johansen 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • the last recipe looks so good 🤤

    Baw Lillis 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • Gordon Ramsay's videos are probably the only videos I rarely skip through. I love his passion for cooking.

    Erick Santos 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • I genuinely want to get into cooking
    don’t really wanna chase it into a career just wanna know how to cook and be good at it

    100 Days 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • Cooking should be easy!👽

    채식주의자 외계인 Alien in lettuce 24/10/2022 am3:32
  • Amo essa receita de bisteca de porco

    GLOBO PROMOTORA NUNES 24/10/2022 am3:32