Simple & Easy Dinner Recipes | DOUBLE FULL EP | Ultimate Cookery Course

Gordon Ramsay walks through his favourite dinner recipes that are easy and delicous. From Spicy tuna fishcakes, Mushroom & leek pasta, Griddled pineapple with spiced caramel to Sweet corn fritters & yoghurt dip.

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  • Chicken Breast 9:10

    terrance mach 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • Good luck. I hate chicken breast unless its slow roasted. I dont like its dry stringy texture.

    Nick Mullins 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • I see you cooking on gas….does this work the same for electric stoves/ovens?

    Ms Elsbeth Reads 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • After watching your shows for years now. Think the things I appreciate the most is learning the things that are different between our cultures. Things I would have never thought about or even heard about. "Normal" Americans like me would go yuck to sardines. Being I just tryed one your recipe with it, it's actually really good. We definitely have got into a groove of only certain foods are ok or good. It's nice to start thinking out of the box and at a more natural group of foods. Really appreciate your video's.

    Betty Jo Peters 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • Why won’t they let him go to the bathroom 😢

    Tripp393 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • Jesus is our savior ✝️❤️

    x_hybrid 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • Gordon smells the fish sauce, and doesn’t say a word. We love it but come on smells like feet. 😂

    Joe Brackenborough 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • 0:29 – Mushroom & Leek Pasta
    6:04 – Tagliatelle with Sausage Meat Bolognaise
    7:23 – Spaghetti with chilli, sardines & oregano
    9:10 – Chicken Breast
    17:20 – Sweet Corn Fritters & Yogurt Dip
    21:41 – Spicy Tuna Fishcakes
    27:02 – Flatbread with fennel & feta
    28:02 – Bruschetta with garlic tomatoes, capers & pecorino
    29:20 – Cannellini Bean crostini with anchovy & olive oil
    36:01 – Griddled Pineapple with Spiced Caramel

    Matthew Martins 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • I'm pretty sure that most of Gordon Ramsay's body is made up of pasta, burgers, salt, and olive oil

    Matthew Schellenberg 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • Awesome recipe very tasty to eat from a new friend in the Philippines.always watching your videos chef.

    JrTipidchef Official 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • I enjoy Chef Ramsay refreshing!

    Jamila Malluf 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • I am jeniva sir Jordon I follow u I am jeniva delicious food

    Jeniva's Delicious food 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • I like this version of you and your cooking, dam dude can cook a mean feed. Also like watching you cook with your lovely mum. ❤️

    Ykuku 7402 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • You ARE the BEST. But having 'a' glass of wine with those nuts is just plain silly, honestly. 😊😊😊😊

    sabine landau 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • 54 smit Kamble 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • Home sweet home Sir Gordon 🙏

    imelia musthafa 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • Awesome recipes 👌 😋 😍

    Anita Akoja 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • Definitely not a very good idea to see your recipes when hungry!!! 🤤😳😍 YUMMY!

    Moniquita 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • note to self 9:20 [fried chicken] 17:20 [corn fritters/yogurt dip] 30:45 [herbs] 38:02 [spicy caramel sauce] 41:45 [hard boiled runny yolk egg]

    Josh Wattson 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • They say the British go to the best schools in order to learn how to mispronounce foreign words.

    The Italian word bruschetta is pronounced with a hard K sound; more or less "brews-ketta". Equally confusing is a word like dolci (dessert) which is pronounced with a soft CH sound like that CH in church; something like dole-chee.

    It's a little tricky, but not nearly as difficult as learning how to spell hors d'oeuvres. Come on Chef……… can do it.

    Roberto 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • when he says "creme" is that Crème Fraîche? or something else? trying to figure out what's that called where I live…

    mimosveta 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • pasta healthy 😂🤣😂

    mimosveta 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • If You’re reading this, Jesus loves you and died for your sins. Repent because He’ll be coming back soon.

    Lynn C 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • Whenever Gordon says something is simple and easy, it's never simple and easy.

    marty gould 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • The peas one is nasty

    End times fisherman 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • One of my dream is to taste the food Chef Gordon cooked himself 😍😍😍

    Kharen Garcia 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • 😅😅😅

    Yeshayah 7 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • Um… its ok i guess

    Yeshayah 7 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • What u did to jellybean was Rude

    Yeshayah 7 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • I love to see you in the show hell kitchen gordon ramsay

    Thiển Huynh 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • Delicious.

    Ann Maskery 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • I’m really trying to stay off of fast food for the coming semester, and this just gets me raring to get in the kitchen.

    Nate Wright 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • What a talent !

    zae chul 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • those non stick pans must be immune to metal

    Deadbeat Gamers 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • 💐💐💐Food Devil 😈🙏 who knows every move of eternal food making 🤔

    WHAT WHY WHEN & I 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • Why is he doing these poster things is he being held hostage

    peachXOXOpreach 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • When will the app be available in Australia?

    Denise Lincoln 18/10/2022 am2:20
  • 18:19 – <3 <3 <3 I have to try this soon

    RuskoKain 18/10/2022 am2:20